The Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Las Lajas by Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC


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In 1754, an event took place in Colombia that continues to baffle geologists and other scientists.  This event was the miraculous appearance of the image of Our Lady of Las Lajas (Our Lady of the Rocks)

Have you heard of it?  Most Catholics outside of Columbia are completely unaware of its existence.  To be honest, I had never heard of it either until a few years ago.  I came across the story of this incredible image while doing research for my book   Champions of the Rosary:  The History and Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon  (

All my friends know that I absolutely love leading pilgrimages.

In fact several times a year I lead pilgrimages to such places as Rome, Lourdes, Fatima, Guadalupe, Poland, and the Holy Land.  One place I’ve never been on pilgrimage is Colombia.  But after I learned about the miraculous image of Our Lady of…

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The Political Dimension of Sacred Heart Devotion

By Solange Hertz who is universally regarded as one of traditional Catholicism’s foremost contemporary writers and lecturers.


Solange Hertz

When Longinus plunged his spear into the Sacred Body publicly exposed on the cross, he struck the heart of a King.  Christ the King!

Every time a Catholic priest performs the Consecration at Mass, the Heart of Christ the King is present on the altar of sacrifice.  Whole and entire the Body, Blood, Flesh and Divinity of the King !  The Word made Flesh !

The sign above the thorn-crowned Head of the Man enthroned on the Cross read plainly:  “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.

Longinus was the agent of secular authority doing his duty which was to make sure the Man was dead, or to kill Him if he were not. Longinus was the ‘state.’

The Sacred fountain of Blood and water which gushed forth continues to do so to this day , sanctifying all the King’s willing subjects … those who search for the…

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Happy Mother’s Day

Read below the letters of a good priest who has been told to “pack your bags” Read below also the letters of his bishop, the oppressor.

Dear Father White, you have my prayers and surely the prayers of all who read these letters. You have been a sorely needed source of grace with your articles here. May justice be yours!

Father Mark White Blog

Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

In Act IV of William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, Petruchio insists that his new wife Katherina submit her mind to his.

In mid-afternoon, Petruchio proclaims that it’s actually 7:00am. He demands that Katherina concede this. “It shall be what o’clock I say it is!”

Petruchio’s friend Hortensio comments: “Why, so this gallant will command the sun.”

Let’s imagine a courtroom scene. The members of the jury file into the box, having completed their deliberations.

The judge asks the foreman, “Have you reached a verdict?”

“Yes, Your Honor. We find the defendant not guilty!”

So the judge says to the accused: “Very well. You will retain the title of ‘free man.’ Your prison uniform will read ‘free man’ across the back of the shirt. Now, bailiff, cuff him, and take him to San Quentin.”

Yesterday, locksmiths under the direction of…

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A Prophecy of Mary Unrolls Before the Eyes In the South China Sea as a World, Sick with Covid, is Distracted From China’s Island Building

Cardinal Vidal, in a 2014 letter to the Catholic Bishops of the Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) said one of the”secrets” of the alleged Lipa apparition as revealed to Carmelite nun Teresita Castillo was the invasion of the Philippines and the world by China.

“Pray hard for China’s dream is to invade the whole world” Vidal quoted from the notes of Castillo on the alleged apparition at the Carmelite convent in Lipa City in 1948, a year before the Communist triumph in China and Communist leader Mao Tse-tung’s official proclamation of the Peoples Republic of China.

Money is the evil force that will lead the people of the world to destruction”

“Tell this to my people … I want here what I asked for at Fatima” she said and then identified herself: “I am Mary Mediatrix of all Grace”

In the interest of sticking to the main intent of this article which is to show that the distraction of Covid 19 has presented to the Chinese Communist State the opportunity of opportunities to further pursue their island building in the South China Sea, this photo speaks for itself.

Fiery Cross Reef – Wikipedia

Fiery Cross Reef, also known as “Northwest Investigator Reef”, “Yongshu Reef” . by the addition of support personnel for the new airbase, including a 3,125-metre-long (1.9m) runway and associated early warning radar site. Location: South China sea Prefecture-level city: Sansha Archipelago: Spratley Islands. Reports said that the project would cost $5 billion and take ten years, and would ultimately produce a five-square-kilometer military base June 7 1974

Island Building activity has been heating up as Covid 19 has captured the attention of the entire world.

