Deathbed Confession of a Bishop Who Signed Official Document About Lipa Apparitions Under Duress

This official document stating that Lipa was not supernatural and neither was ‘the’ shower’ of roses (there were countless showers of roses on thousands of pilgrims) was an illegal document according to this deathbed statement. THREATENED WITH EXCOMMUNICATION? How dare they???


Testimony of Fr. Lorenzo Ma. Guerrero, S.J.


I, Fr. Lorenzo Ma. Guerrero, S.J., of legal age, residing in Sta. Ana Manila, after being sworn to upon oath, depose and state:

  1. That the Philippines Catholic Hierarchy issued the following Official Statement in the year 1951:                                                                                                                                 “We, the undersigned Archbishops and Bishops, constituting for the purpose a special Commission, having attentively examined and reviewed the evidence and testimonies collected in the course of repeated, long and careful investigations, have reached the unanimous conclusion and hereby officially declare that…

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“I am Mary Mediatrix of All Grace” Your Spiritual Mother at Lipa Philippines

Of what denomination is the Pope?


“This is my last apparition here.” Through Sister Teresing. Our Lady wanted to make it known to the world that her other messages remained unheeded. Among other things … 1948

Pope Francis had consecrated his Papacy to Our Lady of Fatima and that gives us a little hope in our hearts. Not a whole lot. The world is spinning into darkness.


We pray for Pope Francis .. the chaos in the world would become order if he would honor the requests of Mary given through time and greatly effecting eternity.

How sad it is that Our Holy Father is planning a Sin Nod … instead of making plans to honor Our Ladys requests.

He actually wants us to learn from those who are not quite civilized.

The Holy Father would like to make this man a Viri Probati, or some kind of a Catholic Priest, who would be giving…

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Wherever you are in this God spinning world, whose center is falling as I write, on the Fourth of July in 2022:

I wish you a happy and trouble free day. If you are a veteran I Thank You For Your Service From the Bottom of my Heart. No matter what country you are in at this time. I send my sorrow and a prayer. You who have been sent to be out there fighting, hurting, worrying, hungry, and experiencing the sadness which I can only imagine goes with being a soldier for your country, no matter which one it is, or my own country which is America.

War is hell. Truer words were never spoken. Too bad we can’t just let our ‘leaders’ slug it out by themselves. Those who want war that is. ESPECIALLY those who spout provocations for war with their careless speech which flies around the world like that ‘shot.’

If you are the mom and dad of a soldier, know that I pray for your boy or girl. I ask the reader to say a prayer for that special man or woman Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Coast Guard or any branch of braveness I have missed. I add our men in blue. Our valiant suffering Police Officers and their young families who wait long hours through the day or night, filled with anxiety, for the return home of their loved one.

Thank you.

It will lift the spirits to read the preamble to the American Declaration of Independence.

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Communist Concentration Camps Albania 1951: A CIA Document

The Documentary: ‘Prison Nation Albania 1943-1990’ Can Be Viewed At The End of This History … Bottom of Page


“In addition to 18 prisons, there are 12 known concentration camps in Albania, located in Tepelete, Beden Maliz, Berat, Vrma Suti, Tropoje, Krule, Villjas, (Vile?  Vilash?), Shkoder, Himare, Korce, and Isul.

There are 3,600 internees in the Telelene camp, which was established in the beginning of 1949 and is the oldest and largest in Albania, and 2,000 in the Beden camp in Kavaje.  About 70 percent of the internees in Telelene are women and children.  The highest death rate is among the children.  The following (Xherxhe?) from Koplik, the small child of Zef Mirasa from Bajze, the year old son of Fran Hasa from Bajze, two children of Prenash Djerdje (Xherzhe?) from Ljohe, and the three children of Djuste )Xhuste?) Gora, who were 10 years, years, and 6 months old.

The camp commandant is Lt. Dzafar (Xhafar?) Pegaci.  He is an ignorant villain and tyrant who has forcibly raped young…

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Big Pharma Desperate to Get COVID Shots on Childhood Schedule Before ‘Emergency’ Ends

Yes, it is heartbreaking. LOADING the tiny little immune systems of a 6 month old with a drug with proven fatal side effects. Hitlers thinking prevails today.

The Most Revolutionary Act

By  Dr. Joseph Mercola

Once the COVID-19 vaccine is on the childhood vaccination schedule, the vaccine makers are permanently shielded from liability for injuries and deaths that occur in any age group, including adults.

Story at a glance:

  • The rate of COVID-19-associated hospitalization among children aged 5 to 11 is just 0.0008%. In real-world terms, that’s so close to zero you basically cannot lower it any further.
  • Despite that, the vaccine advisory panel — the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) — of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on June 15 unanimously approved granting Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to Pfizer’s and Moderna’s COVID shots for infants and young children.
  • Pfizer’s EUA is for a three-dose regimen (3-microgram shots) for children 6 months to 5 years old; Moderna’s EUA is for a two-dose regimen (25-microgram shots) for children 6 months to 6 years.
  • In granting this EUA…

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Lawsuits Pile Up Against BC COVID-19 Mandates


ByLee Harding

June 28, 2022Updated: June 29, 2022

The province of British Columbia is facing court battles one after another from various parties over vaccine requirements it imposed during the pandemic.

The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF)filed a legal challengeto the B.C. vaccine passport regime on Sept. 28, 2021, saying it discriminated against people who could not be vaccinated for medical reasons.

Lawyer Geoffrey Trotter, who is handling the case for the CCF, says the province was too narrow in its list of acceptable medical exemptions from the passport and gave no opportunity for recourse.

“It was a closed list with no opportunity for individualized assessment. Of course, that’s good for administrative efficiency, but it’s not good for respecting the constitutional rights of people who can’t safely get the vaccine,” Trotter said in an interview.

One plaintiffin the case is a teenage girl who says she developed heart…

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BRICS Nations Call for Nuclear Disarmament

WOW and WOW ! And Joe Biden actually went along with this UN Security Council statement that “a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought”? Y’all better take another look at Putin maybe? Maybe even the Popes’ Consecration – maybe

The Most Revolutionary Act

BRICS nations urge nuclear disarmament


The member states of BRICS have called for “a world free of nuclear weapons” in a joint declaration adopted on Thursday.

“We reaffirm our commitment to a world free of nuclear weapons and stress our strong commitment to nuclear disarmament and our support to the work on this subject during the session of 2022 of the Conference on Disarmament,” the declaration reads.

The group also lauded a joint statement by the permanent members of the UN Security Council (P5) – China, France, Russia, the UK, and the US – affirming that a “nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.” The major nuclear powers managed to show a rare display of unity earlier this year.

Apart from that, the BRICS resolution rallied support towards “negotiations in bilateral and multilateral formats to resolve…

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