Judas Departs From ‘The Last Supper’ – From the Visions of Bl. Anna Catherine Emmerich

“Judas was the third to whom Jesus presented the Blessed Sacrament, but it seemed as if the word of the Lord turned back from the mouth of the traitor…”

“I was so terrified at this sight that I cannot describe my feelings..  Jesus then said to Judas:  ‘ “What thou are about to do, do quickly.’ ”

The Lord then administered the Blessed Sacrament to the rest of the Apostles, who came up two and two, each one holding for his neighbor a little, stiff cover with an ornamental edge which had lain over the chalice.

Jesus next raised the chalice by its two handles to a level with His face, and pronounced into it the words of consecration.  While doing so, He was wholly transfigured and, as it were, transparent.  He was as if passing over into what He was giving.

He caused Peter and John to drink from the chalice while yet in His hands, and then He set it down.  With the little spoon, John removed some of the Sacred Blood from the chalice to the small cups, which Peter handed to the Apostles who, two by two, drank from the same cup

During the whole meal, I saw the little red monster with one foot like a bare bone sitting at Judas’ feet and often rising to his heart, but when outside the door, I saw three devils pressing around him.  One entered into his mouth, one urged him on, and the third ran in front of him.

It was night.

They seemed to be lighting him as he hurried on like a madman.

Amazing History of Christ’s Chalice and of The Last Supper With A Description of the Consecration As Given in Vision to Bl. Anna Catherine Emmerich

Peter and John had been sent by Jesus to gather materials needed for the Pasch….

History of the Chalice:                                            “The two Apostles got from Veronica all kinds of table service, which was carried by the disciples in covered baskets to the Coenaculum.  They took from here also the chalice of which Jesus made use in the institution of the Blessed Sacrament.

This chalice was a very wonderful and mysterious vessel that had lain in the Temple for a long time among other old and precious things, whose use and origin even had been forgotten, just as with us, many ancient, holy treasures have throughoutt the lapse of time fallen into oblivion.  Frequently at the Temple, ancient vessels and precious ornaments whose use was no longer known were reset, made over anew, or sold.

It was in this way, and by God’s permission, that the holy vessel (whose unknown material prevented its being melted down, although frequent attempts had been made to do so) had been found by the young priests in the treasury of the Temple.

It was stowed away in a chest along with other objects no longer of use, and when discovered, was sold to some antiquaries.  The chalice and all the vessels belonging to it were afterward bought by Veronica.

It had several times been made use of by Jesus in the celebration of festivals, and from this day on  it became the exclusive possession of the Holy Community of Jesus Christ.

I no longer remember when the parts that composed it were put together;  perhaps it was on the occasion of the Lord’s using it at the Last Supper.

It was now, however, along with all that was necessary for the institution of the Blessed Sacrament, put up in one portable case.”

Inside the Coenaculum on Thursday

“On a flat surface out of which a little board, or tablet, could be drawn, stood the large chalice surrounded by six small beakers.  The chalice itself contained another smaller vase.  I cannot remember whether the tablet held the Holy Thing or not.  A little plate was laid upon the chalice, and over the whole was a convex cover.  In the foot of the chalice was a place for keeping a spoon, which could be easily drawn out.

All these vessels, in fine linen coverings,  were protected by a cap, or case of leather, I think, which had a knob on top.  The large chalice consisted of the cup and the foot, which latter must have been added at a later period, for it was of different material.

The cup was pear shaped, and of a brownish, highly polished metal, overlaid with gold.  It had two small handles, by which it could be raised when its contents rendered it tolerably heavy. The foot was elaborately wrought of dark virgin gold, the edge encircled by a serpent.  It was ornamented with a little bunch of grapes, and enriched with precious stones.  The small spoon was concealed in the foot.”

Abraham Possessed It                                     “The large chalice once belonged to Abraham.  Melchisedech brought it from the land of Semiramis, where it was lying neglected , to the land of Canaan, when he began to mark of settlements on the site afterward occupied by Jerusalem.”

Melchisedech Used It                                                                                                                          ” Melchisedech had used it at the Sacrifice of bread and wine offered in Abraham’s presence, and, he afterward gave it to him.”

Noe Carried it on the Ark                                                                                                                  ” It stood in the upper part of the ark.”

Moses Also had it in his Keeping                                                                                                      ” The cup was massive like a bell.  It looked as if it had been shaped by nature, not formed by art.  I have seen clear through it.  Jesus alone know of what it was made.”

