There is A Clear Strong Message In The Knock Apparition About the Mass: It is Not a Silent Apparition!

Photo:    One day long ago, St. Patrick stood on Cruach Padraig (Mountain of St. Patrick today) and prophesied that the little hill (Cnoc Mhuire Hill of Mary) he could see in the distance would one day be a holy site drawing multitudes.  This prophecy has been fulfilled for the ‘Hill of Mary’ is Knoc

I believe that the Apparition of Our Lady of Knock is integrally connected to the Book of Revelation … from my research reading of ‘The Book of Destiny’ by Rev. Bernard H. Kramer 1950 … I explain as I go along …

Iimages 8.jpg         The Story Unfolds

Knock, in 1879, was a remote tiny hamlet in what is now known as County Mayo, Ireland.  On a lonely plain, it was a place of forgotten fields and forlorn farmhouses.  The times were hard.  Cruel landlords from another country had caused  poverty,  famine, and  disease.  Around the time of the apparitions eighteen eviction notices were enacted and the families were destitute.  Few Irish counties had suffered as hard as had County Mayo.

The tiny Church was built by the people and they had put their “best” into God’s home.  It seated thirty,  had a ‘flagged floor’, and a few windows to let the light in.  It was dedicated to John the Baptist.

An inscription on the west wall read ‘My house shall be called the house of prayer to all nations.  This is the gate of the Lord:  the just shall enter into it.”

Archdeacon Father Cavanaugh, the Pastor had just finished saying a one hundred day Novena of Masses for the Souls in Purgatory.  He was known to be a saintly man, deeply devoted to Our Lady’s Immaculate Conception.  He often referred to Mary as “the ever Immaculate Mother of God..”

The inhabitants of Knock that day were busy bringing home turf from the bog and stacking it for winter fuel when the clouds began to roll in from the Atlantic.  The peak of ‘Patrick’s Mountain’ could no longer be seen, and, a fine mist had settled in.  It soon turned to a driving rain.

Mary McLoughlin, housekeeper to Father Cavanaugh, had just set a turf fire to blazing in the living room of the rectory for the Pastor, who was drenched and shivering from the rain outside.  She then left to visit a sick friend.

As she passed the Church she noticed “strange figures” outside the Church.  The fact that there was an altar too, made her think the Archdeacon had purchased “more statues” and if so, “why did he leave them out in the rain?”

Mrs. McCarty, passing by the Church an hour before, had seen the statues and thought:  ‘Another collection!  God help us!’  She too went on her way.

Margaret Beirne, sixteen, daughter of the woman whom Mary McLoughlin was to visit, went to the Church to lock it for her brother, Dominick, the Sacristan.  She noticed “something luminous” at the south gable but “it never entered my mind to see what it was.

She hurried home and never mentioned “the light at the Church”

There was a total of fourteen witnesses who gave witness to the Diocesan Commission used by the Church in approving this night.  Their testimony now rests in the Knock Museum.

A group had gathered at the home of a sick neighbor, Mrs. Campbell, and decided to go back to the Church when they compared notes.

What did they see?

As they got nearer they noticed an extraordinarily brilliant light surrounding the gable wall of the Church and the figures standing there.  “They are not statues.  They are moving”  said Mary Beirne.

Both of the girls stood motionless … looking … “at such a sight as you never saw in your life”

Between the wall enclosing the meadow, three persons were seemingly standing on top of the tall grass, about a foot or two from the snow-white gable wall.  They could not be statues, as their feet did not press down the meadow grass which supported them.  The south wind that rustled the rain-laden  leaves and swished through the meadow did not, Mary McLoughlin noted, wet the gable or the ground beneath it.

The girls at once identified the central figure as Our Lady, that on her right as St. Joseph.  The third figure so greatly resembled a statue of St. John the Evangelist which Mary and others had seen in Lecanvey Church – except that he now wore a miter.  It was shorter than that of a Bishop. The statue had been bare headed.  She at once recognized 3.jpg

Mary rushed home and told her Mother, Brother Dominick, and little Catherine to hurry to the Church.  Dominick told her not to make a “fool of herself.”

Soon there was a crowd of eighteen.  Some others stopped on their journey along the Knock Road.

Exactly what they saw!

