Enough is enough!!!

This is explicit heresy directly from the mouth of Pope Francis. Why can’t he be charged with the delict of heresy NOW before the Synod. I’m only a layman. I can see it. It must be done to save our Church.



This was sent to me from a friend.  I somehow missed this, although I must say I am not surprised. I am sure that it is all in preparation for the upcoming synod. A few months ago, there was the statement about “yucca” being used instead of wheat for the hosts used at Mass. Everyone jumped on it immediately, and the Vatican backtracked.

But they won’t give up. It is a clue. They are up to something – something very devious no doubt, and planting little seeds in the minds of the faithful. Okay, so people now know that it has to be wheat. So they had to drop another little poisonous seed – thatJesus is present in the bread!!!

Do they think that they can deceive people?The answer is “yes”- they think they can deceive and mislead people.

In fact Jesus is NOT present in the…

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Dear Friend of the Family,

If you haven’t heard, Planned Parenthood just fired their President and CEO, Dr. Leana Wen, because Wen wanted to focus primarily on “health care” issues rather than political advocacy.  Dr. Wen wrote in her statement that the “board leadership has determined that the priority of Planned Parenthood moving forward is to double down on abortion rights  advocacy.”  Not women’s health care.

Meanwhile, on Beacon Hill, pro-life activists lobbied for a bill Tuesday that could DEFUND Planned Parenthood in Massachusetts.  H1181  “An Act Relative to State Funding of Certain Nonprofits,” sponsored by Reps. McKenna, DeCoste, and Soter.  Just this year, our pro-abortion legislature has made millions of dollars available to Planned Parenthood.  This bill would change that.

Legislators on Beacon Hill heard powerful testimony this Tuesday in support of H. 1181.  “The largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood, is NOT the safe, benevolent business they say they are” testified Kathy Lynch, a pro-life advocate and field director for Renew Mass Coalition.

As the largest provider in the nation, Planned Parenthood is the face of the pro-abortion movement.  Planned Parenthood’s billion dollar budget, manipulated data, and priveleged relationship with the mainstream media often suppresses pro-life voices, hiding the truth, about Planned Parenthood practices.  With much of their funds (over #600 ,coming from the federal government, it’s imperative that you know exactly the type of “care” your taxes support.

Planned Parenthood’s idea of “care”                                                                       Planned Parenthood spends millions annually, convincing you, big business, elected officials, and the media that they are an “an essential women’s health care provider.”

Here’s the Truth about their Health Services:  Planned Parenthood

  1. performed over 332,000 abortions in 2018 alone  (over 18,000 of those were in Massachusetts.
  2. was caught selling aborted baby body parts
  3. aggressively pushes for transgender hormone therapy (including for children)
  4. contracts with public schools to indoctrinate children with sex “education” that considers BDSM appropriate curriculem for students (their go-to- guidebook is Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts ‘Get Real’ program
  5. encourages teens to circumvent their parents and the law
  6. has been implicated in multiple sex-trafficing cover-ups
  7. has sent over 10 women to the ER in Boston this past year after botching abortion procedures
  8. has killed women in botched abortion procedures

Planned Parenthood’s claims that they care for the under served and promote women’s health couldn’t be further from the truth.  This profiteering abortion company kills babies and hurts women – a clear enemy against families.

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Even though Planned Parenthood enjoys a virtual stranglehold over many of our elected officials, citizens of the Commonwealth can still celebrate these pro-life victories:

1 Across the country, states are valiantly fighting to protect the unborn

2.Pro-life productions like Unplanned broke free from PlannedParenthoods chokehold on mainstream Hollywood.

3.The Executive branch just reinstated the Title X statue that prohibits abortion as a method of family planning

4.And even in MA, the Planned Parenthood facility in Fitchburg recently closed its doors.