The Consecration of Bread and Wine at the Last Supper into The True Body and Blood of Christ                                     “Again Jesus prayed and taught.  His words, glowing with fire and light, came forth from His mouth and entered into all the apostles, excepting Judas.  He took the plate with the morsels of bread ) I do not remember whether He had placed it on the chalice or not ) and said:

Take and eat.  This is My Body which is given for you”  

“While saying these words, he stretched forth His right hand over it, as if giving a blessing and as He did so a brilliant light emanated from Him. His words were luminous as also the Bread, which as a body of light, entered the mouth of the Apostles. It was as if Jesus Himself flowed into them.  I saw all of them penetrated with light, bathed in light.

Judas alone was in dark

Jesus presented the Bread first to Peter, then to John, and next made a sign to Judas, who was sitting diagonally from Him, to approach.  Thus Judas was the third to whom Jesus presented the Blessed Sacrament, but it seemed as if the word of the Lord turned back from the mouth of the traitor.  I was so terrified at the sight that I cannot describe my feelings.  Jesus said to Judas:  “What thou are about to do, do quickly.”  The Lord then administered the Blessed Sacrament to the rest of the Apostles, who came up two by two, each one holding for his neighbor a little, stiff cover with an ornamental edge that had lain over the chalice”  ( ?paten?)

Jesus Becomes Wholly Transfigured                                                                                 

“Jesus next raised the chalice by its two handles to a level with his face, and pronounced into it the words of consecration.”  (Anna Catherine does not give the words of consecration for the wine although it has obviously taken place)  While doing so, He was wholly transfigured and, as it were, transparent.  He was as if passing over into what He was giving.  He caused Peter and John to drink from the chalice while yet in His hands, and then He set it down.  With the little spoon, John removed some of the sacred Blood from the chalice to the small cups, which Peter handed to the Apostles who, two by two, drank from the same cup,  Judas also (of this I am not certain)”

She Sees Devils Around Judas                                                                                                          ” During the whole meal, I saw a little red monster with one foot like a bare bone sitting at Judas’ feet and often rising up to his heart, but when outside the door, I saw three devils pressing around him.  One entered into his mouth, one urged him on, and the third ran in front of him.  It was night.  They seemed to be lighting him as he hurried on like a madman.

I do not remember having seen the Lord Himself receive the Sacred Species.  I must have let that pass unnoticed.  When He administered His Body and blood to the Apostles, it appeared to me as if He emptied Himself, as if He poured Himself out in tender love.

It is inexpressible.

Neither did I see Melchisedech, ” (she had seen Melchisedech in her visions prior to this), “when sacrificing bread and wine, receive it himself.  It was given to me to know why priests partake of the Sacrifice, although Jesus did not.”

Why Priests Must Partake of the Sacrifice                                                                                    “Had angels been deputed to administer the Holy Eucharist, they would not receive it, but if priests did not partake of it, It would long since have been lost.”

” But if priests did not partake of It, It would long since have been lost.  It is by their participation that the Sacrament is Preserved.”


Thank God for our One, Holy, Catholic, and, Apostolic Church and Catholic Supernatural Church outside of which there is no salvation ….. 

Thank God for Approved Prophets and Approved Visions which strengthen our faith and inform us of what is to come and of things that have been ….

Thank God for Blessed Anna Catherine Emmerich, the stigmatic who suffered so …. and all the Stigmatics throughout the history of the Church who have helped us so ….









To Jesus’ Heart All Burning

Traditional Air by Rev. A.J. Christe, S.J.   This is the music swept away by the winds of VII       Children like myself sang it in the 1940’s and 50’s … JFK and Jackie had a Sacred Heart song sung at their wedding. It was a typical First Friday song.

Cor Amoris

To Jesus’ Heart all burning  With fervent love for men                                                                    My heart with fondest yearning    Shall raise its joyful strain

Refrain:                                                                                                                                                     While ages course along  Blest be with loudest song,                                                                       The Sacred Heart of Jesus by every heart and tongue.

O Heart for me on fire  With love no tongue can speak                                                                 My yet untold desire   God gives me for Thy sake.


Too true,  I have forsaken Thy love by willful sin;                                                                           But now let me be taken   Back by thy grace again


As thou art meek and lowly; And ever pure of Heart                                                                     So let my heart be wholly Of Thine the counterpart


Oh! that to me were given  The pinions of a dove,                                                                            I’d speed aloft to heaven,  My Jesus love to prove.


When life away is flying,  And earth’s false glare is done                                                                Still, Sacred Heart in dying,  I’ll say I’m all Thy own.


