Who Wants to Defund The Police? Whose Idea Is It?

“It’s Republicans who have advocated defunding the police by not supporting the $1.9 trillion spending package passed by Democrats and signed by the president back in March” Jen Psaki White House Press Secretary

“The White House’s attempt to turn the issue around on Republicans comes in the context of rising violent crime rates in cities across the country. In Minneapolis, where George Floyd’s death de facto began the defund the police movement … “https://www.national review.com/who-wants-to-defund-thepolice/


According to DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) web page in an article titled ‘Abolish Police and Prisons July 24, 2017, it is stated:

“As DSA grows and takes up more ambitious campaigns, we will confront state repression in entirely new ways. Prisons, the police, and a growing array of semi-private security contractors are all repressive forces. They are clear existential threats to any movement for socialism and justice.”

“Within days of taking office, Donald Trump declared “this will be a law and order presidency. In the same statement, President Trump made a direct threat against Black Lives Matter, saying, “The dangerous anti-police atmosphere in America is wrong. The Trump Administration will end it.”

Therefore, the idea of defunding the police is Democratic in nature !


Vice President Kamala Harris:

June 2020: “We really do get to a point where we agree that the status quo way of thinking about achieving safety is really wrong when it assumes that the best way to achieve more safety is to put more police on the streets. It’s just wrong … Right now what we’re seeing in America is many cities spend over 1/3 of their entire city budget on policing. But meanwhile we’ve been defunding public schools for years in America. We’ve got to re-examine what we’re doing with Americans’ taxpayer dollars, and ask the question … are we getting the right return on our investments. Are we actually creating healthy and safe communities?”

Rep. Ilhan Omar

June 2020: “The ‘defund the police’movement, is one of reimagining the current police system to build an entity that does not violate us, while relocating funds to invest in community services. Let’s be clear, the people who now oppose this, have always opposed calls for systematic change.”

Rep. Rashida Tiaib

April 2021: “It wasn’t an accident. Policing in our country is inherently and intentionally racist. Duante Wright was met with aggression and violence. I am done with those who condone government funded murder. No more policing, incarceration, and militazization. It can’t be reformed.”

Rep Ayanna Pressley

April 2021:

“Defunding police means defunding police. It does not mean budget tricks or funny math. It does not mean moving school police officers from the NYPD budget in the Department of Education’s budget so the exact same police remain in schools.

Rep. Cori Bush

November 2020 “So yes, defund your butts. Defund you”

Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta

June 2020: While front-end system changes are important, it is also critical for state and local leaders to heed calls from Black Lives Matter and Movement for Black Lives activists to heed calls from ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Movements for Black Lives activists to decrease police budgets and the scope, role , and responsibility of police in our lives. While many of these changes must be centered at the state and local levels, success will require the leadership, support, and commitment of the federal government, including Congress. Every year, Congress provides millions of dollars to law enforcement agencies through federal grant programs to support police. This moment requires Congres to conduct oversight and reexamine how those funding streams are supporting discriminatory policing practices and eroding community trust.

Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh

June 2020: Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has submitted a revised budget for the 2021 fiscal year in which he calls for diverting some police overtime funds to support police reforms and bolster social services … the new budget involves reallocating 20, or $12 million of the Boston Police Department’s overtime budget to invest in equity and inclusim after Walsh on Friday declared racism a public health crisis.

President Joe Biden

July 2020: Question: “Do we agree that we can redirect some of the funding?

From: ‘Who Wants to Defund the Police? Isaac Schorr June 29, 2021 https:www.nationalreview.com/news//who-wants-to-defund-the-police/

Within days of taking office, Donald Trump declared “this will be a law and order administration. In the same statement, President Trump made a direct threat against Black Lives Matter, saying, “The dangerous anti-police atmosphere in America is wrong. The Trump Administration will end it.” https://medium.com/@DSA_Praxis/abolish-police-and-prisons-fa263c44b3cb

The idea of defunding the police did not come from Donald Trump who wanted a “law and order” administration” It seems to have originated from The Democratic Socialists of America and filtered down to the Democratic Representatives and Congressmen.

What a terrible idea! Imagine our country without police! Over the past few days there has been whisperings in the logia of Capitol Police branching out to Florida and California with offices planned in other states. Is the plan to replace local police with Capitol police? Anything is possible in this climate in America where a policeman goes out the door to work, bids goodbye to his wife and children and doesn’t know if he will get home again ….


