A Prophecy of Mary Unrolls Before the Eyes In the South China Sea as a World, Sick with Covid, is Distracted From China’s Island Building


Cardinal Vidal, in a 2014 letter to the Catholic Bishops of the Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) said one of the”secrets” of the alleged Lipa apparition as revealed to Carmelite nun Teresita Castillo was the invasion of the Philippines and the world by China.

“Pray hard for China’s dream is to invade the whole world” Vidal quoted from the notes of Castillo on the alleged apparition at the Carmelite convent in Lipa City in 1948, a year before the Communist triumph in China and Communist leader Mao Tse-tung’s official proclamation of the Peoples Republic of China.

Money is the evil force that will lead the people of the world to destruction” https://lifestyle.inquirer.net/362174/covid-19-revives-interest-in-china-prophecy-of-1948-lipa-apparitions/

“Tell this to my people … I want here what I asked for at Fatima” she said and then identified herself: “I am Mary Mediatrix of all Grace”

In the interest of sticking to the main intent of…

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Servant of God Julia Greeley, Born a Suffering Slave Child

“Julia Greeley, Denver’s Angel of Charity, was born into slavery at Hannibal, Missouri, sometime between 1833 and 1848. While she was still a young child, a cruel slave master, in the course of beating her mother, caught Julia’s right eye with his whip and destroyed it.” This photo of Julia Greeley is the only known one in existence.

This monstrous cruelty of the ‘slave master’ provides basis for the racism of our day. No doubt.

But … any one of us is capable of evil due to the ravages created in the soul of man by original sin.

There is a cure. It is in turning to God for help. Julia Greeley turned to the Sacred Heart of Jesus where she found love which consumed the lonesomeness, the sorrow, the despair … which had swept over her being at times.

The Servant of God, on the stairway to Sainthood in the Catholic Church, was a familiar sight on the streets of Denver in the late 1800 and early 1900’s. Wearing a floppy hat, oversized shoes, and dabbing her bad eye with a handkerchief, she was often seen pulling her red wagon of goods to deliver to the poor and homeless of the city. She had a particularly special devotion to the Sacred Heart, and every month would deliver on foot, images of the Sacred Heart and information about prayer to the firefighters throughout Denver.https://blackandindianmission.org/servant-god-julia-greeley

THE BOOK: The most thorough compilation of the facts of Julia Greeley’s life have been published in a new book by Father Blaine Burkey, O.F.M. Cap. The Book, In Service of the Sacred Heart: The Life and Virtues of Julia Greeley, recalls the memorable stories and events of this remarkable woman by those who know her best.

The book is now available for purchase in various ways:

  1. Pick up in person at a Denver Catholic book store or the Capuchin Provincial Offices (3613 Wyandot St.)
  2. Order by mail from the Julia Greeley Guild Immaculate Conception Cathedral, 1535 N. Logan St. Denver, CO 80203-1913 Enclose check for 20.00 This will cover the cost of the book, sales tax, and domestic shipping. juliagreeley.org official website of the Julia Greeley Guild

Trumps’ Trumpeters Sing

Freedom For Left But Not For Right

An army for Trump at Plymouth Rock

Where Pilgrims feet once trod,

With freshening psalms like ‘Freedom To Talk’

Not rule with an iron rod.

Across the street on Coles Hill Site

Where Pilgrims bones are laid

Rainbow colors rise so bright

Freedom for left but not for right

Governor Andrew Cuomo Wrong to Limit Worship Services Yet Condone Mass Protests, According to Federal Judge.

NEW YORK (VINnews) – After telling Thomas More Society attorneys in a June 18 hearing that he was “troubled by” the government’s responses, Senior U.S. District Judge Gary L. Sharpe issued a preliminary injunction on June 26, 2020, prohibiting Governor Cuomo, his Attorney General Letitia James, and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio from ordering or enforcing COVID-19 prompted restrictions on outdoor worship gatherings.

Thomas More Society Special Counsel Christopher Ferrara remarked, “We are pleased that Judge Sharpe was able to see through the sham of Governor Cuomo’s ‘Social Distancing Protocol’ which went right out the window as soon as he and Mayor de Blasio saw a mass protest movement they favored taking to the streets by the thousands. Suddenly, the limit on ‘mass gatherings’ was no longer necessary to ‘save lives.’ Yet they were continuing to ban high school graduations and other outdoor gatherings exceeding a mere 25 people. This decision is an important step toward inhibiting the suddenly emerging trend of exercising absolute monarchy on pretext of public health. What this kind of regine really mean in practice is freedom for me, but not for thee.”

Sharpe’s order noted that, “It is not the judiciary’s role to second guess the likes of Governor Cuomo or Mayor de Blasio when it comes to decisionsthey make in such troubling times, that is, until those decisions result in the curtailment of fundamental rights without compelling justification.”

In awarding the injunction, the court noted that “non essential businesses” that enjoy a 50% capacity limitation are not justifiably different than houses of worship.

