Is The Catholic Church, Led by Francis, the ‘Katechon’ in St. Pauls Writings while Our Lady of Fatima Receives Deaf Ears ?

Saint Paul describes the Katechon as a person or entity tasked with delegating the premature arrival of the AntiChrist by preserving peace and order on earth” Schmitt The Nomos of the Earth.

The Roman Empire is “The sole true katechon ever seen on earthCarl Schmitt, writing in the times of Adolph Hitler

Carl Schmitt in ‘The Contemporary Relevance’ also asserts on pg. 153 that “Christians may possess a profound historical consciousness” and “the Katechon is the very Church itself, which, in coming to terms with secular political institutions always needs more time before the end of time”

Is the Catholic Church Led By Francis, Falling Down?

Pope Francis is the 266th Pope.

St. Peter, the first Pope of the Church was a Roman Catholic apostle of Christ. He was the first Pope.

Jesus Himself educated the first Pope and, just before His Ascension into heaven, He spoke these words to the Apostles, His Mother Mary, and the disciples who had gathered to bid Him farewell: ” Go ye therefor teaching all nations whatsoever I have commanded you, baptizing in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Ghost” and lo I am with you always, even to the end of the world.” Matthew 28: 16-20. This command of Christ is shining with clarity. The Catholic Church is the one ‘true’ ! It is a dogma of the Church, which means that it must be held in belief in order to be saved. He spoke these words to the gathered group on the mountain who had learned from Him. Did He intend that they would split into groups of various beliefs? There is only one path which leads to the truth in every situation. One. There is always only one path to that which is true!

There is only One Biblical Word ‘Katechonand It Appears to be The Church

“The term Katechon (he who holds back (or that which holds back) is written only once in the Bible. “The passage in St. Pauls 2nd letter to the Thessalonians has generated a substantial amount of literature from the early Fathers of the Church up to Carl Schmitt, legal and theological scholar who wrote in the time of the Weimar Republic. These were the times that gave birth to the dark evil of Corporal Adolph Hitler. Hitler was a Corporal in the German army.

“The Katechon slows down the Apocalypse” Schmitt Saint Augustine spoke of the two kingdoms of the world – the Kingdom of Christ and the Kingdom of the devil. That narrows down to ‘Good vs. evil’ According to Schmitt “Both sides are engaged in heavy propaganda (time of Hitler) It seems to me that AntiChrist is in the cockpit of the world moving toward an increasing level of division between good and evil. This division is based on spiritual rather than geophysical borders. And it seems very likely that, as the chaos continues … some previously unlikely bedfellows will emerge.”

Strange Bedfellows Emerging

The paths of leadership which Pope Francis has taken surely fit the description those which would be taken by the “strange bedfellows” of Carl Schmitt. He has wreaked havoc. He has uttered falsehoods tied up in pretty packages. He has chosen to ignore the fact that the Church has always prohibited, even flirting, with the idea of “men lying with men and women lying with women.” (Bible prophecy) Strange words fall from the lips of this man in the white cassock and little beanie.

Confusion has reigned in the Church. Division is promoted as he seeks to eliminate those Catholics who continue to follow the narrow road of truth. For example: “You don’t need to breed like rabbits” (spoken on a flight from Manila on January 20, 2015) said the Pope. This same crooked path of 7 years brings us to the Roman Catholic Mass.

Pope Francis, by his encyclical, Traditionis Custodis of July 2021, tightly restricts the the Latin Mass which many many Catholics still cherish for its’ reverence, and, its’ beautiful worshipping words which radiate towards heaven. The Novus Ordo (New Order) gives off the feeling of earthiness. Its’ name brings to mind the new world order. It is complimented with odd music to be offered to God along with a strange liturgy to be offered to God. It has been in use since Vatican ll. In this situation we see a shadow of the apocalypse and the division of good and evil The shadow will darken and enlarge if the will of God is not followed in the request of Our Lady of Fatima to “consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart” so that the “errors” of Russia will not spread upon the earth. She brings to mind in 1917 that the gap between good and evil narrowing. The errors of Russia are the brainwashing words of Communism which wants nothing to do with God.

The Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of Fatima Comes to Visit With Dire Warnings and a Solution For the World

She asked that “Russia” be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart and said that poor country would be converted.

She said the “errors” of Russia would spread throughout the earth if this was not done by the Pope, in union with the Bishops of the world, on the same day. This appears to be happening.

Other Popes have been said to make this consecration, but, sadly, they failed to use the word consecration. Pius Xll did not have the Bishops, although he said ‘Russia’ – John XXlll, Paul Vl, John Paul ll, and now Francis have eliminated the word “consecrate” or “Russia” Francis has included them in his lengthy prayer to be broadcast this Friday March 25 He has buried the words ‘consecration’ and ‘Russia’ or surrounded them with his lengthy verbiages which succeed many times in fooling the flock due to the modernistic shading of words with traditional sounding expressions. One wonders why he uses the latin language as titles for his encyclicals and letters as he clearly dislikes it.

Yes, It Does Appear that the Catholic Church is the image in the Bible of the Katechcon and is Tottering

The gate (another translation of katechon) is being lifted for the entrance of the antichrist. So it appears.

The voice of truth which the Roman Catholic Church Pontiff should be broadcasting across the world is wavering and sick.

