Early Apparitions at Palmar de Troya

Magnus Lundberg

Palmar de Troya, located about 40 kilometers south of Seville, close to Utrera, was settled in the 1930s. By the late 1960s, the town had about 2,000 inhabitants, most having relocated from other parts of Spain. The majority of them were day laborers on big agricultural estates, latifundios. Anne Cadoret-Abeles, who conducted anthropological fieldwork there in the late 1960s and early 1970s, noted the lack of communitarian spirit resulting from virtually all inhabitants being newcomers. The town had electricity but still lacked a medical doctor and running water, and its school remained undeveloped.

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Twitter exposes Deep State mass brainwashing

The Most Revolutionary Act

The Twitter Files scandal continues to unfold day by day, confirming beyond any doubt what many of us have been saying for years: there is a “Deep State” alliance of government agencies, (quasi-)private organisations, media, and intelligence professionals engaged in mass censorship to cover up organised crime, notably crimes against children and treason.

The key facts to date are that:

  • Twitter executives lied under oath to Congress about their policies and behaviour

  • A blind eye was turned to child pornography and human trafficking on the platform, making staff complicit in such crimes

  • The policing tools that were meant for legitimate ends were instead used to censor individual free speech and give a false impression (via trends) of collective sentiment

  • There were active attempts to influence the 2020 election, including narrative control, suppression of candidates, removal of open debate, and…

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Facing Unprecedented Power Shortage, Swiss Contemplate Partial Ban on Use of Electric Vehicles

The Most Revolutionary Act

Schöne Aussichten? Windräder, wie hier in Rammertshofen, sind in Bayern eine Seltenheit. Quelle: SZ-Photo


It turns out that you can have battery-powered cars, or you can have renewable energy, but you can’t have both.

The Swiss Confederation usually imports electricity from France and Germany to keep the lights on over the winter, but this year neither country has any power to spare. Many French nuclear power plants are down after years of postponed maintenance, while in Germany we suffer from a superfluity of idle wind turbines and a (self-imposed) shortage of natural gas.

The Federal Council of Switzerland has therefore published draft legislation, which outlines four tiers of escalating measures to conserve electricity and avert potential blackouts. The first prescribes a lot of temperature restrictions for things like refrigerators and washing machines. The second includes more unusual rules, such as the demand that heating in clubs and discotheques “be set to the lowest level or switched off completely,” and that…

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Our Lady of China

Thank you for this. Let us all pray for the poor suffering people in the Martyr Church of China and the entire suffering country that Our Lady of China will soon come to their Aid.

Canticum Salomonis

Today the Chinese celebrate the feast of Our Lady of China.

Our Lady of China.jpg

During the Boxer Rebellion, a great number of soldiers attacked the village of Donglu, Hebei. The village consisted of a small community of Christians founded by the Vincentian Fathers. The Virgin Mary appeared in white, and a fiery horseman (believed to be St Michael) chased away the soldiers. The pastor, Fr Wu, commissioned a painting of Mary with Christ child dressed in golden imperial robes. This painting became the image of Our Lady, Queen of China. Donglu became a place of pilgrimage in 1924. The image was blessed and promulgated by Pope Pius XI in 1928.

At the close of the 1924 Shanghai Synod of Bishops in China, the first national conference of bishops in the country, Archbishop Celso Costantini, Apostolic Delegate in China, along with all the bishops of China, consecrated the Chinese people to the Blessed Virgin…

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A Lament for a Nation, or Bye-Bye Miss Canadian Pie

For my Canadian friends, for ‘Michael’, and all those good white berets, I am sorry … God bless you all and keep you. St. Michael the Archangel fly with you always. Quis ut Deus! Mary Anne Sheehy



To live with courage is a virtue

regardless of what one thinks of the

dominant assumption of one’s age.

George Grant

Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry

Don Mclean, American Pie

It is very hard to maintain one’s composure when speaking to ordinary Canadians about the disaster in the making that is Canada today. I have engaged personally and via email over the last two years with literally hundreds of my fellow countrymen from all walks of life on the subjects of the national debt, the deficit, the sunsetting of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the draconian and illegal Covid and vaccine mandates and theturbo maladiesthat flow from them, the various repressive bills sieving through Parliament, the vicious and lying government and media campaign against the Trucker Freedom Convoy, and the unconscionable behavior…

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Alberta Premier Suspends Cooperation with World Economic Forum

Here’s hoping and praying that others will come forward speaking, acting, and leading as Danielle Smith has done for the people who live on this earth !! Imagine the courage it took for this awesome leader to take this step towards a free world for all. The way it should be.

