Pope Paul VI Knew About Clergy Abuse

Photo:  Paul VI and Rev. Gerald Fitzgerald       “The head of a Roman Catholic order that specialized in the treatment of pedophile priests visited with then  Pope Paul VI and recommended removing pedophile priests from active ministry and he strongly urges defrocking repeat offenders”                       AP reports in Baltimore Sun 2010/04  https://www.baltimoresun.com/bs-mtblog-2010-04-vatican_knew-of-clergy-abuse-i-story.html

A letter to Pope Paul VI from Rev. Gerald M.C. Fitzgerald shows “that the Vatican knew, or should have known, about clergy abuse in the U.S. decades ago, said Anthony DeMarco, a plaintiff attorney in Los Angeles who provided the letter.  The accusation comes as plaintiffs in Kentucky are attempting to sue the Vatican for negligence for allegedly failing to alert police of the public about priests who molested children.

Yet the problem was very well-known to Rome well before the 1960’s.  The 1917 Code of Canon Law criminalized sexual abuse of minors.  Five years after this, the Vatican penned a document detailing procedures for handling such cases.

In 1962, that document was updated and has been used in many of the lawsuits by victims against the U.S. diocese and the Vatican itself.”  Baltimore Sun

The copy of the letter from Father Fitzgerald, as it appears below, as it was taken from  Bishops accountability.org    appears to be partially missing. It is written of in other accounts of this story as being four or five pages in length.


Celebrating the Glorious Assumption of Mary, Body and Soul, Into Heaven

The mystery of the Assumption into heaven, body and soul, is dogma now, thanks to the great Pope Pius XII.  The faithful had believed it to be so for eons.  The religious of the Catholic Church likewise.

So, on a late fall day, November 1, 1950, Pope Pius XII, after having poured forth prayers of supplication again and again to God, and having invoked the light of the Spirit of Truth, for the glory of Almighty God who has lavished His special attention upon the Virgin Mary” the Pope, frail from dealing with  events of World War II, and the inhumanity of the National Socialists, or Nazis, in Germany towards Europe’s Jews, and the torturing and deaths of millions of Christians and other Gentiles, lifted his arms in blessing upon the millions of faithful who filled St. Peters Square.

download 2photo: Remnant Newspaper

The sun shone brightly from a cloudless blue Roman sky. The voice of the Pope, who had loved Mary since he was a little boy, gained strength as it rose over the hushed crowds … “for the increase of glory of that same august Mother, and for the joy and exultation of the entire Church, by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and by our own authority, we pronounce, declare, and define it to be a divinely revealed dogma:  that the Immaculate Mother of God, the ever Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory.

Hence if anyone, God forbid, should dare willfully to deny or to call into doubt that which we have defined, let him know that he has fallen away completely from the divine and Catholic faith.

In order that this, our definition of the bodily Assumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven may be brought to the attention of the universal Church, we desire that this, our Apostolic Letter, should stand for perpetual remembrance, commanding that written copies of it, or even printed copies, signed by the hand of any public notary and bearing the seal of a person constituted in ecclesiastical dignity, should be accorded by all men the same reception they would give to this present letter, were it tendered or shown.


It is forbidden to any man to change this, our declaration, pronouncement and definition or, by rash attempt, to oppose and counter it.  If any man should presume to make such an attempt, let him know that he will incur the wrath of Almighty God and of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul.

Given at Rome, at St. Peter’s in the year of the great jubilee, 1950, on the first day of the month of November, on the Feast of All Saints, in the twelfth year of our Pontificate.

The sun shone more brightly seeming to have an especially golden radiance as the Te Deum of the immense crowds of grateful pilgrims mingled with the joyous ringing of the bells atop St. Peter’s Basillica.




From the encyclical letter of Pope Pius XII:  Munificentissimus Deus   declaring the dogma of the Assumption of Mary Ever Virgin, body and soul, into heaven.

NSW Australia Considers Drastic Abortion Laws Where Anything Goes

The ladies in the above photo are proclaiming their unbased beliefs in a certain right they believe is theirs. That is that the little bodies within their bodies and the little bodies that make it out into the world, despite the saline, scalpel and scissor attacks, have no rights.  The ladies believe they have the right to deprive life on this earth to those small bodies.