Sharpe remarked that offices, retail stores, salons, and restaurants – all are permitted to open at 50% capacity indoors – all involve the congregation of people for a length of time. He stated: “These secular businesses/activities threaten defendants’ interest in slowing the spread of COVID 19 to a similar or greater degree than those of plaintiffs’ and demonstrate that the 25% indoor capacity limitation on houses of worship is underinclusive and triggers strict scrutiny review.”

The judge pointed out, “Another case of individualized exemption seems even more obvious.” Governor Cuomo has now specifically authorized outdoor, in person graduation ceremonies of no more than 150 people. This is an express exemption from the ten-or twenty five person outdoor limits that apply to other situations.” Yet, “There is nothing materially different about a graduation ceremony and a religious gathering such that defendants’ justifications for a difference in treatment can be found compelling.”

Sharpe took New York City to task, stating that de Blasio could have just as easily discouraged protests, short of condemning their message, in the name of public health and exercised discretion to suspend enforcement for public safety reasons instead of encouraging what they knew was a flagrant disregard of the outdoor limits and social distancing rules.” wrote Sharpe They could have also been silent. But by acting as they did, Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio sent a clear message that mass protests are deserving of preferential treatment.”

As a result of the federal order, Governor Cuomo, Attorney General James, and Mayor de Blasio are “enjoined and restrained from enforcing any indoor gathering limitations” against the involved houses of worship “greater than imposed for Phase 2 industries.”, provided that participants follow the prescribed social distancing. They are also forbidden from “enforcing any limitation for outdoor gatherings provided that participants in such gatherings follow social distancing requirements as set forth in the applicable executive orders and guidance.”

Cuomo, James, and de Blasio were sued by two Catholic priests from upstate New York and a trio of Orhodox Jewish congregants from Brooklyn for violations of their civil rights by prejudicial orders and selective enforcement. The federal lawsuit, filed June 10, 2020, in United States District Court for the Northern District of New York, charged the governor, attorney general, and mayor with violating the plaintiffs ‘rights to free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, assembly and expressive association, and due process, under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Governor Cuomo was also accused of violatingNew York state law and the New York State Constitution.

Ferrara explained the lawsuit: “In an unprecedented abuse of power, Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio have exploited the COVID-19 pandemic to create, over the past three months, a veritable dictatorship by means of a complex web of executive orders. The orders have imposed and selectively enforced ‘social distancing’ under a ‘lockdown of virtually every aspect of life for New York State residents on the pretext of ‘public health,’ but with numerous exceptions. The permissible activities, not based on the science of viral contagion, but rather determined according to personal value judgments, have included mass demonstrations of thousands of people – gatherings of which the governor and mayor have approved and the mayor participated in. Cuomo and de Blasio, along with James, have enforced the gubernatorial ‘lockdown’ by threat of criminal prosecution and actual prosecution, including $1,000 fines for the recently created offense of violating Cuomo’s ‘Social distancing Protocol.”

Ferrara added, “These mass protest gatherings, taking place during the COVID 19 stay-at-home lockdown orders, have been not only allowed but praised by both the Governor of New York and Mayor of New York city, even though massive property damage and death have resulted. This, when the governments primary purpose is to protect the people it governs.”

Read United States District Court for the Northern District of New York Judge Gary L. Sharpe’s Memorandum-Decision and Order, issued June 26, 2020, in response to the Thomas More Society’s complaint, filed on behalf of Rev. Steven Soos, Rev. Nicholas Stamos, Daniel Schonbrun, Eichanan Perr, and Mayer Mayefeld, in Rev. Steven Soos, et al v. Andrew M. Cuomo et al here [https://www.thomasmoresociety.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Dist.-Ct._Memo-and-Order-June26-2020.pdf].


The Thomas More Society is a national not-for-profit law firm dedicated to restoring respect for life, family and religious liberty. Headquartered in Chicago, Omaha, and Fairfield, N.J., the Thomas More Society fosters support for these causes by providing high quality pro bono legal services from local trial courts all the way up to the United States Supreme Court. For more information, visit thomasmoresociety.org

General Chi’s Nasty Wuhan Soup: A Recipe for BioWar?

Here is a bomb of plans by China to bring to fruition the words of Our Lady of Lipa, which were forbidden for the people to hear by deceitful clerics. What was left after the burning of the messages, was given by Cardinal Ricardo Vidal , to the Philippine Daily Inquirer 13 July 2014: Pray hard for China’s dream is to invade the whole world.”

J.R. Nyquist Blog

Only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves. There has been rapid development of modern biological technology, and new bio-weapons have been invented one after another. Of course, we have not been idle…. We are capable of achieving our purpose of ‘cleaning up’ America all of a sudden.