The Most Revolutionary Act

DANIELLE SMITH has been the Premier of the Canadian state of Alberta since October 11 this year. She is a former journalist who entered state politics in 2009. On October 6 this year, she was elected party leader of the conservative United Conservative Party (UCP). Smith has taken issue with both the federal government in Ottawa under Trudeau and the WEF under Klaus Schwab. Still image: Global News

Free West Media

The newly elected Premier Danielle Smith of the province of Alberta in Canada has recently made several powerful statements against the globalist foundation World Economic Forum and its leader Klaus Schwab. She has also decided to cancel a strange consulting agreement that WEF had with the state.

The now-revealed collaboration began in the middle of the alleged Corona pandemic and contributed to the draconian restrictions and lockdowns Canadians were subjected to. There are also those who believe that it…

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URGENT: 14 Simple Ways to Detox After the Vax

National Addiction News presents here the best explanation of the horrific damage done to the body by the spike protein injection. It is geared to the non medical as well as the medical persons understading. And there is even a detailed Detox Addendum. This movie I would place next to ‘2000mules’ for excellence. Thank you National Addiction News!

National Addiction News


  • If you had COVID-19 or received a COVID-19 injection, you may have dangerous spike proteins circulating in your body
  • Spike proteins can circulate in your body after infection or injection, causing damage to cells, tissues and organs
  • The World Council for Health has released a spike protein detox guide, which provides straightforward steps you can take to potentially lessen the effects of toxic spike protein in your body
  • Spike protein inhibitors and neutralizers include pine needles, ivermectin, neem, N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and glutathione
  • The top 10 spike protein detox essentials include vitamin D, vitamin C, nigella seed, quercetin, zinc, curcumin, milk thistle extract, NAC, ivermectin and magnesium

Have you had COVID-19 or received a COVID-19 injection? Then you likely have dangerous spike proteins circulating in your body. While spike protein is naturally found in SARS-CoV-2, no matter the variant, it’s also produced in your body when you receive a…

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Is Washington’s Dangerous Ukraine Boondoggle Starting to Unravel?

The Blogging Hounds

Last week the world stood on the very edge of a nuclear war, as Ukraine’s US-funded president, Vladimir Zelensky, urged NATO military action over a missile that landed on Polish soil. “This is a Russian missile attack on collective security! This is a really significant escalation. Action is needed,” said Zelensky immediately after the missile landed.

But there was a problem. The missile was fired from Ukraine – likely an accident in the fog of war. Was it actually a Russian missile, of course, that might mean World War III. But Zelensky didn’t seem to be bothered by the prospect of the world blown up, judging from his reckless rhetoric.

While Zelensky has been treated as a saint by the US media, the Biden Administration, and both parties in Congress, something unprecedented happened this time: the Biden Administration pushed back. According to press reports, several Zelensky calls to Biden or…

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Arizona Attorney General’s Office Fires Off Letter to Maricopa County Regarding 2022 Midterm Election Day Voter Suppression

The Most Revolutionary Act

Posted BY:Jim Hoft

NWO Report

The letter is signed by Jennifer Wright, the Assistant Attorney General from the state of Arizona.

In the letter, Jennifer Wright explains that the Attorney General’s Elections Integrity Unit has received HUNDREDS of complaints by concerned citizens pertaining to issues related to the administration of the 2022 General Election in Maricopa County. The complaints include first-hand accounts from witnesses raising concerns regarding Maricopa’s lawful compliance with the Arizona election code.

The Attorney General’s office also includes how at least 60 voting locations out of 230 in the county had tabulators and printing machines that were not working on Election Day.

The Attorney General’s office demanded that Maricopa County provide a comprehensive list of the equipment failures on Election Day.

The AG’s office admits that the machines were allegedly working the night before the election but that 25-30 percent of the machines were…

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