“How it tore me apart when I had to witness His persecution.”



Mother of God: my Son’s Body was torn to shreds

23 March 2013 @ 11:45pm; Message 0739

My child, many do not understand my role as Co-Redemptrix. Nor do they know why this is so.

When I accepted the call to become the Mother of God, I was bound to the Covenant of God’s Salvation for humanity.

When I bore my Son, I felt the same love, which any mother would have for their child. This pure, beautiful little boy was part of me, my own flesh and blood. Yet, I was also aware that He was not just any child. His Spirit entered my soul as soon as I set eyes on Him. He and I were entwined as one, where I felt every Emotion, Joy, Pain and the Love, which coursed through Him. I also knew that He was Divine and that I was, as such, merely…

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Mary Shared Deeply in the Agony Which Wrought Our Salvation

It was on Calvary that Mary’s suffering, beside the suffering of Jesus, reached an intensity which can hardly be imagined from a human point of view.

It was mysteriously and supernaturally fruitful for the Redemption of the world.

Her ascent of Calvary and her standing at the foot of the cross together with the beloved disciple were a special sort of sharing in the redeeming death of her son.”

John Paul 11 : Salvici Doloris #25

Biden ADMITS: Using Indictment(s) Against Trump “To make sure he does not become President Again” — The Blogging Hounds

Biden all but confirmed that his team is coordinating these Trump indictments to “Demonstrate he will not take power”  and “making sure . . .  he does not become the next President again.” Here’s video of Biden saying it, himself: (Video) (Source)

Biden ADMITS: Using Indictment(s) Against Trump “To make sure he does not become President Again” — The Blogging Hounds

The Service of Idols is High Treason

ROME, ITALY – OCTOBER 04: Pope Francis and Cardinal Cardinal Cláudio Hummes, Archbishop Emeritus of São Paulo, President of the Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network (REPAM), stand in front of a statue representing Pachamama (Mother Earth) as they celebrate the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi at the Vatican Gardens on October 04, 2019 in Rome, Italy. During a highly symbolic tree-planting ceremony in the Vatican Gardens on Friday, Pope Francis places the upcoming Synod for the Amazon under the protection of Saint Francis of Assisi. (Photo by Giulio Origlia/Getty Images)


In addition to the pachamama service, held in the Vatican Gardens, Pope Francis has added a new item: “elements of pagan worship” to the “new rite of Mass. ” The Official draft of the new Mayan rite of Mass can be found : https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/official-draft-of-new-mayan-rite-of-mass-confirms-elements-of-ancient-pagan-worship-lay-principals/?utm_source

“St. Thomas Aquinas declares the worship of idols to be the greatest of all sins. Among the Jews it was punishable by death (Exod. 22:20)

On one occasion no less than twenty-three thousand Jews were put to death by God’s command for this transgression (Exod.32:28)

“He who worships idols incurs the curse of God (Deut. 27:15)

Think of the lamentable condition of the heathen; some of them have become so degraded through idolatry that they have sunk into the vice of cannibalism.

The Apostle says idolaters, adulterers, the covetous, drunkards, and others, shall not possess the kingdom of God (Cor. 6:10)”

Rev. Francis Spirago The Catechism Explained p.300

Benedict, Sign of the Last Hour

Carlos Caso-Rosendi

Benedict XVI, Pope and Martyr — De Gloria Olivae

But I am like a green olive tree
in the house of God.
I trust in the steadfast love of God
for ever and ever.
I will thank you for ever,
because of what you have done.
In the presence of the faithful
I will proclaim your name, for it is good.
(Psalm 52:8-9)

The Last Day (of the year 2022)

This morning on December 31, 2022 the Seventh Day in the First Octave of Christmas we have some interesting reading of Scripture. Not to write a very long post I will only comment on the most obviously connected to the passing of Our Pope, Benedict XVI. He was the man St. Malachi identified as De Gloria Olivae, the glory of the olive tree.

Many will disagree with my interpretation of what this day entails for the whole Church…

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Miracle at St. Marys Seminary, Baltimore, MD., 1995 During Visit of Pope St. John Paul ll

Photo Credit: Sister Mary Joseph A Sister Servant of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Assignments include administration, vocation promotion, parish/prison ministry. Sister Mary Joseph @sscjusa sacredheartsisters.org

This is the account of the story as given by Sister Mary Joseph on ‘Twitter’ with this beautiful picture which is also on ‘Twitter’ Sister Mary Joseph @sscjusa sacredheartsisters.org

“October 1995. A rescue dog trained to find hidden human life sits at attention before a tabernacle at St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore to show detection. The dog sniffed, whined, pointed and refused to leave during a security sweep of the building prior to St. John Paul’s visit”. Sister Mary Joseph sacredheartsisters.org

The story From Deacon Lawrence Drawing on Faith https://deaconlawrence.org/index.php/2017/06/18/2702/

“In October of 1995, Pope John Paul ll was scheduled to greet seminarians at St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore during his visit to America. The Security Team sprang into action ahead of the Pope. They swept the building, paying special attention to the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel the Pope intended to visit. To do this they used dogs. The dogs were trained to locate people under collapsed buildings after earthquakes and other disasters.

There are countless stories of animals sensing things due to their heightened physical senses or it may be some supernatural sense that humans have lost. The dogs and their handlers swept the halls, offices, and classrooms quickly and then went into the chapel. They walked through the pews and to the altar area. Here they became excited and acted as they had been trained to act when sniffing out an intruder. One stopped before the Blessed Sacrament, sniffing and pointing. He was convinced that he had found a Person in the small box that is used to reserve the Blessed Sacrament……..”