Here is what the draft law looks like:

  1. This bill would legalise abortion on the basis of sex selection.  Meaning healthy baby girls could be aborted simply because the parents want a boy.
  2. The bill would force doctors and nurses to participate in abortion, evn if they object to abortion on ethical or religious grounds.
  3. The bill allows open-slather abortion, including late term after 22 weeks.
  4. There is no mandatory requirement for counseling in the bill, which might provide women with an opportunity discuss more options.
  5. There is no requirement that neonatal care be given to a child born alive at a consequence of undergoing an abortion procedure.
  6. There is currently no requirement that medical practitioners report abortion procedures performed on girls under 16 years to the Secretary of the Department of Communities and Justice.


Please write a paragraph size letter of your opinion on this matter by:


Thank you for your thoughts.  Maybe your letter will turn the tide!  Help the little babies!

Click and write below:




You Tube Video of Judge Peter Kidd Sentencing George Cardinal Pell to 6 Years Jail Time

Cardinal Pell has been sentenced to six years in jail for (still questionably in most peoples’ minds) abusing two youth choir members.  One of them has passed away but not before telling his mother twice that no one abused him.  The father of the boy, has taken up the cause of his child, nonetheless.  The remaining choir boy is now a young man in his thirties, as the deceased boy would be. The incident occurred in 1996, as reported.

Much credible evidence was given by the defense proving the innocence of his client. Indeed, the client himself, Cardinal Pell has denied the charges.  Evidence of innocence was not admitted.  This was a graphic drawing or video of the Cathedral and, according to the Defense Counsel, would have proved the innocence.

As Judge Kidd states in the video, Cardinal Pell, you are now in your late 70’s and might possible die in jail.  The Judge went on to say that “you have congestive heart failure, you have a pacemaker, a dual chamber one” It has been reported also that Cardinal had just had two knee replacements.

The video is long.  I wonder why it is being shown publicly now.  There was a total blackout on the trial.

Could it have anything to do with the fact that the Vatican is opening a Canonical investigation of Cardinal Pell, who in his position at the IOR found money … billions of dollars … not accounted for?  Could it be that he slammed his fist on the table at the Synod on the Family in 2014 and said “You’ve got to stop manipulating this synod!” This was followed by thunderous applause.”  (Alelia website)  Could it be that he has been the voice of traditional Catholic teaching in his native Australia?  We’ll see!

Why did Judge Kidd tell Cardinal Pell towards the end of the video that he was to have “an intimate test” and warned him that police would be in attendance should he object?


I guess you will have to google ‘Judge Kidd Sentences Cardinal Pell.  Sorry  again. I apologize.  The video is not available for showing in this arena.  Obviously.   Two tries!

Melchisedech Described By Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

Belief In The Communion Of Saints

Melchisedech appears in ten different locations in the Holy Bible. Let’s take a look at these passages.

He appears in the Old Testament first in the Book of Genesis (Chapter 14, verses 18-20):

But Melchisedech, the king of Salem, bringing forth bread and wine, for he was the priest of the most high God (at vero Melchisedech rex Salem proferens panem et vinum erat enim sacerdos Dei altissimi),

blessed him, and said: Blessed be Abram by the most high God, who created heaven and earth (benedixit ei et ait benedictus Abram Deo excelso qui creavit caelum et terram).

And blessed be the most high God, by whose protection, the enemies are in thy hands. And he gave him the tithes of all (et benedictus Deus excelsus quo protegente hostes in manibus tuis sunt et dedit ei decimas ex omnibus).

Next, the Book of Psalms, of the Old Testament, mentions Melchisedech…

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The Origins of the Pressure to Destroy Cardinal Pell Become Clearer As The Days Pass

The Fish Rots From The Head Down!!

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Please pray for the freedom of Cardinal Pell on this 21st Sunday he has been banned from celebrating the Mass

Maliciously prosecuted, ludicrously convicted, unjustly imprisoned

VATICAN CITY — By October 2016, two years into his term as prefect of the Vatican’s Secretariat for the Economy, Cardinal George Pell had become aware of a Vatican dicastery handling large amounts of unregistered cash in offshore accounts.

Image result for cardinal pell

But nearly three years later the questions raised by Cardinal Pell about the management of Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See (APSA), the dicastery which handles the Vatican’s real estate and financial assets, have seemingly gone unanswered. Pell had identified money laundering and fraud risks related to the APSA’s use of foreign bank accounts and had questioned particular asset and real estate transactions.