“They saw the south gable of Knock Church suffused and covered with a brilliant golden light, a light that sparkled, making the night as bright as noonday, a changing light that sometimes mounted, lighting the sky above and beyond the gable.  Sometimes it subsided and got whiter and more brilliant, so that the gable seemed like a wall of snow.

Within this luminous area – made all the brighter because of the rainy leaden skies and the night shadows closing in – everyone who came saw the apparition.

They stood there, praying, taking in the details which in the first moment of amazed delight, had escaped them.

To the rear of the three figures they saw an altar with a large cross in front of which a young lamb stood …   “face to the west”   I believe this is the “little lamb” of the Book of Revelation, upon the altar of Sacrifice before a Cross.  The same Little Lamb who was found “worthy to open the seals on the Scroll”  Why?

Because He represents the Eucharistic Christ who will be our endurance, our only endurance, during the sad times about to come.  He is “as it were” a Lamb who had been and is being, sacrificed.  He is “facing west” Read on about this …..

images 2.jpg

The three figures were clothed in dazzling white rainment that shone like silver.  Our Lady’s robe, strikingly white, was covered by a large white cloak that fastened at the throat and fell in ample folds to her ankles.

She held her hands extended, apart and upward, in a position that ” none of the witnesses could have seen in a statue or a picture. ”

” In the same position as a Priest holds his hands when praying at Holy Mass”   (Testimony)

This part of the vision, when added to that of the Altar, the Cross, and the Little Lamb, the Sacrifice, draws our attention to Mass.

 If one then adds the fact that the Lamb  is”facing west”,  in the vision, which appears to be a Mass,  one can easily conclude that Our Lady is drawing our attention to the Mass of today in which the positions are reversed and the Priest is facing west, looking at the people, the Lamb (Eucharist) before him on a table, rather than an altar.   The Protestant Reformers of the Novus Ordo Mass preferred to have us think of the Mass as a simple meal rather than as a sacrificial participation in the glories of heaven.

Liturgical East was also the direction of the rising sun, and, brought to ones thoughts an anticipation of the glory of Christ’s return to earth.  Facing this way, the Priest would appear to be leading the people.

Cardinal Sarah had recently set forth a valid suggestion that the Priest resume the traditional stance – that of facing East during the consecration of the Eucharist (Little Lamb).  Pope Francis rejected this.

images 5.jpg

Her gaze was fixed on the heavens.  Is she giving an example to Priests?

She did not look at any time toward the group gathered near the gable;  nor at thirteen year old Patrick, nor, the child John Curry, nor at Judith  Campbell.  She appeared to be praying.

Three of those present noticed her bare feet.  An old Gaelic speaking woman, Bridget Trench, who had been on her knees exclaiming over and over:  “a hundred thousand thanks to God and to the glorious Virgin for showing us this sigh! ”  She was so entranced.  She went toward the gable to embrace the Virgin’s feet.  Her arms closed on empty air.

“I felt nothing in the embrace but the wall, yet the figures appeared so full and so lifelike that I could not understand it and wondered why my hands could not feel what was so plain and distinct to my sight”  Like Mary McLoughlin, Bridget remarked how heavily the rain was then falling.  “I felt the ground carefully with my hands and it was perfectly dry.

The young Sacristan, Dominick, was filled with wonder, and, so overcome that he shed tears.

St. Joseph stood on Our Lady’s right, his head bowed toward her as though bowed in respect and devotion.  He had more color in his face than the other figures.  His hair and beard were grey.

St. John, who was lightly to the right of the gable was standing at an angle to Our Lady and at the Gospel side of the altar.  He was dressed as a Bishop, but wore a short miter, rather than the usual high Bishop’s miter.  He held a large open book in his left hand while he kept the index and fore fingers  of his right hand extended as though teaching.  Patrick Hill went so close that he saw lines and letters in the book.  He thought the Evangelist appeared to be preaching but he heard no voice.

At this time it was teeming rain and some left.  After eleven o’clock everyone had gone home, thinking that the brilliant scene would still be there the next day.

Domenick and Mary Beirne returned to the Church at about a quarter past eleven.  There was nothing to be seen.  Only the driving rain lashing the ground and the gable that had been so dry before.