Rewriting the narrative of women’s health care                                                 For decades, Planned Parenthood has masqueraded as a health care provider, loudly proclaiming that, without them, women will suffer in the most horrible ways.  Thanks to the propaganda of Planned Parenthood, RARELY do we hear about the THOUSANDS of federally qualified health care centers that provide far superior care without killing babies.  270 of these facilities are in Massachusetts.

To get to a place where we can defund Planned Parenthood, we MUST rewrite the false narrative that Planned Parenthood is women’s health care.

It is a blatant lie.  In fact, women will be far better off without the abortion giant.  Women struggling with unintended pregnancies should be met with compassion, real care, not an industry that makes billions by convincing them to abort their child.

For our tax dollars, our sanity, and our souls, we must stop killing innocent babies.  We must end the lie that Planned Parenthood helps women.

For our Families


unnamed                                  http://www.mafamily.org  Massachusetts Family Institute  781.569.0400

Why haven’t you heard about the Book of Truth? — RemnantDisciplesJtM

The Prophet, Daniel, had a “great vision” which terrified him. :  The Lord said  to Daniel:  “But I am come to teach thee what things shall befall my people in the latter days” … “”I will tell thee what was set down and hidden in the Scripture of Truth …   Daniel 10;8  –  Daniel 10;21   –    ‘  The Book of Truth reveals what is set down and hidden  in the formerly sealed book.  What a treasure for mankind!

 AM+DG Why haven’t you heard about the Book of Truth? From the beginning the devil went on a vicious campaign of lies, deception and half-truths in order to turn people away from reading and knowing about the Book of Truth. He wanted to discredit it and hide it. This is the way he has worked […]

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Stop The Synod

                             images 3

Cast satan Back Into The Abyss Before The Revolutionary Amazonian Synod of Francis The Merciful Takes Place in October 6 To 27 2019.  Notice How It is Planned To Be in Session on the Feast Days of:    Our Lady of Victory (Lepanto)   Oct. 7; Maternity of The Blessed Virgin Oct. 11;  Oct. 13 Our Lady of The Rosary (Fatima)  Oct. 24 St. Raphael The Archangel;  Oct. 27 Sunday Christ The Kin

Just Another Insult To Our Lady and Her Son and The Great Archangel Raphael who remained in the army of St. Michael! Not to mention Christ The King.  


Please Take the Poster ‘Stop The Synod’ and pass it around?


What a tsunami of prayer would rise up to heaven petitioning that the Synod be Stopped if everyone in the world said the Rosary on this day!



“Those enemies most crafty and sly have filled with bitterness and sadness the Church, Spouse of the Immaculate Lamb.

They have placed their impious hands over everything that for Her is most dear.

Where the Seat of Saint Peter and the Cathedral of the Truth have been erected to be a light to the nations, they have erected the throne of domination of impiety betting that with luck, having struck down the pastor, they  can disperse their congregation.”  From The Unabridged Exorcism Prayer written by His Holiness Pope Leo XIII  (the one they changed)                                                                                                                                                       


Priesthood To be Changed at The Amazonian Synod?”     This is what is written             in the Instrument of Labor Synod to be worked on prior to Amazonia:  “The cry of the earth from poor Amazonia today is from a wounded and deformed beauty, a place of pain and violence.  The territory has become a place of strife and of extermination of peoples, cultures and generations.”   Affirming that celibacy is a gift for the Church the document states that, “for the most remote areas of the region we study the possibility of priestly ordination for married men.  With families.” 

The clause that aims to ensure  that the sacraments accompany and support Christian life specifies “that these men preferably be indigenous elders who are respected and accepted by their community.”


Rites of Passage for the Kayapo state that “When children are born, the marriage ties between a husband and wife are formalized.  A man may have two or three wives.”           https://www.everyculture.com/wcBrazil-to-Congo-Republic-of/Kayapos.html


Chief Raoni Metukire of the Kayapo Amazon tribe.  Chief  Metukire was received in a private audience at Santa Marta in the Vatican on May 27 2019 at Santa Marta.  