Keen to move swiftly ahead with Pope Francis’ mandate to root out mismanagement and possible corruption in Vatican financial operations…

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“The Lord Passed and Left His Mark Which Was Turned Into A Song”

Archbishop Bergoglio describes a Eucharistic miracle as a Song?  Church of Santa Marta; Buenos Aires Argentina;  May 8 1992; Feast of Our Lady of Lujan, Patroness of Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay

A priest found two small pieces of a Eucharistic host on the altar.  This was the beginning of the discovery of a stupendous Eucharistic miracle!  I describe it as ‘stupendous’ because eventually, during investigation, a Doctor reported that the  “sample had a beat” Incredible!  Amazing!  God can do anything.

As Father pondered the two tiny pieces he recalled the Church rules which told him exactly what to do and placed the pieces of host in a chalice with water to dissolve, then he put the chalice in the tabernacle.

One week later – May 8, 1992, feast of Our Lady of Lujan, the priest checked the chalice.  The water had turned a deep red, like the color of blood.  An “informal” analysis suggested that it was indeed blood and so an investigation was begun.  Meanwhile a series of Eucharist miraculous incidents began to occur.

Two years later a Eucharistic minister distributing Communion during a Mass at Santa Maria claimed to see a drop of blood fall inside a chalice.  Two years after that , on the feast of the Assumption, a host that had fallen to the floor during Mass was once again placed in water at Santa Maria, and it too turned into what was believed to be blood.

Apparently it wasn’t until this time that the decision was made to call Jorge Maria Bergoglio who was Archbishop of Buenos Aires at the time.  He asked for tests and a local doctor, Ricardo Castanon took a sample from what was known by then as the”1992 sign” and sent it to a lab in San Francisco. The substance was human tissue and “could” belong to a heart.

Dissatisfied with “could” Bergoglio had Catanon send the material to a Doctor in New York and the definitive finding was heart muscle called the myocardium.  Specifically,  the left ventricle which pumps oxygenated blood from the lungs to the body.  This doctor found that the person from whom the sample came had suffered greatly, including trauma to the chest.

“WE DON’T CALL IT A MIRACLE, WE DESCRIBE IT AS A SIGN”                                               Father Alberto Vari, Pastor said that there is “little overt publicity about this.  Some information can be found on line and some reported miracles”. He said his interview with Crux was rare but that is something I want to change … though slowly..  He wants “the sign” to become better known outside Santa Maria, but wants the parish to maintain its intimacy.

This story is strange.  Does our Pope believe in anything?  This is not a sign nor a song!

“We don’t call it a miracle.  We describe it as a sign” said Father Alberto Vari.

This incident, if one can call such a stupendous miracle an incident, could be called  a prelude to the teachings of a Shepherd who wants his sheep to be devoured by ravenous, snarling  wolves.  Pope Francis is brainwashing us about the Holy Eucharist.


In a homily given at the Church of Santa Maria Consolatrice, in the Roman Quarter of Casal Bertone on Sunday June 23, 2019 Pope Francis stated:

“The Eucharist teaches us this:  for there we find God Himself in a piece of Bread.”

This is heresy!  Furthermore … it can be found parading and pretending to be official Church belief on the Vatican Web Site … Homily of His Holiness;  Church of Santa Maria Consolatrice …

Behold!    From:  https://remnantdisciplesjtm.com/2019/07/21/enough-is-enough/                                                                                                                        ” In fact Jesus is NOT present in the bread.  The bread is bread and after it is consecrated, using the correct substance of wheat and the correct words that Jesus used – then it becomes the BODY AND BLOOD, SOUL AND DIVINITY OF CHRIST.  It is no longer bread.

The pictures below speak a thousand words


“When surrounded with new ideologies, new doctrines and when you are told that the human race today demands these changes, that will be the time when God’s desires are no longer responded to.

Instead … when man made doctrines, full of error and flaws, declare sin to be no more, the time will be close for Me to destroy my enemies as foretold.

Many more of you will wake up to the Truth and the terrible dishonour, which will be accorded to Me, Jesus Christ, in My Church on earth.  Those faithful servants will recognise the wickedness and then many of them will flee.  But, when the time comes and when this choice is placed before you all, many will, sadly, desert Me and take part in pagan practices.”   Message from Jesus to Maria Divine Mercy who suffers and begs for your prayers.


Photo Credit Featured Image:  Ines San Martin/Crux     Tabernacle is a hanging glass structure that makes up the receptacle for Eucharistic adoration in the Church of sannta Maria in the neighborhood of Almagro, located in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina

Future pope once called host-turned-to-blood a ‘mark of the Lord’