After Mass next morning, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Father Cavanaugh heard about the wonder.  Mary McLoughlin had rushed back to tell him of it, but for reasons known only to him, and the fact that he was worn out and freezing from returning home soaking wet and freezing the evening before upon walking home in the rain.  “We were lost (chagrined) that you were not there to see what we saw,  your Reverence.” was what he heard on all sides.

“As he said the Office of the Octave of the Assumption, not then superseded by the Office for the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, he must have been on the one hand torn by distractions, on the other strangely exultant, the Antiphons, Psalms, Hymns, and Lessons taking on a fresher and more vivid meaning for the man who recited them as he walked up the road between cottage and gable wall.


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I believe the vision of St. John the Evangelist in the Knock Apparition to be that of the St. John of  the Book of Revelations, the book he was holding in his left hand the Bible … open to the Book of Revelations or The Apocalypse.  His right hand was held out  in an attitude of preaching.  We could easily understand it as a prelude to the bad times we now experience in the Church, or, as an ushering in of the Apocalypse for our times.

He wore a Bishop’s miter, but, it was shorter.  He was not a Bishop.  He was a Priest,  having been ordained by Christ himself at the Last Supper.

It was about forty some odd years since the Crucifixion when St. John received the Apocalypse on the Isle of Patmos , to where he had been banished ,  during the time of Roman persecution.

From:                                                                                                                                              Official Testimonies of the Fifteen Witnesses to the Knock Apparition on 21 August 1879     A Woman Clothed  With the Sun    John J. Delaney, Editor                                                          Our Lady of Silence    Mary Purcell




Miraculous Medal Bears a Message for These Days and Bestows Miracles of Physical and Spiritual Health

The design for the Miraculous Medal was given to St. Catherine Laboure on Nov. 27, 1830, during an apparition approved by the Church.  Our Lady fully explained the meanings for each symbol on the medal, which meanings are apocalyptic in nature.  Rue de Bac, Paris, France:

The following are quotes from the Blessed Mother to a young Sister Catherine Laboure:

RINGS ON OUR LADY’S FINGERS                                                                                  “All at once I saw rings on her fingers, three rings to each finger, the largest one near the base of the finger.  One was of medium size in the middle, the smallest one at the tip.  Each ring was set with gems, some more beautiful than others.  The larger gems emitted greater rays and smaller gems, smaller rays.  The rays bursting from all sides flooded the base, so that I could no longer see the feet of the Blessed Virgin.:

MEANING OF THE GLOBE AND THE RINGS WITH DAZZLING GEMS                At this moment, while I was contemplating her, the Blessed Virgin lowered her eyes and looked at me.  I heard a voice speaking these words:  “The ball that you see represents the whole world, and, especially France.”  I could not express what I felt at this, what I saw, the beauty and the brilliance of the dazzling rays.  “They are symbols of the graces I shed upon those who ask for them.”  This made me realize how right it was to pray to the Blessed Virgin and how generous she was to those who did pray to her … what graces she gave to those who asked for them, and, what joy she had in giving them.  “The gems from which rays do not fall are the graces for which souls forget to ask” … continued the voice.

AN OVAL FRAME SURROUNDS OUR LADY                                                                 At this moment I was so overjoyed that I no longer knew where I was.  A frame, slightly oval in shape, formed round about the Blessed Virgin.  Within it was written in letters of gold:  “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us to have recourse to Thee. ”  The inscription, in a semi-circle, began at the height of the right hand, passed over the head, and finished at the height of the left hand.

HAVE A MEDAL STRUCK AFTER THIS MODEL                                                          “All who wear it will receive great graces;  they should wear it around the neck.  Graces will abound for those who wear it with confidence.”

OUR LADY DISPLAYS THE REVERSE SIDE OF THE MEDAL                                   “At this instant, the tableau seemed to turn, and I beheld the reverse of the medal.  A large M surmounted by a bar and a cross.  Beneath the M were the hearts of Jesus and Mary, the one crowned with thorns, the other pierced with a sword.  Twelve stars circle the edge of the back of the Medal.  Within minutes after this … the vision disappeared from my sight “like a candle blown out.”

