Covid Jabs the Big Picture

The Most Revolutionary Act

Health Advisors and Recovery Team (HART)

Part 1


The regulators failed us in numerous ways as set out in The Perseus Report.  Examples include:

  1. Companies were allowed to skip testing for gene and cancer toxicity and even studies showing how much spike is produced, for how long and where in the body it reaches. Pfizer said these studies were “not considered necessary.” Even while their trial info sheet said“Due to the urgent need for a vaccine against Covid-19, with agreement from the MHRA, some of the tests usually required for a newly manufactured vaccine.have been modified, in order to make the vaccine available more quickly for assessment.”
  2. They did not demand these studies were done after rushed emergency approvals either. No human studies were carried out to see what happened to the synthetic modified RNA – no-one knows how long it takes to be removed from the…

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