For decades, Raoni has been fighting to preserve indigenous peoples and the Amazon rainforest.  Over the years, he has counted on the support of important Western political leaders such as King Juan Carlos of Spain and French presidents Francois Mitterand and Jacques Chirac.  Well known representatives of the avant-garde culter, like the singer Sting, have also taken up his cause.  He is featured in the film  Raoni:  The Fight For The Amazon   Directed by Jean-Pierre Dutilleux

While many concerns about the Amazon might be shared, Raoni’s struggle has always been dominated by those who hold ultra-radical ecological viewpoints.  Such activists challenge the very foundation of a society based on development.  They see the primitive Amazonian tribes as a model of “eco-sustainability.”Ecosystem

This is a diagram of an  ecosystem.  Everything depends on each other for life and growth and nourishment. Ecosystems will be addressed at the Synod.  

Worrisome                                                                                                                                               “Worrisome” writes Julio Loredo, author of  ‘Liberation Theology;  Life Jacket For The Poor Made of Lead.’  “Worrisome in that there is a complete absence of anything negative about the Amazonian tribes, some of which practice cannibalism, infanticide, and, witchcraft.”


A Statement From Marina Silva, a former militant of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Brazil and ex-presidential candidate for the extreme left, which comes from ‘ Twitter:

“The scene of the embrace between Chief Raoni and Po;e francis is moving.  The Pope’s audience with the Kayapo Chief is a strong gesture by the leader of the Catholic Church.”‘

All this attention to the plight of the Indians is moving the “indigenist” left to raise the bar of expectations for the coming Pan-Amazon Synod in October.  In preparation for the synod, many old characters from Marxist-inspired liberation theology are lining up to participate.

One such figure is the most Reverend Erwin Krautler, bishop Emeritus of Xingu, Brazil, who will also be its rapporteur.  Originally from Austria, Bishop Krautler was one of Francis’s main consultants for the Encyclical Laudato Si  which is the doctrinal foundation of the Pan-Amazon Synod.

From:  TFP  These Are The Destructive Goals of the Amazon Synod   author:  Julio Loredo  June 13, 2019


Testimony of Gloria Polo of Her Near Death Experience From Lightning Strike


Gloria Polo was a Colombian Orthodontist who was walking with her husband and nephew to pick up books at the School of Dentistry on a Friday, about 4 PM  when it started to rain.

From Her Testimony:

“My husband was wearing his raincoat and he approached the outside wall of the General Library.  It was getting darker and the rain became harder.  My nephew and I approached some trees, without noticing.  We were jumping puddles.  As we were about to skip to avoid a huge one, we were struck by lightning.

My nephew was killed  instantly.  In my case the lightning burned my body in a horrifying way.  The body you see here, this reconstructed body, is through the mercy of God.

I did family planning using the copper-T-intrauterine device.  Therefore copper, an excellent electrical conductor, charred me.  I was left in cardiac arrest, lifeless, my body jumping from the electricity that remained in it.”

At that moment Gloria Polo was clinically dead.

“I heard my husband’s voice.  ‘Gloria, don’t go’!  He cried with deep emotion.

“I saw a sun, a beautiful light.  I call it white to name a color because no color on earth is comparable.  I was going down, when suddenly God allowed me to come back.  I started descending slowly to find my body , which I found lying on a gurney at the Medical Center on Campus.  I saw how the Doctors defibrillated me to bring me out of cardiac arrest.

downloadGloria Polo 

And  I saw a huge mouth opening up and  felt an immense emptiness.  The mouth sucked me in and I felt terrified.  I knew that if I went any more, my soul  would die.  In the midst of that horror, as I was being pulled in, my atheism fell to the wayside.  I started clamoring for the souls in purgatory to get me out of there.  As I was shouting I could see that there were thousands and thousands of people there.

