One Interrogation of Teresita Castillo, the Seer of Lipa

This is an update to this story of Teresita. Since publishing this I have received new information. Her interrogation by Father Angelo de Blas, who was her Priest Psychiatrist, and who obviously, I believe after reading his journal, did not intend to hit her with the ash tray, but was looking for a reaction.  He probably aimed to miss. Here is his statement as written in his newly discovered journal at the St. Tomas Hospital in Manila:  “Teresita’s trances are quite similar to those experienced by certain hysterical people but they do not differ much from what some Saints have experienced.  As can be seen in Dr. Pardo’s report, Teresita does not show a hysterical personality of any known type and in all manifestations proves to possess a normal personality.  I intervened together with Dr. Pardo in the examination that he carried out to determine the normality of Teresita and I am of the same opinion as that of the mentioned doctor.” Fr. Angel de Blas’ Journal on the 1948 Lipa Phenomenon


“Then he go mad with me … Mayroong diyan … there was an ashtray there and he took hold of it …..”

Photo:  A rose petal.  On it the Blessed Virgin holding Jesus is seen. One can even see little angels on the edges.  These floated down from the sky in a wafting slow manner… even when the wind was blowing hard.  Thousands scrambled to obtain one.

This article is a sample of the aggressive stance the Vatican II and others before them have taken against this apparition, and, particularly against giving Mary the title of ‘Mary Mediatrix of All Grace’ which is what she called herself at Lipa.  Just like she said at Lourdes:  “I am the Immaculate Conception”    She said at Lipa: “I am Mary Mediatrix of All Grace”


The postulant Teresita was picked up in a car by Monsignor Santos and, chaperoned by Sister…

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Cardinal Muller Warns Us Against “Global Players”

Rome, May 22, 2020, (Life Site News) German Cardinal Gerhard Muller

German Cardinal Gerhard Muller has warned against “global players” who are against the Catholic Church because the Catholic Church is pro-life-, pro-family-, and for religious freedom.”

Talking to EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo on Thursday, the former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith said certain powers “want to instrumentalize this situation of the corona virus pandemic to suppress the Catholic Church.”

“The security for your life is not the only value,” he said. We have also spiritual values. We cannot isolate totally all the population. We have other illnesses and other dangers in our life, and we cannot absolutely remain in our home.”

“The state as such cannot say ‘We forbidd worshiping,” he said. “We have the fundamental religious rights, human rights, and the state must respect theserights of everybody.

The former bishop of Regensburg in Germany pointed out the contradiction between, on the one hand, saying that churches need to be closed but, on the other hand, grocery stores being allowed to remain open for business.

He asked: “Why is the danger in the church bigger than in the supermarket?”

Beyond prohibiting public Masses, “nobody has the right to forbid the priests, the shepherds, to visit the people who are dying or very ill.” As Muller explained, faithful Catholics have to right to “pastoral care in these cases”

Five Covid-19 Deaths in Washington State Were Actually Death by Gunshot

OLYMPIA< Wash. – Epidemiologists with the Washington State Department of Health believe COVID – 10 related deaths are likely being undercounted in Washington.


In a virtual briefing with reporters Thursday, DPH officials said tracking COVID 19 death data is not an easy task.

” There are a number of nuances to the data that we report and often it is very difficult- especially quickly – to make an assessment on the cause of death,” said Dr. Katie Hutchinson, Health Statistics Manager for the Washington State Department of Health..

The state’s current COVID – 10 death count includes anyone that’s tested positive for COVID 10, officials say.

“We currently do have some deaths that are being reported that are clearly from other causes.

In this case, they are from gunshot wounds.”

The Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Las Lajas by Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC


shrine-700x438 3

In 1754, an event took place in Colombia that continues to baffle geologists and other scientists.  This event was the miraculous appearance of the image of Our Lady of Las Lajas (Our Lady of the Rocks)

Have you heard of it?  Most Catholics outside of Columbia are completely unaware of its existence.  To be honest, I had never heard of it either until a few years ago.  I came across the story of this incredible image while doing research for my book   Champions of the Rosary:  The History and Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon  (

All my friends know that I absolutely love leading pilgrimages.

In fact several times a year I lead pilgrimages to such places as Rome, Lourdes, Fatima, Guadalupe, Poland, and the Holy Land.  One place I’ve never been on pilgrimage is Colombia.  But after I learned about the miraculous image of Our Lady of…

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The Political Dimension of Sacred Heart Devotion

By Solange Hertz who is universally regarded as one of traditional Catholicism’s foremost contemporary writers and lecturers.