THE TWELVE STARS SURROUNDING THE BACK EDGE OF THE MEDAL           These are not mentioned in a written account.  Catherine had described it to her confessor.  They refer to the text from the apocalypse: 12:1 “A woman clothed with the sun, and, the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.”  According to ‘Father Bernard Kramer, in The Book of Destiny,  which unveils the Apocalypse, the twelve stars are the twelve apostles, and, the woman is the Church.  Mary is the Mother of the Church.

OUR LADY HERSELF CONSIDERED THE BACK OF THE MEDAL TO BE SELF EXPLANATORY:  THE TWO HEARTS                                                                            According to the writing of Rev. Joseph I. Dirvin, C.M. who was assistant to Rev. Joseph A. Skelly, C.M. The Central Association of the Miraculous Medal Magazine, there is “obvious reference to Our Lady’s part as Co-Redemptrix of the race in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.  Our Lady of Fatima said that God wants the Heart of Mary to be honored next to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in that most famous apparition.

When Russia is consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary,  by the Pope,  in union with all the Bishops of the world, a miracle of conversion will happen. Waves of Peace will flow upon the sad world when the people see a great light of joy in that now poor country of Russia.

The world will recognize the fact that the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was the direct result of that outbreak of wondrous peace.

The two Hearts will then be honored together by the world … whose distress will be relieved, and, joy will abound for all !

AN ASIDE:     France was consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus as St. Margaret Mary Alocoque  had made known the request to her by the Apparition of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  It was not done in time, however. .  It was one hundred years to the day that King Louis XVI was beheaded.  The French Revolution was in full swing.  A bloody horror!  It did not have to be.

ANOTHER PHASE OF THE APPARITION                                                                         It is concerned with the doctrine that describes Mary as the Mediatrix of all graces.  Briefly, this doctrine, which is not yet defined by the Church, but which is considered certain by theologians, states that all prayers and petitions, whether addressed specifically to Mary, or to God, and, the saints, are presented to God by her, and all the graces, whether answers to prayers or gifts unsought, pass through her hands to mankind.

This doctrine is represented by the attitude of the Mother of God offering the golden ball, which represents the world, to God, her lips moving in prayer.  This is the intercessory office of Our Lady.  The brilliant rays streaming from the rings on her hands are symbolic of the actual bestowal of graces.  This doctrine of ‘Mary, Mediatrix of all Graces, is also expressed in a general way in Our lady’s explanation of the dazzling rays:  “They are symbols of the graces I shed upon those who ask for them.  This doctrine continues to be expressed in the rays falling from the outstretched hands.  “hands bent down under the weight of the treasures of grace”  and the golden words:  ‘O Mary conceived with sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.”

A BEAUTIFUL DESCRIPTION OF OUR LADY FROM ST. CATHERINE LABOURE:   “I saw the Virgin.  A white veil covered her head and fell on either side to her feet.  Under the veil her hair, in coils, was bound with a fillet ornamented with lace about three centimeters in height or of two fingers breadth, without pleats, and resting lightly on her hair.  Her face was sufficiently exposed, indeed exposed very well.  She is so beautiful!  It seems to me impossible to express her ravishing beauty.”

We await some Pope who will honor the request of God … made through the merciful blessings of one apparition after the other of His Mother to the human race.

The great Miracle of the Sun with the image of Our Lady wrapt in it is ignored.













The Vision of the Lamb and the Mass in the Apocalypse

The Little Lamb seen by John the Apostle is the only One in Creation who is “worthy” to open the seal in the Chapter about the Seven Seals.

The Lamb in the vision has been deemed to be a symbol of the Eucharistic Christ … Truly present in this Sacrament as Jesus with His Body, Blood, Soul, and, Divinity.

The Lamb, as a figure of Jesus, is Worthy!

Father Bernard Kraner:  The Book of Destiny

3bceb1cbbe833826391ad25d561e4e91.jpg“In this chapter, the Sacrifice of the Mass is depicted in a symbolic vision.  Because Christ offered Himself in a bloody manner on the Cross as a complete satisfaction to God for all the sins of men, the sacrifice of the Eucharist and the Real Presence are possible today.

Then unbloody Sacrifice of the Cross,  as confected by a true priest, during the True Mass,  brings us all the graces that poured out from God at the moment of His death on Calvary.

Through this mystic Sacrifice He exercises the power merited in the bloody sacrifice to destroy the empire of satan.