“The More you honor Me, the more I will Bless you”

https://youtu.be/ZA7n7r98CIE     Sung by the Singing Nuns with their angelic voices

The Holy See and Cardinal Pell

Pope Francis signs a cricket bat of a Canterbury cricket team received from Australian George Cardinal Pell at the Vatican Oct. 29, 2015   By George Weigel

CNS Photo/L’Osservatore Romano via Reuters

“Cardinal George Pell’s December 2018 conviction on charges of “historical abuse” was a travesty of justice, thanks in part to a public atmosphere of hysterical anti Catholicism.  It was a fetid climate that had a devastating impact on the possibility of his receiving a fair trial.”

(Here is a sample of the type of anti catholic journalism which preceeded the trial of Cardinal Pell in the halls of ‘Australian Justice’ … before we go on …  ma)

In an article by David Marr in ‘The Guardian’ of Australia we read first the Blaring Title:

 ‘Brutal and Dogmatic, George Pell Waged War on Sex – Even As He Abused Children’ 

Then we read on the rest of the account by David Marr:

“He was always there with a crisp, dogmatic grab.  Universal innocence?  “A dangerous myth”  Original sin? “Alive and flourishing”  Drugtaking?  “Wrong and sinful”  IVF for single mothers?  “We are on the verge of creating a whole new generation of stolen children.”  That one created a most satisfying uproar.

He accused his own Church of being “frightened to put forward the hard teachings of Christ” 

As an Archbishop in Melbourne and a Cardinal in Sydney, Pell poured his energies into COMBATTING contraception, homosexuality, genetic engineering, divorce, equal marriage and abortion.  

When a wreath was laid outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne in memory of gay students in Catholic schools driven to suicide, Pell’s disdain was absolute. ” I haven’t got good statistics on the reasons for those suicides, but, if they are connected with homosexuality, it is another good reason to be discouraging people from going in that direction.  Homosexual activity is a much greater health hazard than smoking..”

George Weigel article continues:

Cardinal Pell knew from hard personal experience how virulent the anti-Catholic atmosphere in Australia had become.  As a member of the College of Cardinals and a senior Vatican official, Pell enjoyed Vatican citizenship and held a Vatican diplomatic passport;  he could have stayed put, untouched by Australian authorities.  Yet he freely decided to submit himself to his country’s criminal justice system.  He knew he was innocent, he was determined to defend his honor and that of the Church;  and he believed in the rectitude of the Australian courts.

So he went home.

It is not unreasonable to suggest that the Australian justice system has thus far failed one of Australia’s most distinguished sons, who had put his trust in it.  The police went on a tawdry fishing expedition for something-on-Pell, “Who, one wonders set that in motion? And why?)

A preliminary hearing sent the subsequent charges to trial, although the hearing magistrate said that, were she a juror, she wouldn’t vote for conviction on several of the alleged crimes.  The first trial proved the Cardinal innocent, and the re-trial returned an irrational verdict unsupported by any evidence, corroborating or otherwise.  The media gag order placed on both trials, although likely intended to dampen the circus atmosphere surrounding the case, in fact relieved the prosecution of having to defend its weird and salacious charges in public.

So, as of early March, the Cardinal is in jail and he is in Solitary Solitary Confinement.

  1. He is Not permitted to say Mass in his cell … on the bizarre grounds that prisoners are not allowed to lead religious services in prisons in the State of Victoria
  2. Wine is not permitted in cells.

Given all this, it is not easy to understand why, the day after the conviction it was announced publicly, by the interim Vatican press spokesman, Alessandro Gisotti, a mantra which has become habitual in Vatican commentary on the Pell case:  the Holy See has maximun respect for the Australian judicial authorities.”

Why would the Holy See say this?

It is precisely the Australian judiciary (and the lynch-mob atmospherics in Melbourne and elsewhere) that is on trial today in the global court of public opinion.  There was no need for such gratuitous puffery.  Mr. Gisotti could have, and should have,  said that the Holy See awaits with interest and concern the results of the appeal process, and hopes that justice will be done. Period. Full stop.  Not flattery.

Above all, no hint of a suggestion that the Holy See believes that the Australian police and judicial authorities have done their job fairly, impartially, and respectably thus far.

Shortly after Mr. Gisotti’s comment it was announced that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith was beginning its own canonical inquiry into the Pell case.  In theory , and one hopes, in practice, the CDF investigation can be helpful:  properly conducted, it will exonerate Cardinal Pell of the preposterous charges on which he was convicted, because there is zero evidence that the Cardinal abused two choirboys and ample evidence that the abuse could not have occurred in the circumstances in which it allegedly happened.  So justice can be done by the Holy See, whatever the ultimate outcome in Australia.