Scientists have presented a conception of the virus , in one instance, as being made by human hands … a designer virus with the capability of one of its components to stick to the furin of the lung. This is something which a virus cannot do unless it has been manipulated. Multiple Studies Point to Chinese Biowarfare Lab in Wuhan as designer of Covid 10. The Express March 10 Callum Hoare publishing in Science Direct.

In the news of this day, it has been presented that the virus can affect the linings of the blood vessels and can cause blood clots to occur in those people who suffer from Leiden 5, a clotting disorder. Broadway star, Nick Codero, a Covid victim, who also had this disorder, in a move to save his life yesterday had his right leg amputated. Why Are So Many Covid 19 Patients Also Seeing Blood Clots? Sasha Peznel Dr. L Nedda Destmatchi

Whether or not it is true that the virus was intentionally released into the world by China, it is apparent that the opportunity exists for increased ‘island building’ as the worlds’ families turn their attention to the sick and suffering loved ones … victims of Covid 19.

And for a bit of time, they think of war no more.

“Tell this to my people” said Our Lady

Cardinal Vidal, who died in 2017, called on Catholics to regularly recite the rosary and pray.

Pray for China. Our Lady’s people are being persecuted for their faith, as first to go … in the population reduction plans of the New World Order.

July 5, 2020 Reblog Addition :Our Lady of Lipa who identified herself as “Mary Mediatrix of All grace” has appeared all over the world with requests from God … Who obviously is using her as the Mediatrix of All Grace. The word Mediatrix itself bears a seldom told truth. The addition of ‘trix’ is the Latin for feminine gender. She is the Lady who brings us messages from God. The Mediatrix! What a Grace That is! She is the bearer of all Grace from God.

Here at Lipa in 1948, approximately 31 years after she appeared at Fatima, she said: “I want here what I asked for at Fatima.”

Today, July 5, 2020 I have added to the above: The U.S. entered the South China Sea with war ships. Here China has been taking island after island, rebuilding each and fortifying each for military operations …. just as Mary said. They have revamped the map of the ocean with a ‘ten dash line’ claiming that all within it belongs to China. This is a tactic of Communist thinking … the false ideology of our time about which Our Lady has often spoken. In 1843 she called it by name to Sister Marie de Saint Pierre (Revelations of the Holy Face of Jesus by John Vennari)

Do you want Socialism which leads to Communism in your country?

“Pray hard for China’s dream is to invade the whole world. The Philippines is one of its favorites. Money is the evil force that will lead the peoples of the world to destruction.” said Our Lady of Lipa as she asked for what she wanted at Fatima, and, which request has been denied to her, the Queen of Heaven, by a handful of Popes and Bishops who turn their backs and even lie about the veracity of Our Lady’s apparitions.

Pope Francis, Give us the Third Secret of Fatima! Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Oh I forgot…you don’t wish to be called Pope anymore. You have denied that you are ‘The Vicar of Christ’ in a new annual Vatican Document …. we weep and we pray for you!

The world is dying under the claws of Communism. China is Communism, the bedmate of Russia.

“Stop Targeting Churches” US Attorney General Barr

William Barr reaffirms constitutional rights amid pandemic

General Counsel Mike Berry of First Liberty Institute – an organization that assists in legal battles over religious freedom – told Church Militant, “Attorney General Barr’s strong statement of support for religious liberty, even during these unique circumstances, makes clear that our constitutional rights cannot be suspended by a pandemic.

Barstated that “government may not impose special restrictions on religous activity that do not also apply to similar nonreligious activity.”

He elaborated: “If a government allows movie theaters, restaurants, concert halls and other comparable places of assembly to remain open and unrestricted, it may not order houses of worship to close, limity their congregation size or otherwise impede religious gatherings”

Barr made clear the necessity of President Trump’s guidelines, which call on “all Americans to do their part to slow the spread of a dangerous and highly contagious virus. Those measures are important because the virus is transmitted so easily from person to person, and because it all too often has life-threatening consequences for its victims, it has the potential to overwhelm health care systems when it surges.”

The First Amendment and federal statutory law prohibit discrimation against religious institutions and religious believers.

“Even in times of emergency, he emphasized, when reasonable and temporary restrictions are placed on rights, the First Amendment and federal statutory law prohibit discrimination against religious institutions and religious believers.”