Solange Hertz

When Longinus plunged his spear into the Sacred Body publicly exposed on the cross, he struck the heart of a King.  Christ the King!

Every time a Catholic priest performs the Consecration at Mass, the Heart of Christ the King is present on the altar of sacrifice.  Whole and entire the Body, Blood, Flesh and Divinity of the King !  The Word made Flesh !

The sign above the thorn-crowned Head of the Man enthroned on the Cross read plainly:  “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.

Longinus was the agent of secular authority doing his duty which was to make sure the Man was dead, or to kill Him if he were not. Longinus was the ‘state.’

The Sacred fountain of Blood and water which gushed forth continues to do so to this day , sanctifying all the King’s willing subjects … those who search for the…

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Happy Mother’s Day

Read below the letters of a good priest who has been told to “pack your bags” Read below also the letters of his bishop, the oppressor.

Dear Father White, you have my prayers and surely the prayers of all who read these letters. You have been a sorely needed source of grace with your articles here. May justice be yours!

Father Mark White Blog

Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

In Act IV of William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, Petruchio insists that his new wife Katherina submit her mind to his.

In mid-afternoon, Petruchio proclaims that it’s actually 7:00am. He demands that Katherina concede this. “It shall be what o’clock I say it is!”

Petruchio’s friend Hortensio comments: “Why, so this gallant will command the sun.”

Let’s imagine a courtroom scene. The members of the jury file into the box, having completed their deliberations.

The judge asks the foreman, “Have you reached a verdict?”

“Yes, Your Honor. We find the defendant not guilty!”

So the judge says to the accused: “Very well. You will retain the title of ‘free man.’ Your prison uniform will read ‘free man’ across the back of the shirt. Now, bailiff, cuff him, and take him to San Quentin.”

Yesterday, locksmiths under the direction of…

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A Prophecy of Mary Unrolls Before the Eyes In the South China Sea as a World, Sick with Covid, is Distracted From China’s Island Building

Cardinal Vidal, in a 2014 letter to the Catholic Bishops of the Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) said one of the”secrets” of the alleged Lipa apparition as revealed to Carmelite nun Teresita Castillo was the invasion of the Philippines and the world by China.

“Pray hard for China’s dream is to invade the whole world” Vidal quoted from the notes of Castillo on the alleged apparition at the Carmelite convent in Lipa City in 1948, a year before the Communist triumph in China and Communist leader Mao Tse-tung’s official proclamation of the Peoples Republic of China.

Money is the evil force that will lead the people of the world to destruction”

“Tell this to my people … I want here what I asked for at Fatima” she said and then identified herself: “I am Mary Mediatrix of all Grace”

In the interest of sticking to the main intent of this article which is to show that the distraction of Covid 19 has presented to the Chinese Communist State the opportunity of opportunities to further pursue their island building in the South China Sea, this photo speaks for itself.

Fiery Cross Reef – Wikipedia

Fiery Cross Reef, also known as “Northwest Investigator Reef”, “Yongshu Reef” . by the addition of support personnel for the new airbase, including a 3,125-metre-long (1.9m) runway and associated early warning radar site. Location: South China sea Prefecture-level city: Sansha Archipelago: Spratley Islands. Reports said that the project would cost $5 billion and take ten years, and would ultimately produce a five-square-kilometer military base June 7 1974

Island Building activity has been heating up as Covid 19 has captured the attention of the entire world.

Scientists have presented a conception of the virus , in one instance, as being made by human hands … a designer virus with the capability of one of its components to stick to the furin of the lung. This is something which a virus cannot do unless it has been manipulated. Multiple Studies Point to Chinese Biowarfare Lab in Wuhan as designer of Covid 10. The Express March 10 Callum Hoare publishing in Science Direct

In the news of this day, it has been presented that the virus can affect the linings of the blood vessels and can cause blood clots to occur in those people who suffer from Leiden 5, a clotting disorder. Broadway star, Nick Codero, a Covid victim, who also had this disorder, in a move to save his life yesterday had his right leg amputated. Why Are So Many Covid 19 Patients Also Seeing Blood Clots? Sasha Peznel Dr. L Nedda Destmatchi

Whether or not it is true that the virus was intentionally released into the world by China, it is apparent that the opportunity exists for increased ‘island building’ as the worlds’ families turn their attention to the sick and suffering loved ones … victims of Covid 19.

And for a bit of time, they think of war no more.

“Tell this to my people” said Our Lady

Cardinal Vidal, who died in 2017, called on Catholics to regularly recite the rosary and pray.

Pray for China. Our Lady’s people are being persecuted for their faith, as first to go … in the population reduction plans of the New World Order.