For the sake of an old friend, but also for the sake of Australia’s reputation in the world, I hope that the appeal process, which begins in early June, will vindicate Cardinal Pell – and the faith he has put in his countrymen and the Australian Judicial System.

The latter is and should be under the closest scrutiny by fair minded people.

The Holy See should take not …  and … therefore … should …  resist any further temptations …  to render a gauzy, and certainly premature, verdict on “the Australian Judicial Authorities”

Emphasis and Bold print: Haurietis Aquas








Scalia murdered? Sealed his fate 4 days before his death?

His vote would have stalled Obama’s plan to force drastic climate change rules on the American economy.   Be alive, awake, and, alert to climate change propaganda

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Scalia murdered? Sealed his fate 4 days before his death?

by Jon Rappoport

February 17, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

Four days before he died, Supreme Court Justice Scalia voted to stall Obama’s plan to force drastic climate-change rules on the American economy. The vote was 5-4.

With Scalia now gone, the vote would be 4-4.

With a new Obama Supreme Court appointee, if Obama could ram his choice through, the vote would be 5-4 in the President’s favor. Ditto, if the next President shares Obama’s position. And the climate-change agenda would roll ahead.

We’re not talking about small climate-change rules. We’re talking about the Big Ones.

And note: such rules could very well dovetail with the Brave New World spelled out in the upcoming TPP (the Trans-Pacific Partnership).

It’s a wedge formation, a squeeze play, a pincer movement featuring…

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What ABOUT Praying For the Holy Father’s Intentions ?

By Matthew Plese  fatima.org

Yes, in fact, we should pray for the Holy Father’s intentions?

Catholic Apologetics #9

“St. Clement Mary Hofbauer once said:  ” A Christian who does not pray for the pope is like a child who does not pray for his father”  Yet in our age when the Faith is under attack, when the Pope himself seems to be advancing heresy, and when the Church allows the scandal of the sexual abuse of children to advance, how can we possibly pray “for the intentions of the Holy Father?”

By offering our prayers for the intentions of the Holy Father we are not praying for the personal intentions of Pope Francis, but rather for the six objectives of the Holy Father as the Church Herself teaches.

There are 6 objective intentions of the Holy Father, and, they are:

  1.  The Exaltation of the Church
  2.  The Propagation of the Faith
  3.  The Extirpation of Heresy
  4. 4 The Conversion of sinners
  5. The Concord between Christian Princes
  6. 6 The Further Welfare of the Christian Peoples

Exaltation of the Church

It is not an exaggeration that the Church Herself is in a great tempest as She is under assault from both the liberal, modernist forces within Her as well as from the secular atheistic external forces that beset Her from outside.  With immoral and scandalous priests within and with corrupt governments and politicians assaulting Her rights, it is imperative that we pray for the exaltation of the holy Catholic Faith, without which it is not possible to be saved.

Propagation of the Faith

We have before our eyes the example of St. Francis Xavier, among others, who labored for years in great trials and sufferings to save souls and propagate the saving Faith to all peoples.  St. Francis converted more people in his life than anyone since St. Paul.  He baptized over 50,000 in 10 years, converted the entire town of Goa in India, and he labored long in Japan.  Where are our missionaries today?  Have they vanished in large parts because we no longer pray for then?

Extirpation of Heresy

We live in dangerous times when error is advanced as progress. The average Catholic today is exposed to more heresies and errors than arguably ever before in our history.  Modernism, the synthesis of all heresies, along with relativism, subjectivism, religious liberty, and false ecumenism poisons the mind of many in the Church.  And this disease of heresy is so pervasive it has infected many clergy as well.  What are we doing to stop it?  What are we doing to help counter this heresy?  Do we prya for God, through Our Lady, to crush heresy?

Conversion of Sinners

Our Blessed Mother at Fatima said that many souls go to Hellbecause there is no one to pray for them.  What are we doing to counsel fht doubtful, to correct the erring in charity, and pray Rosaries of reparation, or offer up all our daily prayers and actions for this intention.

Concord between Christian Princes

Only 100 years ago the world was plunged into the “war to end all wars” as Catholic nations fought and annihilated each other.  As the faith has further been eroded within society especially in Europe, we have seen the rise of democratic, atheistic nations.  God is no longer the King of all ages.  Nations claim to receive their power from the governed and there is no room for God.  But what would our world look like today if the kings of old – the King of France, the King of Bavaria, the King of Belgium – were to reign today as true sovereigns who advanced the rights of God and restored true charity to all?  Do we pray for truly Catholic governments to return like France of old or Ecuador under Garcia Moreno?