General Chi Haotian


In a secret speech given to high-level Party cadres nearly two decades ago, Chinese Defense Minister, Gen. Chi Haotian, explained a long- range plan for ensuring a Chinese national renaissance. He said there were three vital issues that must be grasped. The first was the issue of living space — because China is severely overpopulated and China’s environment is deteriorating. The second issue, therefore, is that the Communist Party must teach the Chinese people to “go out.” By this Gen. Chi meant the conquest of new lands…

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The Left is working for a Coup d’etat in the USA

A very short read which highlights the fact that a revolution is about to explode in America the Beautiful. May God shed His grace on us now! Russia, the seed bed of Communism must be converted to God … He asked it through Our Lady of Fatima. The Pope must do it. Six have snubbed their noses at Our Lady. God has blessed America with Donald Trump, a Godly man and they are actually talking about assassination!! Everybody please pray to Our Lady for Donald Trump and the First Lady’s safety.


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Left has always been inspired by the thought of murdering their opponents. From the revolts in the Commune of Paris in the mid 19th century — whence comes the name, Communists — to the murder of 60 millions souls by the Marxists of Russia, China, Cambodia etc., in the 20th century.

Now in the U.S.A it has become clear that the riots have nothing to do with George Floyd, but everything to do about Marxist revolution. The Left sees black people and leftist dupes as able and controllable puppents to incite race warfare. The burning, destruction and murder of whites who stand against them. They want Trump gone, but not because they hate Trump, because they want a Soviet Union of the United States.

This goes hand in hand with the long term Masonic agenda, which has always supported Marxism.

Will the mayhem burn itself…

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One Interrogation of Teresita Castillo, the Seer of Lipa

This is an update to this story of Teresita. Since publishing this I have received new information. Her interrogation by Father Angelo de Blas, who was her Priest Psychiatrist, and who obviously, I believe after reading his journal, did not intend to hit her with the ash tray, but was looking for a reaction.  He probably aimed to miss. Here is his statement as written in his newly discovered journal at the St. Tomas Hospital in Manila:  “Teresita’s trances are quite similar to those experienced by certain hysterical people but they do not differ much from what some Saints have experienced.  As can be seen in Dr. Pardo’s report, Teresita does not show a hysterical personality of any known type and in all manifestations proves to possess a normal personality.  I intervened together with Dr. Pardo in the examination that he carried out to determine the normality of Teresita and I am of the same opinion as that of the mentioned doctor.” Fr. Angel de Blas’ Journal on the 1948 Lipa Phenomenon


“Then he go mad with me … Mayroong diyan … there was an ashtray there and he took hold of it …..”

Photo:  A rose petal.  On it the Blessed Virgin holding Jesus is seen. One can even see little angels on the edges.  These floated down from the sky in a wafting slow manner… even when the wind was blowing hard.  Thousands scrambled to obtain one.

This article is a sample of the aggressive stance the Vatican II and others before them have taken against this apparition, and, particularly against giving Mary the title of ‘Mary Mediatrix of All Grace’ which is what she called herself at Lipa.  Just like she said at Lourdes:  “I am the Immaculate Conception”    She said at Lipa: “I am Mary Mediatrix of All Grace”


The postulant Teresita was picked up in a car by Monsignor Santos and, chaperoned by Sister…

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Cardinal Muller Warns Us Against “Global Players”

Rome, May 22, 2020, (Life Site News) German Cardinal Gerhard Muller

German Cardinal Gerhard Muller has warned against “global players” who are against the Catholic Church because the Catholic Church is pro-life-, pro-family-, and for religious freedom.”

Talking to EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo on Thursday, the former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith said certain powers “want to instrumentalize this situation of the corona virus pandemic to suppress the Catholic Church.”

“The security for your life is not the only value,” he said. We have also spiritual values. We cannot isolate totally all the population. We have other illnesses and other dangers in our life, and we cannot absolutely remain in our home.”

“The state as such cannot say ‘We forbidd worshiping,” he said. “We have the fundamental religious rights, human rights, and the state must respect theserights of everybody.

The former bishop of Regensburg in Germany pointed out the contradiction between, on the one hand, saying that churches need to be closed but, on the other hand, grocery stores being allowed to remain open for business.

He asked: “Why is the danger in the church bigger than in the supermarket?”

Beyond prohibiting public Masses, “nobody has the right to forbid the priests, the shepherds, to visit the people who are dying or very ill.” As Muller explained, faithful Catholics have to right to “pastoral care in these cases”

Five Covid-19 Deaths in Washington State Were Actually Death by Gunshot

OLYMPIA< Wash. – Epidemiologists with the Washington State Department of Health believe COVID – 10 related deaths are likely being undercounted in Washington.


In a virtual briefing with reporters Thursday, DPH officials said tracking COVID 19 death data is not an easy task.

” There are a number of nuances to the data that we report and often it is very difficult- especially quickly – to make an assessment on the cause of death,” said Dr. Katie Hutchinson, Health Statistics Manager for the Washington State Department of Health..

The state’s current COVID – 10 death count includes anyone that’s tested positive for COVID 10, officials say.

“We currently do have some deaths that are being reported that are clearly from other causes.

In this case, they are from gunshot wounds.”