Cardinal Burke’s Statement on «Traditionis Custodes»

“From whence comes the severe and revolutionary act of the Holy Father?”

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Many faithful – laity, ordained and consecrated – have expressed to me the profound distress which the Motu Proprio «Traditionis Custodes» has brought them. Those who are attached to theUsus Antiquior(More Ancient Usage) [UA], what Pope Benedict XVI called the Extraordinary Form, of the Roman Rite are deeply disheartened by the severity of the discipline which the Motu Proprio imposes and offended by the language it employs to describe them, their attitudes and their conduct. As a member of the faithful, who also has an intense bond with the UA, I fully share in their sentiments of profound sorrow.

As a Bishop of the Church and as a Cardinal, in communion with the Roman Pontiff and with a particular responsibility to assist him in his pastoral care and governance of the universal Church, I offer the following observations:

1.In a preliminary way, it must be…

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Non Citizens Are Slowly Gaining Voting Rights

Unless Audits, which are increasingly providing evidence of the greatest voting fraud ever perpetrated upon the people of the American Republic, are protected by ‘truth’ and speed, the above will be the flag of the 2024 once great American Republic. Making America a Socialist Nation is ‘in the air’ Germany was a Socialist Nation when Adolph Hitler was voted into office. Nazi – Sozialismus

Immigrants are being moved inland by bus and planes. What an ingenius plan on the part of the Biden movers and shakers to obtain followers. I saw videos. You gotta hand it to those Dems.

“Two Vermont cities have joined the short but growing list of jurisdictions that allow residents who are not U.S. citizens to vote in local elections.

Last week, the Vermont legislature overrode vetoes by Republican Gov. Phil Scott, greenlighting voter-approved changes to the city charters of Montpelier and Winooske. Those cities now allow all residents over age 18 to vote in city elections, regardless of citizenship status. Noncitizen voting in federal elections remains illegal natitonwide.

The movement to let all adults vote in local elections hasn’t had widespread success in modern times. Until lately, just San Francisco and nine Maryland cities, have allowed non citizens to be allowed to vote, the state legislature has yet to approve these changes. But those cities may soon have company.

Two towns in Massachusetts have passed resolutions in recent years calling for noncitizens to be allowed to vote locally the state legislature has yet to approve these changes. But those cities may soon have company.

Lawmakers in Washington, D.C and New York City this year are considering legislation that would offer the vote to noncitizens for local elections, such as for city council or the school board. These proposals have ignited the fierce debates that often come with immigration and voting rights proposals. Some states, meanwhile, have gone in the opposite direction in recent years, explicitly barring noncitizens from voting. ” (emphasis by Hauriet Aquas

Stateline Article Lisa Rathke?The Associated Press

to continue this article: Topic: Demographics, Poli-

tics and Campaigns and Immigration



By Mr. Goldstein-Rose of Amherst, a petition (accompanied by bill. House, No. 3745) of Solomon Goldstein-Rose (by vote of the town) that the town of Amherst be authorized to enter the names of legal permanent resident non-citizens to the list of voters established by the town clerk of said town election laws.

Displaying 4 actions for Bill H.3745

6/12/2017 House Referred to the committee on Election Laws

6/15/2017 Senate Senate concurred

10/042017 Joint Hearing scheduled for 19/12/2017 from 02:PM-5:PM in B-1

2/28/2028 House Accompanied a study order, see H4252

Finally, also on June 23, the Joint Committee on Election Laws heard dozens of bills, regarding elections, But most notably several that would allow non-citizen voting in local (but not state or federal elections in that city.

H 828 by by Rep. David Rogers (D-Cambridge) would create a process by which any city or town could adopt non-citizen voting for its local elections, without requiring further authorization from the legislature.

5.465 by Senn. Jamie Eldridge (D)-Acton) and H. 770 by Rep. Mike Connolly (D-Cambridge) would allow non-citizen legal immigrants over 18 to vote in local elections in any city or town statewide.



LOCKED OUT 2020:: see ESTIMATES OF PEOPLE DENIED VOTING RIGHTS DUE TO A FELONY COVICTION: This writer concedes that this is local. No complaints there, as long as the voter, who is an immigrant, can handle the English language and knows what he/she is voting for. The felons? Weelll ! Then there is the possibility, remote of course, that local election process and voting right for new immigrants and felons could gin up to the Federal level.

There is an uptick of interest all over the place in loosening up voting privileges.




Welcome To the Great Society

Read On and See if The Great Society Finds a Way Out !!


‘It’s so out of control,’ Deasy told Monahan.

‘The totalitarians are mad. Don’t eat this food. One group is offended. Don’t say that word. Another group is offended. Then it was masks because of some trumped up pandemic. Now we’re all on our way to permanent solitary confinement.’

‘I know,’ Monahan replied. ‘All our language and history have been rewritten~roads and vehicles restructured too, so there’s no Escape.’

Just then, promptly at noon, the sun went down for the night.

Clancy snuck an old book into their cubicle, and they looked at it, observing where the exits once were.

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Year Thirty

Welcome to Where Whim is Law


It was thirty years after the pandemic.

The Great Society’s Meltdown was underway.

Martin and Barbara were reading about how neighbors of theirs were executed for referring to the Outsiders as ‘those people’, and ‘some of my best friends.’

The only things illegal were intolerance and being offensive. Anything, at random, could be deemed intolerant or offensive. The party’s whims were law.

It was noon so they drove to the courthouse to find out what they were allowed to do that day.

They stood on line among others with identical poker faces.

Invisible cameras stared down toward them constantly.

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Life of the Servant of God Darwin Ramos (1994-2012)

San Lázaro de Betania

Darwin Ramos was born on December 17, 1994 in Pasay City (Philippines). He spent his early years with his poor family in a slum on P. Villanueva street. In order to help his family, Darwin became a scavenger (waste picker) in the street, with his younger sister. They spent their day going through garbage to recover plastic waste which they sold.
Unfortunately, the initial symptoms of what will later be diagnosed as Duchenne muscular dystrophy appeared. Progressively, Darwin could no longer stand and his muscles weakened. Poverty pushed the family to live on the street. His father was leaving Darwin every morning at the Libertad station to beg from passers-by who were taking pity on the boy. In spite of the terrible shame felt by Darwin, hundreds of pesos fell into his hands which he held out painfully. Darwin did not say anything as long as a sufficient portion was…

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Life of Saint Tarcisius, Martyr for the Holy Eucharist

San Lázaro de Betania

Tarcisius was a twelve-year-old acolyte during one of the fierce Roman persecutions of the third century, probably during that of Valerian. Each day, from a secret meeting place in the catacombs where Christians gathered for Mass, a deacon would be sent to the prisons to carry the Eucharist to those Christians condemned to die. At one point, there was no deacon to send and so St. Tarcisius, an acolyte, was sent carrying the “Holy Mysteries” to those in prison.


On the way, he was stopped by boys his own age who were not Christians but knew him as a playmate and lover of games. He was asked to join their games, but this time he refused and the crowd of boys noticed that he was carrying something. Somehow, he was also recognized as a Christian, and the small gang of boys, anxious to view the Christian “Mysteries,” became a mob…

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