I started screaming “Take me out of here.  I’m a Catholic!”  As I was shouting I suddenly heard a precious voice sing out to me:  “All right, if you are a Catholic, tell me the commandment’s of God’s law.”   I knew there were ten, but nothing beyond that.  My mom had always told me about the first commandment about God’s love.  Finally my mom’s “chatter” would become useful.  I said “Love God above all things and love your neighbor as yourself..”  And I heard “have you loved them?”

I have!  I have!  I have!  I cried.

“No you haven’t.  You made a god that you adjusted to your life only when in desperate need!  Whenever you needed money you would say a quick rosary  That was your relationship with God”

I was shown how, as soon as I got my degree and made a name for myself, the Lord became too small for me.

I heard the voice again.  “You placed your Lord beneath Mercury and Venus whom you entrusted with your luck.  You were blinded by astrology, thinking the stars ran your life.  You forgot grace.  You forgot that you had been ransomed by your Lord’s blood.”

I was then given a test on the Ten Commandments, and, they made an analysis of my life based on the ten commandments.  They showed me how with the same tongue with which I blessed the Lord, I would lash out against everyone.  They showed me that I was full of envy and how ungrateful I was.  I never recognized my parents’ love and selfless effort to see me through college, to raise me …..

When we came to the fifth commandment, Jesus told me that I was an assassin and that I had committed the most abominable crime of abortion.  Money had empowered me to pay for several abortions.  I could see below me a fourteen year old girl who had aborted because of what I had taught her.

I saw other girls, one I remembered clearly.  One day my nephew’s  girlfriend had come to my office and in tears told me “Gloria, I’m just a baby and I’m pregnant.”

download 3Gloria Polo

Didn’t I teach you to contracept?  She replied, “yes, it didn’t work!”  I should have talked to her, I knew, but,   I gave her the money for an abortion.  I had sponsored several abortions.

The Lord told me that each time the blood of a baby is spilled, it’s like a holocaust to Satan.  I saw how souls are formed the moment the sperm and the egg touch.  A bright spark is formed.

Northwestern University researchers have seen this reaction in mice and recently seen it for the first time in humans:     https://youtu.be/BJ2x_5MSuyg

When there is an abortion, that soul screams in pain even though it has no flesh.  That cry is heard and heaven shakes while an equally strong cry is heard in hell.  Then some sort of seals break loose in hell and larvae come out to continue prowling around humankind, keeping it enslaved to the flesh.

One demon is released each time as the price for the shedding of innocent human blood.

After the Lord finished with the ten Commandments I had deep sorrow.  I lifted my eyes and they met the eyes of my mom.  With intense pain I cried out to her:  “Mommy, how ashamed I am.  I was condemned, mommy!  I will never see you again.  At that moment, I was granted a grace.  Mommy’s eyes looked at mine and I could see her fingers moving past them.  They pointed upward.  Something fell from my eyes.  I started to cry.  ‘Jesus Christ, have pity on me!  Forgive me, Lord!  Give me a second chance!’ Then something happened!

The Lord came and pulled me out of that mouth.  “You will go back” He said.  He told me that I was to spend the rest of my life telling people about my experience. “You will repeat this story 1000 times and woe to those who don’t change their ways despite having heard you, because they will be judged much more severely, just like you will when you come back here again because “the worst deafness is that of a man who refuses to hear.”

I was told it was not my family who had saved me, but a complete stranger who had a heart full of love.


I saw an old man!  The Lord said:  “That person you see right there loves you so much and he doesn’t even know you.  After you were struck by lightning your picture and the story were in the newspaper.  That old man is a poor peasant who lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta  (northeastern Colombia).  He had gone into town and bought a sugar cane to eat.  They gave it to him wrapped in that newspaper.  He saw your picture and he said “Father, Lord, have compassion on my little sister.  Lord, save her.  If you save her, Lord, I promise you I will go on pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lord in Buga (southwestern Colombia), please save her.”