The spiritual empire of Christ is much more sublime than any earthly spiritual order because it rules the souls of men. Its power is in the spiritual order and its jurisdiction pervades the whole temporal order of the world.

The ‘prespyteroi (priests)  in the vision proclaim the Eucharistic Lamb worthy to take the scroll and break its seals for having ordained and elevated them to His priesthood, conferring on them a power more intensive and extensive than that of any worldly officials and enabling them to participate in His sovereignity over the world, who himself is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

All creation joins in worshipping the Lamb because he will be the redemption of all.

In the vision, the Four Living Beings pronounce the “AMEN”.  Some commentators hold that the Eucharistic Sacrifice had always ended with the “Amen” at Ephesus and elsewhere in Asia Minor.

Before the Sacrifice is performed, the Priest sings the praises of God and Christ and joins his canticle with the choirs of angels in language very similar to that spoken by the eldein the vision of John.

All creatures, except the reprobates, join with the Priesthood of the Church in giving the Eucharistic Lamb the adoration due Him.”

The Little Lamb, Christ, is about to break the seals as seen by St. John the Apostle, wrapt in the Spirit on the Lords’ Day.  The vision grows larger …




The Club of Rome is a Branch of the New Age Movement Leading to the Coming Age of Barbarism

The Club of Rome is a global think tank. The ten regions in this illustration  are their plan for the world. The thinkers in the think tank have established these ten regions with the UN  It’s a done deal on paper and the red dragon of communism and other such … is devouring not just the Papacy, but world leaders.  The Papacy is the most important, however,  as it is an island of morality in a swampland. The ‘Novus Ordo’ (New Order) of the world will be without morality. The Papacy is now obviously affected in the person of Pope Francis.  Amorality seeps into the Vatican …

The ‘Novus Ordo’ is also the name given to the new Catholic Mass at Vatican II, which Mass strips the idea of Sacrifice, as Martin Luther himself wanted!  Is there any connection between the Vatican and the shakers and movers of the ‘New World Order’? The Novus Ordo Mass has weakened the grace which once illumined the world!  Barbarism in the form of Mohammedanism and Communism snap at our heels and infiltrate our minds with little threads of darkness.  God is our only answer!

Are we living though the time of ‘the abomination of desolation’  ?   

It is best to know!   Plan!  Pray … Many spiritual qestions are answered @   Prophecy was given to the world in 1917 at Fatima.  Very real.2010682.jpg

“The ten kingdoms are “economic – political regions”  They have divided the world into “manageable blocks” which they call kingdoms. “As the ten kingdoms come together even more in preparation for the WORLD RULER, we will see the regionalizing of money, then a globalization of monetary  exchange or the “cashless society” (Gary Kah’s En Route to Global Occupatien.)”

“The beast of the Apocalypse is a man  …  he will have ten kingdoms or powers serving under his supreme dominion” Fr. Bernard Kramer Book of Destiny  

”  The apocalyptic Beast unites in his person all qualities of the other beasts.  It has the ten horns … ten kingdoms or powers serving under its supreme dominion, subjecting through military resources all nations save ONE” Book of Destiny

Who Belongs to The New World Order AKA The Club of Rome?   Bill Gates;  David Rockefeller;  Ted Turner;  Oprah Winfrey;  Warren Buffet;  GEORGE SOROS;  Michael Bloomberg;  George Bush;  Al Gore and many other ‘stars’nasco01_04.gif

Notes on the Apocalypse as A Book

The genuineness of the authorship of the Apocalypse is solidly established from both the internal and external evidence.  St.  Justin quotes it (Dial 81) and according to Eusebius attributes it to St. John. Irenaeus writes a comentary on it and ascribes the book to St. John the Apostle …

St. John presents Antichrist in a two fold role … personal and political.  His idea of Antichrist is exactly that of St. Paul.  He is not an impersonal power but a man!

It is an inspired book because the Church has spoken infallibly, has placed this book on Canon, and proclaimed its’ inspiration.  It is no longer an open question.imgres.jpgSt. John draws imagery from all parts of creation.  The heavens lend a touch of sublimity to many truths revealed.  The sun enraps the woman, the moon serves as her pedestal and stars circle her head for a crown.