“There is no pandemic exception … to the fundamental liberties the Constitution safeguards,” the DOJ said. Indeed, individual rights secured by the Constitution do not disappear during a public health crisis.”

“America needs its churches to provide the calm, comfort and care they uniquely provide to communities across the country.” Barr said at the end of his statement.

“And the government needs churches and other houses of worship to do just that during the pandemic.”

An Uncertain Urbi et Orbi

A Blessing to the City and to the World as Seen on Television

A lone small figure stands, spotlighted in the utter emptiness of the majestic cathedral which once teemed with behatted lades, and gentlemen, all in Easter finery. Ladies in veils or charmingly flowered and veiled Easter hats. Men in perfectly creased suits and a tie, with hats in their hands. Little children gazed in wonder at the golden tabernacle where Jesus lived. Little babies cried.

That time is gone.

The time is now today.

The camera moves back to the center front and stops for a moment on the massive statue of the first Pope, St. Peter, with upholded teaching finger and the other hand holding the Bible … all stone grey and glistening like polished marble.

The camera moves back and rests its lens on the pure white cap on the head of he who it is said holds the keys of the kingdom today. His hair, once black, is crisply cut with spokes of grey coming.

There is no fluttering of the snowy white elbow length cape. It hangs silently in perfect folds. Like the silence of the rocks making up the cathedral … sounds of silence that echo in the emptiness.

He stands close to the bones of St. Peter, at a podium. It is where he, a short time ago, offered the Holy Unbloody Sacrifice of the Mass close to a bowl of mother earth. The words … ‘Thou shalt not have false gods before Me … float through my head and a feeling of fright comes over me.

The white microphones are twisted toward his mouth by a priest. A wide stole, threaded with gold, depicting pontifical and ecclesiastical images is placed across his shoulders by the master of ceremonies priest. He faces the non existent audience. He glances up, with eyes that appear to be surveying the matter of business at hand. Then he shuffles the papers before him and lifts up his hands and faces the virtual people.

The words of the papal blessing of the city and the world are sent forth to the ends of the earth. Urbi et Orbi. I do not hear them, for I do not hear. I make the Sign of the Cross. There is a tear about to fall.

Not a soul is there. The emptiness is a sound itself that shatters the sound barrier and reaches to heaven. The souls who once were there are as scattered sheep … separated … confused by the strike to the shepherd.

They are home. They are masked. They are hungry for words. Some are sick and some are dying. Some are dying devoid of the priestly words. Some priests are heartsick, unable to leap over the boundary placed around them …chained … the vigor of youthful priesthood a fading memory because of abuse by power. Their tears fall within … where the memories are … in their souls … where the power of memory is located.

I have just received the Urbi et Orbi blessing by television. The camera slowly drifts away from the figure in white. It finds a round stained glass window radiant with sunlight streaming through. It is so beautiful. A white dove in the center is sending rays of sun colored with amethyst, gold, and jasper. His wings are outspread as though in blessing.

It reminds me of the Holy Spirit. The camera lingers on the little dove and it seems to be singing… Cast your eyes on what is above in the heavens … and the word jewels from the mouth of your Christ … who left them behind for you written in a book … after he endured unspeakable torture and death on a rough Cross.

Then He rose from the dead! Then He promised us that we would do the same if we lived by His way. “I am the way, the truth, and, the life”

I return to earth from my musings and see that the camera is following the little man in white… accompanied by a small cadre of black and white vested men. No usual applause and outreaching for a touch from this man who wears the papal attire. Nothing. I think … pray for him.

God is in control. He can do anything.

He can convert the man in white just like He converted St. Paul.

The Beautiful Hands of a Priest

Thank you to all Priests and Seminarians for the awesome gift of your vocation

Catholicism Pure & Simple

“Without the priest, the death and passon of our Lord would be no use; the priest has the keys of the heavenly treasures… What is the priest? A man who holds the place of God, a man clothed with all the powers of God.”

~St John Vianney

Dedicated to all priests on this day, Thursday of Holy Week, of the institution of the holy Priesthood by Our Saviour Jesus Christ on the eve of His passion and death. The hands of the priest actually become the Hands of Jesus!

“The Beautiful Hands of a Priest” is a deeply moving poem illustrating their significance in the world (though unknown to the world) and the priceless assistance they render to the faithful, especially of how they have the blessed privilege of administering the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church, thus helping us on our way to gain eternal redemption.