Further Welfare of the Christian People

The Holy Father,the Servant of the Servants of God can teach us by example how to love our neighbor and perform both the corporal as well as the spiritual works of mercy. If you have read How the Catholic Church Built western Civilization by Thomas Woods, you will recall how Dr. Woods relates the varied, countless achievements from monasticism.  

Among them we have not only the preservation of literacy but priceless books of antiquity … but countless  works of charity, the first wide scale use of water power, the cultivation of agriculture the clearing of immense areas of previously uninhabitable land, the creation of complex astronomical clocks and the creation of champagne!  May we one day see the happy return of monasteries and convents blanketing our lands and these holy souls pray to God day and night for their fellow Christians


Alas, if we have fallen from the habit of praying for the intentions of the Holy Father out of despair or sadness for what has been occurring in ourchurch, let us renew our rigor to say our prayers for the intentions fo the Holy Father.

As we do do so, we should keep these six intentions at the forefront of our minds.

For more Catholic Apologetics by Matthew Plese: 


Kindergarteners Learn About Transgender with Miss McBride

Presenting a Dangerous Excuse For “story time” by Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council.  No wonder Home Schooling is in its biggest surge in twenty years..

It looked like your typical reading class.  Dozens of kindergarten students sat cross-legged on the floor watching their teacher turn to the first page.  It didn’t take long for the 5-year olds to realize:  This was no ordinary children’s book.  “I have a girl brain but a boy body,” Miss McBride started.  “This is called transgender.  I was born this way.”

Thanks to a new partnership between two radically liberal forces – the National Education Association and Human Rights Campaign – there’s no telling how many elementary school students heard the exact same message in their own classrooms.  That’s because Monday was ‘Read Across America Day’, and for the first time, the country’s biggest LGBT extremists were official sponsors.

The NEA, which has been a satellite office for the far-left wing of the Democratic Party for years, insisted that it was “urgent” to ally with HRC now that the president has rolled back Barack Obama’s bathroom mandate.  “The Trump administration has been openly hostile, said NEA President Lily Garcia, “whether or not you’re a transgender soldier or transgender little boy or girl.  It is more important than ever before that we speak out.”

In the Washington Post article about this new initiative, no one explains whether parents were warned.  Judging by both organizations’ track records, it’s safe to assume they weren’t.

After all, this is exactly the kind of outrageous indoctrination that’s caused millions of parents to putt their kids out of school and either move them to Christian campuses or teach them at home.

With radical sex ed around every corner – including first graders’ – and now this dangerous excuse for “story time”, it’s no wonder that U.S. homeschooling is in the middle of its biggest surge in 20 years.

Encouraging kids to accept – or worse, live out-this kind of genderlessness is not only destructive, it’s what the American College of Pediatricians calls “child abuse”

When an otherwise healthy biological boy believes he is a girl, or an otherwise health biological girl believes she is a boy, an objective psychological problem exists that lies in the mind not the body, and it should be treated as such,”  the American College of Pediatricians warns.

Not to mention, the physicians go on, that this type of confusion is a passing phase.  “As many as 98 percent of gender confused boys and 88 percent of gender confused girls eventually accept their biological sex after naturally passing though puberty.”

For years, LGBT activists wanted to keep the goal of luring children into sexual confusion under wraps.  Now that they’ve hoodwinked a lot of the country on their agenda, these extremists no longer have to hide.  In fact, they are increasingly bold – even boastful – about their real intentions of recruiting kids.  As the head of a Toronto publishing company famously said:  “I have come to indoctrinate your children (annd I’m not a bit sorry).”  It’s up to vigilant parents to make sure they don’t succeed.

The Daily Signal     https://dailysignal.com/2019/03/06/i-have-a-girl-brain-but-a-boy-body-virginia-kindergartners-are-read-transgender-story/#dear_reader

Dear Readers: 

Just two short years after the end of the Obama administration’s disastrous policies, America is once again thriving due to conservative solutions that have produced a historic surge in economic growth.

The Trump administration has embraced over 60 percent of The Heritage Foundations’ policy recommendations since his inauguration.  But with the House now firmly within the grip’s of the progressive left, the victories may come to a screeching halt.

Why?  Because the progressive left is determined to give the government more control over your lives.  Restoring your liberty and embracing freedom is the best thing for you and the country. And the best way you can partner with him is by becoming a member of his greatest ally in Washington:  The Heritage Foundation.