Fauci owns patent on SARS-CoV-2 gp120 HIV insertion, which destroys body’s cancer-killing T cells

The Most Revolutionary Act

BOMBSHELL: Fauci owns patent on SARS-CoV-2 gp120 HIV insertion, which destroys the body’s cancer-killing T cells

Dr Eddy Betterman

Early on in the plandemicwe reported that unusual HIV insertions had been identified in the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). This strongly suggested at the time that the virus was a bioweapon constructed in a laboratory.

Since that time, it has been further revealed that Tony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) owns a patent on at least one such HIV insertion, known as gp120.

HIV’s gp120 protein, reports Igor Chudov on his Substack, is the one that activates LFA-1 on CD4 T-Lymphocytes and increases cell susceptibility to LFA-1-targeting leukotoxin, according to a 2011 study.

Interestingly, gp120 just so happens to also be located in the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, as well as in the spike protein of all covid “vaccines.”

In a nutshell, gp120, as applied to the spike proteins in both covid and covid injections, effectively destroys the body’s…

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Looking Down The Barrel – Ukraine’s Borders (The Russian Invasion of Ukraine #15)

The location and the geography of Ukraine indeed does indeed “decide friends and foes”

Europe Between East And West

Geography was not something we spent much time studying in school. I faintly recall a nominal amount of time being devoted to the subject in fifth grade. Unfortunately, I do not remember learning much of anything. The year before we had been schooled on the geography of North Carolina. That is pretty much the extent of what the American education system felt I needed to learn about geography. International geography was given even shorter shrift. The Soviet Union was a gigantic country ready to rain Armageddon down upon America. The Eastern Bloc was a monolith of grim men in grey suits up to no good. Geography and ideology were indistinguishable from one another. This informed my admittedly scant knowledge of geography.

Worth fighting for – Border marker in Ukraine (Credit: Elena Dyatlova~ukwiki)

Enemies & Allies – Surrounded On All Sides
The fact that the United States is such a…

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Fr. Nolan: Government Has Lied To Us Before

Father Daniel Nolan presents weii researched proofs that the US government has lied to us before about inoculations and nuclear waste. Horrific experiments have been conducted like ‘Project Blue Bird’ and ‘Tuskegee’ in secret. He doesn’t trust the experts and the scientists because he has studied the history of CDC et al.

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Fr. Daniel Nolan reflects upon the old adage that those who ignorant of the past are bound to repeat it. Fr. Nolan offers a number of historical examples of when government officials conducted unethical scientific experiments on its citizens and then lied about it. Knowing our history enables us to think for ourselves and hopefully avoid repeating similar mistakes in the future.

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Trump Proclaimed December 29 as St. Thomas Becket Day. A Gift For All Times

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Donald Trump truly loved America. What a unique gift it was to leave us St. Thomas Becket Day.

The White House, December 29, 2020: A proclamation is issued by President Trump marking the 750th anniversary of the shocking and brutal assassination of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket as he prayed at the altar of the Cathedral.

Thomas Becket of London stood in the way of the crowned head of England, Henry II, and, thus suffered the ultimate psychological abuse which clothes those who dare to speak the truth.

His assassination for this was shocking and brutal, rocking the middle ages.

Thomas Becket was a highly educated man with a glory about him that charmed. He had come to the attention of King Henry. He was offered the high position of Chancellor of the Court and accepting, became very close friends with Henry. They went hunting and gaming together, enjoying the exalted conversations they had. Thomas became very wealthy and famous.

King Henry had some ideas however that would mar this great friendship.

He had a deep desire to control the Church. In 1162, Theobald, the Archbishop of Canterbury, died. Henry jumped at the chance to install his friend Becket as Archbishop. This would fulfill his desire.

Becket was made a priest, then a Bishop, then Archbishop of Canterbury.

Henry got what he wanted!

So he thought!

Henry wanted to start by ending the widespread practice of clerics being tried in religious courts rather than the Kings court. He could never envision what was going to happen.

Becket had become filled with religious fervour and spirituality. He objected to the Kings desire to erode the power of the Church. He was charged with treason, and, fled to France for six years.

The Pope took an interest and threatened to excommunicate King Henry and Becket was allowed back as Archbishop in 1170. He continued on his path of defiance to the King, correcting immoralities and disorders with his verbal skills and writings.

Henry raged and one of his sayings has come down to us this day:

“Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?”

Four Knights of the Royalty took him at his word and attacked Becket as he stood at the altar of Canterbury Cathedral. The manner of execution was the use of their knightly swords with which they attacked his body again and again until the blood of the martyr flowed across the marble floor before the tabernacle which held God !

Three years later the Pope made Becket a Saint and the Knights were excommunicated.

In 1174 King Henry walked barefoot to Canterbury Cathedral as an act of penance. His sorrow ate at his very heart.

His plans to curb the power of the Church had failed.

The Grace of God had prevailed.

Becket 1964 Historical Drama starring Richard Burton as Becket

National Catholic Register: St. Thomas Becket

St. Thomas Becket pray for us

Archbishop Vigano Calls for Founding of Anti Globalist Alliance

“Hear The Voice of One Crying Out in the Wilderness:” Jonh 1:23

Archbishop Carlos Maria Vigano has made a heartfelt call to arms of the good leaders, across the globe, to gather and form an alliance to put down the Powerful Political leaders, the Wealthiest Men on Earth, and those Turncoat Members of the Medical Establishment … who are seeking to enslave and devour all of us who live on the earth !! For Gods’ sake hear him !!

View his Video addressed to all who are of good will at Catholic Family News. Thank you, Your Grace! A Thousand Thank Yous to you.