The Beautiful Hands Of…

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Account of the Lipa Secret When Handed to Father Paul Kramer by Teresita Castillo

Father Paul Kramer, a Catholic priest ordained over 32 years ago, has studied Catholic prophecy for over 40 years, in the Old and New Testaments as well as in the approved apparitions of Our Lady … especially the prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima. He has also pursued this research in the many writings of canonized saints and holy persons of the past 2,ooo years. He is the author of numerous books, and, the following account details his meeting with the seer of Lipa Teresita Castillo, as it is written in his book, ‘The Mystery of Iniquity’:

“The Chinese will never consent to any other power ruling the world than itself. Confucius wrote, ‘ “Just as there are not two suns in the sky, so there can be only one emperor on earth.'”

The Chinese plan for ruling and conquering the world is well documented, and is reflected in the geopolitical developments that have taken place since the Communist revolution in 1949. It is briefly elaborated by Steven Mosher in his book, Hegemon: China’s Plan to dominate Asia and the world.

In a group discussion at the home of a prominent political figure in Manila last year, I learned of other even more documented, indepth works that expound on this topic.

The Chinese ambition to dominate and rule the world was foretold in the Secret given at Lipa, Philippines by Our Lady, who appeared under the title Mediatrix of All Grace on October 17, 1949.

In the Secret of Lipa, a copy of which was handed to me by the seer in the presence of witnesses in July 2008, Our Lady declares that it is the intention of China to conquer the whole world.

In a previous meeting with the seer, in the presence of several witnesses, on April 10, 2006, I presented a 90 minute overview on the Secret of Fatima in the light of other approved Marian apparitions and the prophecies of the saints, and stated that it was my opinion that if the conversion of Russia does not take place in time … Russia will wage war on the West, but that eventually China will invade Russia and Western Europe, following the same invasion route as the Mongols centuries ago.

Miss Castillo’s reply was, without any doubt or hesitation, “Yes Father, that is exactly what they will do. Our Lady told me that China is worse than Russia … that China is more dangerous than Russia.

This eventuality also appears to be prophetically alluded to in Scripture (Apocalypse 20:7 and Ezekiel 38:39

Mary Mediatrix of All Grace Pray for our world.

Other Books By Father Paul Kramer:

To Deceive The Elect

The Mystery of Iniquity

The Devil’s Final Battle

Suicide of Altering the Faith in the Liturgy

Sadness and Confusion caused by Unprecedented Power!

Have you had an intuition lately that we are being ‘had’? The panic of imminent death, for ex., has lit up the pages of every print edition we pick up! Is it really true? This article puts a spotlight on that ‘intuition’ which I have had, for one person … and a few others with whom I have spoken.



Words can’t describe what we are experiencing!

We feel robbed, betrayed, and attacked. Our whole world has been turned upside down. And all because of a virus? We feel sad like Mary Magdalen when she was looking for Our Lord. But this time, He has indeed been taken from us. You see it is He who is thethreat to them.

It started with a virus . We have had epidemics before that have killed far more than now. Who could have foreseen that they would take away our freedom of association, our freedom of Religion, our democratic freedom of trading, of working...? Our government leaders have over- reacted. Are they in on it all? Why did our govt. pass a bill last year in September (before the virus) that mandated compulsory vaccination in the case of an epidemic? Why weren’t we told about it?

Practically all…

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The intervention of human hands designing this virus is well demonstrated in the facts presented here. This virus has the previously unheard of capability of attaching itself to a specific protein in the human lung. Why does China get away with punishing humanity and its own people while Nazi Germany was tried at Nuremburg and its’ leaders hung. Dare I say that it is because Communism has its’ adherents in so many governments in the world? Just like Our Lady of Fatima prophesied!






by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Corona virus — which is called the Coronavirus, here in Italy — shows signs that its real name should be the Wuhan virus, and that was intentionally modified in the level 4 biowarfare laboratory in Wuhan China.

In this article, I will recite the evidence,  not the conspiracy theories.

In an article published by the Express on March 10, by Callum Hoare, geneticists publishing in ScienceDirect are reported to have discovered that the Wuhan virus has a particular and unheard of capacity to attach to a specific protein (furin) found in the lungs of humans.

This is not naturally occurring, because a virus cannot learn genetically to attach to a protein unless the protein is in its natural environment. And…

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