 The testimony of Gloria Polo is available free of charge.  The above information was taken from  one of the interviews done by Dr. Gloria Polo  by Radio Maria  (Colombia)




Thoughts For Embattled Catholics

d7ab153782266e440fa2288194255e6c                                                                                      “Christ and His Church bestow on mankind the pearl of greatest price by receiving its members into His Mystical Body, the one Ark of Salvation, however battered or storm tossed she may be.  Christ grants human persons the greatest privilege imaginable on earth by choosing them to be members of His kingdom on earth.”          Father Vincent Miceli, S.J. from the book ‘The antiChrist’   Photo:  Yan Yu on Pinterest

“The history of the Catholic Church is a long procession in which precursors of the Antichrist appear, age after age, to attempt the destruction of the Catholic Church.

There are truly dark disorders in the Catholic Church today and in the darkness many souls become confused, unable to put events into their proper perspective;  they become irritated when there is no sign of light and are tempted to panic.

They become angered when led astray by false shepherds and are tempted to bolt from the flock of Christ, to go off on their own.

In a time of dark disorder it is a time for standing fast and fighting.

In the darkness of Calvary, Mary and John remained standing beside the cross.  Many of Christ’s disciples – including the first Pope – fled.

Dark disorder, then, is a challenge to fidelity, to take our stand beside Mary and John beneath the cross of the dying Christ.

The devil and his antichrists never give up, nor will ever give up, as long as the time of man’s trial and pilgrimage on earth lasts.

Soldiers of Christ must match this determination for evil with their own determination for sanctity.”                                Jean Ousset in ‘The AntiChrist


No Public Funeral For Msgr. Stefano Li Side, Underground Bishop of Tianjin Who Suffered 17 Years in Forced Labor Camp

92 Year Old Bishop had refused to belong to the Chinese Patriotic Association, remaining faithful to the One True Religion!  He died on June 8. 2019., after a long illness.   Bishop Li was imprisoned for years and endured the hardships of China’s forced labor camp. 

His body was placed in a funeral parlor and not in the cathedral of St. Joseph (Xikai) in Tianjin.


Msgr. Stefano Li Side was born on October 3, 1927 in Zunhua (Tangshan, Hebei), from a long-established Catholic family with six brothers and sisters.  From the time he was a little boy he felt the vocation.  On July 10, 1955 he was ordained a priest. It was at this time that Mao Zedong seized power and the Patriot Association was launched. Father Stefano was arrested (1958).  He was released on 16  February, 1962 and he returned to service in the cathedral of Saint Joseph in Tianjin. He was again arrested and imprisoned in 1963 to 1980, sentenced to forced labor camps.

A word about Chinese Communist Forced Labor Camps from the book ‘An Incredible Life’ by Theresa Marie Moreau about the life of Monsignor Matthew Koo and his time in a Forced Labor Camp:

“From May to July 1960, Matthew worked at the backbreaking fieldwork, with only starvation rations of chingker prepared as porridge or bread.  No vegetables.  No meat.  Sometimes, while bent over and out of sight, he ripped grains from several stalks and quickly rubbed them between his hands to remove the husks, which he blew away before he stuffed the bits into his mouth.

Cadres kept their eyes on the prisoners and occasionally called out a few men.

“Open your mouth!” ordered a cadre, looking inside for evidence, and when he found it, he screamed, “You stole from the people!  You are to be punished!”

But still, the bits of grain did nothing to ease the hunger gnawing in his empty stomach, and without any substantial nourishment his health began to quickly decline.  At 5 feet 9 inches tall, his usual adult weight hovered around 140 pounds, but with less and less food and the same amount of work, his weight plummeted to 81 pounds.  His strength, withered.

By mid-summer, his body collapsed bit by bit.

His smile, once white and beautiful, dimmed into a bloody mess when nearly all of his teeth loosened and succumbed to the lack of nutrition.  One by one, each slid out of its socket, as roots clung unsuccessfully.  His fingernails, once strong and straight, curled around and under his fingertips.