There is Only One Race and This Tennessee Teacher Proves It

“He’s my brother

`The third grade children, students of Jane Elliott, had just named him “hero of the month” when they learned of his brutal death a few days later. It was April 6, 1968 and the country had been suffering from the effects of racial discrimination accompanied by violence. Martin Luther Kings’s words and sacrifices had given balm to the souls of all.

The children, who attended school in the small, all-white town of Riceville, Iowa came to school the day after the shooting at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, visibly upset. Their “Hero of the Month” was dead. Martin Luther King had been shot. Killed by the bullet !of an assassin! Why? The children didn’t understand.

Television videos had been widely shown depicting the scene of the crime and pictures of the Hero speaking his last words: “I want you to know tonight that we, as a people, will get to the promised land…” they had seen the throngs of people passing by his casket … the shooting … it was more than little minds could take in.

Ms. Jane Elliott scanned the little third grade faces sitting before her at their desks. Somber they were! The usually happy smiles were absent and the faces were serious, some with red rimmed eyes. Sad.

Ms. Elliott came up with a plan to teach her children a daring lesson in the meaning of discrimation. What does it feel like? What can it do to people.She divided her class by eye color – those with blue eyes and those with brown. On the first day, the blue eyed children were told that they were smarter, nicer, neater, and better than those with brown eyes. Throughout the day, Ms. Elliott praised them and allowed them priveleges such as taking a long recess and being first in the lunch line. In contrast, the brown eyed children had to wear collars around their necks. Their behavior and performance was criticized and ridiculed by Ms. Elliott.

On the second day, the roles were reversed and the blue eyed children were made to feel inferior while the brown eyes were designated the best group.

What happened over the course of the unique two-day exercise astonished both students and teacher. On both days, children who were designated as inferior took on the look and behariour of genuinely inferior students, performing poorly on tests and other works.

In contrast the ‘superior’ students – students who had been sweet and tolerant before the exercise – became mean spirited and seemed to like discriminating against the ‘inferior’ group.

“I watched what had been marvelous, cooperative, wonderful, thoughtful children turn into nasty, vicious, discriminating little third-graders in a space of fifteen minutes” says Ms. Elliott. She said that she realized then that she had “created a microcosm” of society in a third-grade classroom”

Ms Elliott repeated the exercise with her new classes in the following year. The third time, in 1970, cameras were present.

Fourteen years later, FRONTLINE’S ‘A Class Divided’ chronicled a mini-reunion of that 1970’s third grade class. As young adults, Elliott’s former students watch themselves on film and talk about the impact which Elliott’s lesson in bigotry has had on their lives and attitudes. It was Jane Elliott’s first chance to find out how much of her lesson her students had retained.

“Nobody likes to be looked down upon. Notody likes to be hated or discriminated against” said Verla, one of the former students.

Another, Sandra, tells Elliott: “You hear these people talking about different people and how they’d like to have them out of the country. And sometimes I just wish I had that collar in my pocket. I could whip it out and put it on and say “Wear this, and put yourself in their place.” I wish they would go through what I went through, you know”

In the last part of ‘A Class Divided, FRONTLINE’S cameras follow Jane Elliott as she takes her exercises to employees of the Iowa prison system. During a day-long workshop in human relations she teaches the same lesson to adults. Their reactions to the blue-eye, brown-eye exercise re similar to those of the children.

“After you do this exercise, when the debriefing starts, when the pain is over and they’re all back together, you find how society could be if we really believed all this stuff that we preach, if we really acted that way, you could feel as good about one another as those kids feel about one another after this exercise is over. You create instant cousins” says Ms. Elliott. “The kids said over and over, “We’re kind of like a family now” They found out how to hurt one another and they found out how it feels to be hurt in that way and ….

they refuse to ever hurt one another in that way again….”

Journalistic Standards

Editorial Standards and Ethics

The Vatican’s Sinister Deal With Beijing: Holy Smoke

Additional Info: We have learned that China is indeed “slipping” money to the Vatican in exchange for the silence of the Pope. Whistle Blower Miles Guo (Chinese billionaire who has fled China)

Faithful Catholics of the Underground Church can no longer refuse on the grounds that they recognize only the Pope’s Church. Why? Because Francis himself has validated the orders of XI’s party stooges.

The Silent Pope

But the Holy Father has done more than that: he has ostentatiously failed to condemn China’s savage assaults on human rights, the worst of which is its attempt to eradicate the country’s Muslim Uyghurs ethnic minority by herding them into concentration camps and forcing Uighur women to have abortions.