At other times the sun is dimmed with mystery, the moon turns to the color of blood and stars fall from heaven.  A meteor sweeps across the sky.  Lightnings and thunders terrify the people; .winds and hail flay the earth.

The Apocalypse reveals the outcome of all attacks on the Church.  Victory!

In accomodating himself to a human mind for the purpose of making new revelation or of completing old ones, the Holy spirit evidently leaves his instrument intact with all his natural and supernatural equipment of mind and will.  He leaves grace,intellect, will, memory, imagination, temperment, education and experience …true to the owner.


images 4.jpgThe Beast.  It is not so remarkable that St. John used the word ‘Beast’ for the creature rather than the word antichrist.  He is writing a prophetical book and by using the same term as Daniel, he puts his book in the same category.images 7.jpg

Apocalypse: Chapter XII; V3;4 The Book of Destiny

The Second Sign which Appears in the Heavens to John the Apostle

“The woman clothed with the sun,  representing the Church is about to do battle with the Red Dragon, which is a symbol of satan present in political activity in the world which is against Christ.

The seven heads suggest the seven capital sins from which all other sins and vices flow, and through which satan thwarts the work of saving souls. There may be seven world powers existing  at that time, which will enter the Church, interfere with her liberty…and perhaps by stealthy suggestions, having long before directed the choosing of candidates for the episcopate, will now endeavor by threats of force to hinder the election of the worthiest candidate for the papacy.”

The Dragon has seven heads and ten horns.  This is the  blood red Dragon that brings the Church into distress at that time….”    It appears that that time is now.

“Red is the color of anger and of blood.  No fiercer enemy of God and man has appeared in Christian times than Communism, and red is its emblematic color.”   Brings to mind Our Lady of Fatima warnings…

“Communism may by that time have gained control of the governments of Europe.  It would then erect almost insurmountable difficulties for the holdings of a conclave to elect a Pope.”

“The Dragon appears to John as a sign.  Just as the woman appeared as a sign.”

“The Dragon is, in its’ outward appearance,  not satan in person, but a symbol of him in his political aspect and activity, just as the woman is the symbol of the Church.”

“The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ.”

“The evil world powers constitute the body of satan, of which he is the soul.”

“The ten horns intimate the principal institutions in the inimical to the kingdom of Christ, namely:   Judaism,  Paganism,  Heresy,  Schism,  Mohammedanism,  Atheism,  Rationalism,  Agnosticism,  Indifferentism, and, Communism.”

“The tail of the dragon draws in its coils one third of the stars of Heaven and casts them to the earth.  This is one third of the clergy

In Arianism, there was a great apostasy of Bishops and priests;  the stars fell from heaven in large numbers.  In the Greek schism, a great star, the Patriarch fell from heaven.

A star fell from heaven who led the apostasy from the Church into Protestantism. Before the appearance of antichrist, one third of the stars shall follow the dragon.

This is a compulsory apostasy as show by the Greek word    avipes   which means ‘to drag by force.’

“Satan will probably through the evil world powers of the time exercise such tyranny over the Church as to leave the clergy the alternative of submission to the government or death or imprisonment and will enforce the acceptance of unchristian morals, false doctrines, compromise with error, or obedience to the civil rulers in violation of conscience.”

“The dragon wears a diadem on each of the seven heads, while the woman wears only a wreath.  The diadem is the emblem of sovereignty.  The wreath of lighted orbs is a symbol of excellency or subordinate regency placed on the head by the Supreme authority.” ( God’s Church    with the 12 lighted orbs on her head representing the twelve apostles.)images 2.jpg

The recent news that the Sacrifice of the Mass is under review again by the Pope is alarming.  More than that!                                                                                       masons-welcome-francis-ad.jpg

Yes!  The papacy is being consumed by the red dragon of evil world politics such as Communism,  Atheism, and, Mohammedanism, Freemasonry!                                                      


The Apocalypse Chapter XII V: 2; 3;

Continuing with the mystifying  … excerpts from the Apocalypse as they probably relate to our lives today.  The Book of Destiny by Father Bernard Herman leads us:

  Father Herman Bernard Kramer unlocks the Apocalypse  … Chapter by Chapter  Verse by Verse!  In his ‘Book of Destiny’

Chap. 12 V 2-3      “She is with child and crieth out in her travail, and is in anguish of delivery.  And (3) another sign was seen in heaven.  Behold!  a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns,and upon his heads seven diadems ……”

images 2.jpg  ” She” is the Church  according to Father Bernard Kramer.

