Eve of Battle, June 6, 1944 – Story of the Preparation for Allied Invasion of Normandy on D-Day

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Second World War: Europe; “Into the Jaws of Death — U.S. Troops wading through water and Nazi gunfire”, circa 1944-06-06. Chief Photographer’s Mate (CPHoM) Robert F. Sargent, Records of the US Coast Guard (NAID 355)

The official British history gives an estimated figure of 156,115 men landed on D-Day. This comprised 57,500 Americans and 75,215 British and Canadians from the sea and 15,500 Americans and 7,900 British from the air. The original estimate for Allied casualties was 10,000, of which 2,500 were killed. Research under way by the National D-Day Memorial has confirmed 4,414 deaths, of which 2,499 were American and 1,915 were from other nations.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Normandy_landings

The invasion of Normandy in June 1944 was the culmination of three years of planning and preparation gathering by Allied forces in Britain… Instrumental to Allied success was the American, British, and Allied naval and amphibious contingents at Normandy…

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Moral theologian: Benedict XVI called gender ideology ‘the ultimate rebellion against God’

Excellent article which showcases the fact that Pope Benedict prophesied that the gender ideology which darkens the earth at present, while speaking with Dr. John Haas, who had just spoken at a commencement at Christendom College on May 14, 2014, would be in our future..

Catholicism Pure & Simple

In his May 13 commencement address at Christendom College theologian Dr. John Haas called on graduates to forge ‘a new Christian society’ in response to the onslaught of the destructive ‘gender ideology.’

Dr. John Haas delivers the commencement address at the 2023 Christendom College graduation ceremony in Front Royal, VirginiaYouTube/Screenshot

Maike Hickson at LifeSiteNews:

Dr. John Haas, a moral theologian and former member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, revealed in a May 13 commencement speech given at Christendom College that in 2014, then-retired Pope Benedict XVI told him in a private conversation in the Vatican that “the next great challenge the Church is going to face is gender ideology, and it will be the ultimate rebellion against God the Creator.”

Speakingto the 114 graduates of Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia, Haas admitted that he was “surprised” by Pope Benedict’s unsolicited comment, and added that he now sees…

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G7 Desecrates Hiroshima A-Bomb Memory With Warmongering Summit

I would be so ashamed to set foot in Hiroshima after what my President Truman caused. A bright flash in the sky was seen over Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 when the atom bomb exploded, followed by abject silence and the smell of electricity in the air, buildings fell silently pinning their occupants. Families with babies were never so sick, nor had they suffered so from burning skin and vomiting, eyes blinded, radiation sickness and cancer. Never before in history! Yes, I would be ashamed. Shame on G7!


The Group of Seven held a de facto war summit in Hiroshima, a place that is synonymous with the horror and evil of war.

The United States-led “Group of Seven” cabal held one of their increasingly meaningless jamborees this weekend in the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The posturing of solemnity by these warmongering elites in a place that represents the ultimate barbarity of American imperialism is not only sickening in its hypocrisy and profanity. The evident lack of awareness and shame of these charlatans is a sure sign that their privileged historical charade is coming to an end.

American President Joe Biden took time out from his nation’s collapsing economy and scandals over his rampant family corruption to attend the G7 summit in Japan. He was joined by so-called leaders from Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Canada as well as the premier of the host nation, Fumio Kishida. Joining the…

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The Lady of The Miraculous Medal


The pagan world into which Our Lady was born had no knowledge of her coming, nor of the new day she heralded. Catherine Laboure was born on May 2, 1806 in Fain-les-moutiers, a tiny village in France, not far from Dijon. She was the ninth of eleven children.

Catherine’s mother was the source of her sanctity. She had instilled a love of God in her child. Perhaps she had a premonition of her daughters’ coming sanctity.

On her mother’s death, at the age of nine, the child was grief stricken, and in the midst of this terrible grief … one day … she climbed up on a chair and reached for a statue of the Blessed Mother that stood high on a shelf in her Mother’s bedroom. “Now you will be my mother” she said to the statue.

This was the start of the Marian age perhaps. for it was…

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Musk Gets Negative Backlash With New Hire

What a let down! This must have been the plan all along. It’s time to abandon Twitter.


Musk Draws Backlash for Picking World Economic Forum Leader, Supporter of ‘Content Moderation’ to Run Twitter + More

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Musk Draws Backlash for Picking World Economic Forum Leader, Supporter of ‘Content Moderation’ to Run Twitter

The Daily Wire reported:

Elon Muskselected advertising executive Linda Yaccarino to replace him as chief executive officer ofTwitter, drawing concern as users on the platform notice her connections to theWorld Economic Forum(WEF) and her endorsements ofcontent moderation.

Twitter users started…

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Covid Jabs the Big Picture

The Most Revolutionary Act

Health Advisors and Recovery Team (HART)

Part 1


The regulators failed us in numerous ways as set out in The Perseus Report.  Examples include:

  1. Companies were allowed to skip testing for gene and cancer toxicity and even studies showing how much spike is produced, for how long and where in the body it reaches. Pfizer said these studies were “not considered necessary.” Even while their trial info sheet said“Due to the urgent need for a vaccine against Covid-19, with agreement from the MHRA, some of the tests usually required for a newly manufactured vaccine.have been modified, in order to make the vaccine available more quickly for assessment.”
  2. They did not demand these studies were done after rushed emergency approvals either. No human studies were carried out to see what happened to the synthetic modified RNA – no-one knows how long it takes to be removed from the…

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We Lied, Robert F Kennedy Speaks of Key US Mistake with Russia

All that RFK has to say here is good, fair, and honest. How refreshing to read !!

The Most Revolutionary Act

Countercurrents Collective

“We should have listened to Putin over many years. We made a commitment to Russia, to Gorbachev, that we would not move NATO one inch to the east. Then we went in, and we lied,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said in an interview with UnHerd (Robert Kennedy Jr: America needs a revolution, by Freddie Sayers, Editor-in-Chief of UnHerd, ), published on Wednesday.

Instead of listening to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s warnings about “red lines”, the U.S. has repeatedly crossed them, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said in the interview.

The Democrat running for U.S. president added that Washington should have either invited Moscow to NATO or dismantled the anti-Russian alliance after the Cold War.

Instead of offering to integrate Russia into the West, as many diplomats urged in 1991, the U.S. expanded NATO to its borders.


He described what happened in Kiev in 2014 as “essentially a…

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