Each day, he pushed his endurance as he labored in the fields, until one afternoon, in July 1960.

Returning to camp from the daily drudgery, he sat down to rest for a few minutes.  When he attempted to stand, he collapsed onto the ground, his legs too weak to support his diminishing weight.

Matthew dragged himself along the tamped-earth floor, over the threshold of his door and along the dirt to the labor camp’s doctor, also a prisoner.

With syringe in hand, the doctor stepped behind Matthew, a living skeleton of flesh draped loosely over bones, and started to give him an injection in the lower back, but stopped, unable to find a spot with enough subcutaneous fatty tissue to receive the needle.”

He was unable to stand and was removed from fieldwork and transferred to a dormitory in the same labor camp.  From a room two or three persons tall, he slumped against a wall, where he watched out a window from sunrise to sunset for a time.  He saw what looked like a death camp with a steady stream of ambulatory prisoners carrying the corpses of fellow prisoners, famine victims.

The dead, “bags of flesh filled with bones” were buried in their ragged quilts that had kept them warm through the winter.  They were tossed upon other piles of rotting flesh and sun-dried, “wind-blown bones, victims of one Communist directed campaign or another”

This was the true story of Father Matthew Koo and I believe that the situation was similar for Father Stefano Li Side, because he was also a Catholic priest, hated by the atheistic state, and they both lived approximately during the same Chinese regimes.

Returning to the story of Monsignor Stefano Li and his holy death, for he suffered labor camp and exile, and, a lengthy sickness,  for Christ and His true Church in China . . .

On June 15, 1982 Father Stefano Li was ordained bishop of the Diocese of Tianjin in secret.  This was not recognized by the government.

In 1989, after his participation in the Assembly of the Chinese Bishops’ Conference at Zhang Er Ce – which asked the government for greater religious freedom – he was imprisoned for the third time. Of course there are no details available about his imprisonment.

In 1991 he was released and returned to St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Tianjin.  In 1992 he was forced by the authorities to move to the village of Liang Zhuang Zi, in the mountains, in the Ji Xian district (Tianjin) under house arrest.  Here he remained until his death.

Since 1992, the government has succeeded in placing Msgr. Giuseppe Shi Hongchen as official bishop of Tianjin.  Msgr. Shi Hongchen came from the underground Church.  He was ordained auxiliary bishop by Msgr. Li in 1982,  He died in 2006.

Since 2007, most of the priests of the official Church have expressed obedience to Msgr. Li Side.

Tianjin Church also has a coadjutor bishop (underground), Msgr. Melchiorre Shi Hongzhen, 92.

He is also under house arrest in the regions mountains.

The diocese of Tianjin has about 100 thousand faithful, cared for by 40 official and 20 underground priests.  Over 40 official and 20 underground sisters are also present.

The faithful of the Tianjin underground community are currently negotiating with the local government for a possible funeral ceremony at the city level.  One of the faithful told Asia News that “the local government is much more civil than the Patriotic Association.”  Until now, permission has only been given to carry out Masses and funeral orations in every church of the diocese.  The body of the bishop, after his death, was placed in a funeral parlor ( a lay mortuary ) and not in the Cathedral of St. Joseph (Xikai) in Tianjin.

Two days ago, some underground priests who wanted to pay homage to the bishops remains were allowed to enter the funeral parlor and hold a funeral prayer for only 10 minutes.  This morning they were not allowed to take part in mass in church.

Viva Cristo Rey!  May the holy soul of Bishop Li Side rest in peace + at last.

Some day perhaps we will know his full and tragic life story if someone writes it … if someone can ever obtain the truth from Communist China … as we know the life story of Monsignor Matthew Koo as written by Theresa Marie Moreau.

Drawn From:                                                                                                                                            AsiaNews.it                                                                                                                                               Story by Wang Zhicheng                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The Story of Monsignor Matthew Koo was drawn from the Book ‘An Incredible Life’  by Theresa Marie Moreau and used with permission of the author