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One Million Chinese People have Died During Political or Religious Purges, Manmade Famines, Crimes That Would Make Hitler Feel Jealous. Minds Afflicted by Communist Ideology are a Danger to the World !!

Nebraska Gov. Ricketts Declares July ‘Victims of Communism Remembrance Month’


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Newest Blasphemy On The Catholic Altar – Dirty Pachemama in the Monstrance Instead of The Host !

Perhaps it is “the abomination of Desolation” Any Catholic looking upon it in his or her Church is overcome with a feeling of desolation. The desolation will extend through the Church doors and spread throughout the earth … God will not be mocked.

This pagan atrocity was used on the high altar in the parish of San Juan de Macias for the first time at a youth conference in Guadalahara, Mexico.

Double Monstrosity

It is a monstrosity in that it misleads the youth. If anyone causes one of my little ones to stumble … it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and drowned in the depths of the sea …”

It is a monstrosity because the Pope, who had previously been carrying a stang (demonic staff), rather than his shepherds staff shocked many. Being Pope he should shed the light of truth over all the world. He introduced, rather, a lie to the minds of men of the earth.

A day later he held a prayer service honoring the spirit of untruth before the image of a pagan idol on the site of the Vatican gardens. Her name was Pachemama, the ‘goddess of earth’. A day later he processed it to the altar of St. Peters Basillica, leaving behind on the altar a little green plant which had come from the earth where he had venerated this pagan idol.

His lie, the very spirit of untruth, was shone over all the world … on television.

Oddly, no Mass has been said on St. Peters altar since that fateful act. Recently that same Pope forbid the saying of the Mass of the Ages on the side altars of St. Peters.

The Following quotes are from the Apocalypse of St. John and seem applicable.

Chapter 18

“Babylon (Rome) the great the great is fallen, is fallen … and has become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every unclean spirit, and the hold of every unclean and hateful bird v.2

Because all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication; and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her; and the merchants of the earth have been made rich by the powers of her delicacies. v.3

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying: Go out from her my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not her plagues. v4

And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication , and lived in delicacies with her, shall weep, and bewail themselves over her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning.” v9

And the light of the lamp shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridgefroom and the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee; for thy merchants were the great men of the earth, for all nations have been decieved by thy enchantments.” v23

Oddly enough … again … the Covid plague started its’ great infection a month after the earth goddess Pachamama was honored by the Pope in the Vatican Gardens.

Who is this Pope?

We will pray for him as Our Lady asked at Fatima through little St. Jacinta. Perhaps he will be converted as suddenly as St. Paul was.

God help us all !

XI Xiping’s Warning To The World

Mao Zedong Communist Leader of Red China 1950

Xi Xiping, Present Chinese leader, appeared recently in a grey Mao Zedong style uniform, on screen in Tianenman Square and spoke to the gathered Chinese people:

“The Chinese people will absolutely not allow any foreign force to bully, oppress or enslave us and anyone who attempts to do so will face broken heads and bloodshed in front of the iron Great Wall of the 1.4 billion Chinese people.” President XI Ping Associated Press

Looking Back at History in China

On October 1, 1949, Chairman Mao had stood in the same Tiananmen Square, recently in 1989, bloodied by the massacre of Chinese students carrying out a hunger strike for Democracy, and proclaimed to the gathered people that they would now be ruled by the Chinese Communist Party. Chinese Nationalist Leader Generalissimo Chiang kai shek had fled to Formosa (Taiwan now) after a long Red seige.

Peace was a word as dear to the Chinese as to any follower of Gandhi, any Quaker, any pacifist. The word “peacefulness” is, in the old Chinese tradition, written on red paper at the New Year and hung before each door.

Yet, no citizen of China living today has any memory of peace.

Since the founding of the Republic by Sun Yat-Sen in 1911, China had been constantly at war. War Lord wars, the Nationalist North Expediton wars, the Communist suppression wars of 1927-36, bandit wars, full-scale civil wars, and a decade-long war against the Japanese.

Then came the war of ideas … for the souls of men.

The war between the nations which ended in 1945 had ended. The war between ideas knew no such finale. China was still sundered between Generalissimo Chiang kai shek (Nationalist leader) and the Reds.

In 1949 a defeated Chiang kai shek and his army fled to Formosa, which is now known as Taiwan

Communism then spread its’ red curtain upon China. Men of religion had warned long before V-J day about Communism. Missionaries had warned. Nationalists had warned. In 1927 the Nanking garrison had killed U.S. nationals after most atrocious tortures. Burial alive. Burning.