He did find a Person. God. Jesus Christ present under the form of Bread and Wine. The True Presence.

God Chose St. Mary’s Seminary Out of All America For This Stupendous Wonder

It seems that St. Mary’s Seminary has been blessed by God in a most special way. He loves all His Seminarians so much and there was mortal trouble here. Immortal souls “were falling into hell like snowflakes” (Our Lady of Fatima) According to former seminarians and recently ordained priests, the “gay subculture” was so prominent and accepted at St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore that students have long nicknamed it “The Pink Palace.”

The New York Post March 24, 2002 Interviews Father Andrew Walker

Father Andrew Walker, ordained for the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut in 2000, spent several semesters at the Baltimore school as a seminarian for the Diocese of Patterson, New Jersey. The problem was so bad when he was there, he explained, that “some of the students and faculty used to get dressed up in leather to go to ‘the block.’ This was equivalent to 42nd St. in Manhattan. “Seminarians, sometimes accompanied by faculty members, would do this regularly, Walter explained. They would meet in the foyer, and then head for the gay bars.”

Around 1997 Father was thrown out of St. Marys after a psychological examination at a church approved treatment center diagnosed him as ‘homophobic’ and “histrionic personality disorder.” (A mental health condition marked by unstable emotions). Father claims that his traditional views led to lower grades and other forms of harassment, although he was supposed to be in a celibate environment..

An article by News Max states “According to Father Andrew Walker, the situation at the Baltimore Seminary was so bad that the vice rector delivered a lecture “in front of at least 150 people and stated: “Yes, we accept openly gay seminarians; that’s our policy.” Homosexual Culture Undercuts Priesthood” News Max April 5, 2000

These unthinkable horrors of 28 years ago have only increased in their darkening of the souls of America and of the world! There are many more examples that could be presented but we Catholics have a Pope that doesn’t seem to care much … along with many Bishops. But why go on with the hurting?

Do you think that this beautiful police dog sitting in front of the tabernacle because he sniffs the scent of man is a miracle? Sister Mary Joseph took an awesome photo!

Do you think it is a sign and a warning from God to mankind?

Alberta Lawyer Jeffrey Rath’s New Sub Stack—Great Read


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By way of introduction, I hold Honors degrees in Political Science and Law from the University of Alberta and the University of London, London School of Economics and Political Science.  I am a Barrister practicing in the area of constitutional litigation.

I regularly practice in the Senior Appellate Courts of Canada including the Supreme Court of Canada. I have spent much of the last three years developing a new appreciation as to the degree to which the “administrative state” has overtaken our democratic institutions and has succeeded in elevating the administrative law concept of the “reasonable” bureaucrat over the basic fundamental human…

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Exclusive: WHO Proposals Could Strip Nations of Their Sovereignty, Create Worldwide Totalitarian State, Expert Warns

The Blogging Hounds

In an interview with The Defender, Francis Boyle, J.D., Ph.D., bioweapons expert and professor of international law at the University of Illinois, said the World Health Organization’s (WHO) latest proposals may violate international law. Boyle called for U.S. federal and state governments to exit the WHO immediately.

Secretive negotiationstook place this week in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss proposed amendments to the World Health Organization’s (WHO)International Health Regulations(IHR), considered abinding instrumentof international law.

Similar negotiations took place last month for drafting a new WHOpandemic treaty.

While the two are often conflated, theproposed IHR amendmentsand the proposed pandemic treaty represent two separate but related sets of proposals that would fundamentally alter the WHO’s ability to respond to “public health emergencies” throughout the world — and, critics warn, significantly strip nations of their sovereignty.

According to author and researcherJames Roguski, these two…

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The Suffering Church Part 2: The Church, Pope Benedict and the False Prophet

Here is truth. Thank you for this post which fortifies!



There is no doubt that Pope Benedict XVI suffered (as shown in yesterday’s post). He expected it. He was Pope JPII’s right hand man and ‘Prefect of the Congregation of the Faith’. As such, he saw the sufferings of St JPII. Jesus told us:

“Many Popes have been prisoners in the Holy See surrounded by Masonic groups who do not represent God.They hate God and have spent fifty years spreading untruths about the Mercy of God. Their works have led to the collapse of the Catholic Church.This was not an accident. It was deliberately and cunningly plotted in order to destroy the faith of the Church.To destroy the homage of ordinary Catholics to the One True God. For this you will now be cast aside into the wilderness.  (7 May 2012 Message 0413).

Pope Benedict XVI said on the day he was elected :

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India’s Air Force Just Announced Successful Test of Extended Range Missile By Russia-India BrahMos Partnership; Kamala Harris’ Uncle Still Connected to India’s Defence Establishment; Ro Khanna Trying to Protect India from Sanctions

This is not a small affair. Our appointed border czar Mrs. Harris is working behind our backs on something from India that is not for our welfare as our American border is erased.

Mining Awareness +

India must be sanctioned. The Russian joint venture partner of the Government of India, in the making of BrahMos missiles, has been sanctioned, but India has not. Not only are they buying Russia’s weapons, they have had a missile making partnership with Russia for a quarter of a century. If their missiles aren’t being used in Ukraine, they may soon be, since Russia’s having trouble producing enough missiles.

The US fought great military powers during World War II, so they can certainly sanction India, alongside Russia, and even China! On December 26, 1941, Winston Churchill remarked in his first address to U.S. Congress: “the United States has been attacked and set upon by three most powerfully armed dictator states, the greatest military power in Europe, and the greatest military power in Asia. Japan, Germany, and Italy have all declared and are making war upon you, and a quarrel is…

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