The Red Dragon is Starting to “devour the Papacy” in the above top  illustration.  


Verses 2 and 3 of Chapter 12 Apocalypse Explained by Father Kramer (1950):

“It then points to a conflict waged within the Church to elect one who was to “rule all nations”.  This is unmistakeably a PAPAL ELECTION, for only Christ and His Vicar have the divine right to rule ALL NATIONS.  Further, the Church does not travail in anguish at EVERY papal election, which have been held with no anguish up to now.

But at this Time, the great powers of the world may take a menacing attitude to hinder the election of the logical and expected candidate by threats of a GENERAL  APOSTASY, assasination, or, imprisonment of the candidate if elected.”

This would suppose an extremely hostile mind in the governments of Europe towards the Church and would cause intense anguish to the Church, because an extended interregnum in the papacy is always disastrous and more so in a time of universal persecution.  If satan would contrive to hinder a papal election, the Church would suffer ” great travail ”

“This would all assume an extremely hostile mind in the governments of Europe towards the Church and would cause intense anguish to the Church because an extended interregnum in the papacy is always disastrous and more so in a time of universal persecution.”

If satan would contrive to hinder a papal election, the Church would suffer great travail.

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This Pope who  “was to have ruled” , or was on the point of ruling with an iron rod., and then was taken to heaven shortly after he was installed, could be Pope John Paul I  “The ” child ” (Pope) who had been destined by God for the papacy at that time in the future to which St. John is referring in the Apocalypse,  will institute the needed reforms. John Paul I  had plans for reforms of the Vatican Bank, which was infiltrated with thieves (masons)  who were members of the hierarchy.  His decrees could have been “the seven thunders”  mentioned in chapter 10.” He had the list of masonic members of the hierarchy when he died, holding them in his hand.  By the end of 1979, the financial exposure of the Vatican owned front companies that Calvi controlled was in excess of 500 million dollars.  ‘In God’s Name  Yallop  p. 272


According to the book:  ‘In God’s Name’ by David Yallop, John Paul I was about to eliminate them from their positions on the next day and life would have been much different for all of us.   The story from the Vatican was that he had a book of prayer in his hands.  Yallop writes that he challenged the Vatican in this manner:  if they could prove what he said was wrong, he would contribute ALL of the money he made from the book to finding a cure for cancer.  One of Yallop’s books, ‘Beyond Reasonable Doubt ‘ freed a man who was being held for a double murder.  (Thomas-New Zealand)

“This Pope cannot be intimidated by the minions of the dragons nor be misled by flattery.  His vision is clear and his character Christ like.  He goes straight to his object  The lax clergy of that time will extol the conditions then existing and will try to keep out of the Church apostolic purity and virtuous severity and will oppose the decrees of the pope with deliberate fanaticism.”   Father Bernard Kramer explains the apocalyptic verse.

“The clause “that he might devour her son” does not necessarily mean assassination.  The dragon is a symbolic form of the evil world-powers, who will resent the existence of a spiritual empire among them.

They will try to make the Church a “state church” everywhere.

This is possible only if they can subject this Pope to their wills and compel him to teach and rule as they direct.

They would then be  … literally … devouring the Papacy.  They are defeated in this, so they have the pope assassinated  and “he is taken up to God and to His throne”, just as Christ by His death “was taken away from distress.”

The Rod of Iron is a scriptural symbol of divine chastisement or law enforcement, by which the good are separated from the wicked.  The reference here is to XI. I where the “sanctuary of God” is to be measured with a “reed like unto a rod”.  This one event is thus shown under a different aspect in each of three chapters.

The Church will be purified.  The good will accept the enforcement of divine laws;  but the wicked will rebel and apostasize”   Father Benard Kramer                                                                                                                                                                                                        


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All seems to indicate that when one of the above Popes is assassinated or imprisoned the hands of the powerful evil sects (freemasonry, communism,  are given a clear path to the seat of St. Peter.  

July 24, 2017