Chinese Communists’ desire to persecute religion was made evident early, along with the fact that they were not simply ‘agrarian reformers as named by various media in many countries. The war of words was on and playing out to this day.

Broken Heads and Bloodshed(words of XiPing) … Neither Have Ever Ceased

There were missionaries … Catholic and Protestants in the early years of the Communist takeover of China. They warned the world that China would follow the grim pattern of Russia itself where more than 3,000 priest martyrdoms occurred in the early post war period. At Nanking, the Chinese Communists instituted a terror in which Jesuit and Columban priests were killed, after having their beards and sexual organs burnt off by the mob. These things were reported but only in obscure missionary magazines.

Red soldiers paraded through the streets in priestly vestments to ridicule the Faith.

The post war terror of a whole community began brutally in 1946 in Chungli, Chahar. It centered around the small Catholic village Siwantze with its 3,000 souls. Foreign reporters printed the story of the bloodiest massacre since the horrors of the Boxer wars. Waldo Drake head of the Asiatic Bureau of The Los Angeles Times, a responsible and trusted journalist. sent photographs of the scenes marking them “typical of the terrorism and anti-religious vandalism of the guerilla campaigns with which the Chinese Communists are sweeping North China’s frontier province.”

Father James A. Linihan: His Story

“There followed a campaign of terrorism. Men who were suspected of being hostile to the Chinese were stabbed or strangled. Children were taught to practice violence, and I have seen a woman terrorized by a gang of young Communist ruffians, one of whom was her own son. I have seen a young woman attempt suicide to escape the Reds, and I have heard the Red soldiers shouting their slogan: “Kung fan, kung chi” (common food, common wives.) I have seen the Reds calling out a prisoner, telling him that he was to go free, and then ordering a youth to behead him.”

The war of the falsity of words continues on. The persecution of the underground Catholic Church of China continues on … perpetrated and consented to by its’ Own … in mutual co-operation between Rome and Beijing …

Jehovahs Witnesses, Uyghurs who have compatible organs to sell …Protestants who only want to go to Church and pray … parents of children who snitched on them because said parents spoke against the party … will feel unbelievable pain and unbearable pain, unable to live as human beings in their own beautiful country bordered by the majestic Himalaya Mountains.

Who is “bullying” who, Mr. President?

History and Stories: Taken from the 1953 book: God’s Underground in Asia by Gretta Palmer

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Remarkable Story of Melanie and Maximin the Lasalette Seers

Many don’t believe and many are just exhausted from the turmoil. Here is some info about Melanies childhood from the book:  Melanie and the Story of Our Lady of LaSalette by Mary Alice Dennis. Fascinating. So needed for those who are exhausted from the turmoil of evil in the world.

This book not only tells much of the message of LaSalette, but includes many of the little known events in the lives of the children, and, what happened to them after they saw the Light on the Mountain within which sat a Lady who was radiant, as if she were made of light.   She sat on the roof of the ‘Paradise House’ which they had built out of stones with a flat rock on the top covered with flowers.  The light was so brilliant that they had to shade their eyes at first but Melanie could see that the Lady was weeping.  “I could see her tears falling” she said later.

Melanie was the first girl born in a family of two boys.  The happiness of Julie Calvat at having a little girl to dress quickly dissipated as Melanie grew.  She was a little baby who couldn’t stand noise…

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Myanmar (Burma) Cardinal Bo Calls for End to Violence as Thousands Flee Homes

Myanmar has been in turmoil since February 1, when its military leaders rejected the results of democratic elections, launching a coup d’etat and imprisoning the country’s civilian leaders. Cardinal Bo said that since then nearly 800 have been killed, 3,000 imprisoned and “unknown numbers” picked up for questioning.” americanmagazine.org

The activist group Assistance Association for Political Prisoners reported that about 5,200 people have been detained and at least 881 have already been killed since february, when the military seized power in a coup.

“Nobody deserves violence, the torture, incarceration, and death that we witness in our country for the last four months” said the prelate in a message during Mass on Sunday.

Cardinal Bo warned against the “nauseating chronicle of killing, wading through rivers of blood ….”

“Myanmar is experiencing “dark moments of challenges as thousands of our countrymenand women are in desperate need for food, medicine and shelter.

Pray for the people of Myanmar.

Jose Torres Jr. Manila, Philippines, June 28, 2021/11:30 am