Communist crackdown in China is “Beyond George Orwell’s Imaginings” — and It’s Only Getting Worse

It appears as though China is becoming ‘Nazified’ The victims of hate are not Jews but Christians, Muslims, Little Babies in the womb, Falun Gong practitioners, Uyghurs,… the hate is visceral with a sheer love for applying torture of a most brutal nature. Isn’t anybody going to do anything?

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers a speech at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Sept. 8.
Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers a speech at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Sept. 8. (photo: NICOLAS ASFOURI / AFP via Getty Images)

EdwardPentinBlogsJanuary 19, 2021:

LONDON — A British political party report into human rights violations in China released last Thursday aims to show the true extent of state-sponsored abuses of millions of Chinese citizens and argues for international sanctions and other measures to be taken against the communist regime.

The 87-page report calledThe Darkness Deepens — The Crackdown on Human Rights in China 2016-2020and published by The Conservative Party Human Rights Commission, produces evidence of widespread human rights abuses and atrocities including ethnic cleansing, organ harvesting, forced labor (helped to a large degree by global brands), torture, arbitrary arrest, clampdowns on religious freedom and forced confessions.

The document was published a few days before avote todayin the…

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VIDEO Our presidential election was disturbingly similar to Uganda’s – Simon Parkes, Jan 19TH

HooRah!! HooRah!!


Rachel Alexander: Third World nation’s fraud tactics are familiar, just a bit more brazen than ours

The mainstream media breathlessly reported that Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni shut down social media prior to the Jan. 14 presidential election, comparing the move to President Trump’s criticisms of social media here. But the reality is Museveni’s actions are more comparable to what the left is doing to conservatives and Trump. He’s just more bold about it. The left here finds ways to undermine our republic and elections that appear to be legal and constitutional, as long as you believe their claims. If you don’t believe them, you are labeled a conspiracy theorist and risk being doxed.

Museveni said he shut down social media because it was being used to organize unrest. He took it astep further, completely shutting down the internet a day before the election. Similarly, big tech is kicking…

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VIDEO Situation Update, Jan. 18, 2021 – Game-changing intel grants Trump new pathways to VICTORY – Evidence Against Dems


January 18, 2021 by:Mike Adams

Image: Situation Update, Jan. 18, 2021 – Game-changing intel grants Trump new pathways to VICTORY

(Natural News) Because of the increasing popularity of the Situation Update podcast, information came my way that lays out a path for justified optimism on what’s coming in the days ahead.

As I say in the podcast, “I now know what Lin Wood knows.” This statement does not in any way imply that Lin Wood is the source of this information, because he isn’t. It’s just that Lin Wood’s unfettered optimism now makes total sense to me.

As Scott Kesterson recently said in his Bards FM podcast, the DC military encampment is actually aholding facility for enemies of America, and it will soon host military tribunals.

Once that happens, the radical Left will engage inChinese weapons-augmented kinetic attackson the US Capitol. These are not attacks by Chinese troops, but rather by radicalized Leftists —long since radicalized by…

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VIDEO The storm is upon us, Military at capitol hill – Current Events with Charlie Ward, Robert Campbell – CIA Whistleblower, Implicating Obama, Biden, & Clinton – Congress VIOLATED The Constitution! – Insurrection Act Invoked.

The Truth Comes Out about Benghazi and so much we did not know about or recieved a twisted version. President Trump says get your popcorn out ! Thank you for this presentation.


The storm is upon us – Military at capitol hill

CURRENT EVENTS – Charlie Ward, Robert Campbell

The Michael Dade Project | BOMBSHELL | CIA Whistleblower | Implicating Obama, Biden, & Clinton

Congress VIOLATED The Constitution! Lawyer BREAKS DOWN Impeachment | Alan Dershowitz | Huckabee

President Trump:“I have invoked the Insurrection Act of 1807 (Section 10 U.S. Code 13 251-255) to address the treasonous rebellion conducted by Democrat and Republican lawmakers, CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Agents, FBI, Department of Justice, CIA and others to dismantle the United States of America and it’s Constitution. These entities pose a direct threat to national security. I will remain President indefinitely until all domestic enemies are arrested.”


Updated:a day ago

Warning: We have received this info yet we ask all of you to discern and decide for your self. There is a lot…

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Capt. Joseph R. John: For posterity, here’s what mainstream media and Big Tech won’t let the people see

Clinton Ma Tea Party

Capt. Joseph R. John: For posterity, here’s what mainstream media and Big Tech won’t let the people see

This commentary was written as a group email by Capt. Joseph R. John to be spread under the radar of censorship. NOQ Report is publishing it for posterity in an effort to get the word out faster.

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Kansas Nurses Refuse to Give Covid-19 Vaccines

The Most Revolutionary Act

Department chief Lindsay Payer and her colleagues have refused to administer any Moderna COVID-19 vaccines to residents.

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Homeland Security Committee Releases Report Outlining Biden Family Selling U.S. Policy for Personal, Financial Gain

If they all saw this report before the fateful day when all the electoral college votes were approved by Mike Pence … it would seem as though they were all guilty of compassing against the government of the U.S. By this information Biden is not qualified to be Pres. and they all knew it. Shocking! Tragic for all!


Posted onJanuary 16, 2021bySundance

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee finalizes a report [pdf available here] with evidence of Joe and Hunter Biden conducting financial deals with foreign governments. The report outlines how the Biden family sold access to government policy for personal financial benefit.

[Embed pdf Below] Considering the scale of evidence showing massive conflicts of interest, it is quite astounding that Joe Biden is currently ‘president-elect’…

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Democrats Are Using The Recent Capitol Riot To Consolidate Power

This confusion and unsettling started when GA Senate became 100 % Democratic. Possibility exists that Democrats could be in unshakeable control of government for years to come. The voice of conservatism must be silenced. The Left has been projecting onto the Right what they themselves endorse. and the media carries it far and wide over the earth.


Democrats Are Using The Recent Capitol Riot To Consolidate Power

America’s Cold Civil War will only heat up as those with all the power take precisely the wrong lessons from the Capitol Hill riot.

By Ben Weingarten

The Capitol Hill riot was an inexcusable, pathetic, and disgraceful display. Its consequences will extend well beyond the bloodshed and property damage inflicted by those who shamefully acceded to the left’s view that force is legitimate means of persuasion — exhibited repeatedly via the left’snormalizationof political incitement andviolencethroughout President Trump’s term in office.

The riot not only overshadowed the corruption that marked the 2020 election and undermined the MAGA movement’s people and principles, but set up Americans of all political stripes for an onslaught on their rights and cherished freedoms.The riot was an accelerant for what was already likely planned under Democrat rule in Washington: crushing dissenters from its leftist orthodoxy as part of an effort to achieve total…

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