Russian Orthodox Clerics Expose Russian Orthodox Church’s “Gay Lobby”

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Representatives of the gay lobby in the Russian Orthodox Church are not Sunday school teachers. These are people who have power and access to money. First of all – the hierarchs, as well as their assistants from the clergy. Here is the answer to the question about the “cover”: in the ROC they are concerned about their status in the face of secular society, so loud revelations are not to be expected. In this kingdom, everything is quiet and calm.”Archpriest Alexander Usatov, as quoted in “The gay lobby in the ROC has power and access to money: Interview with a priest who came out by Varuzhan Sargsyan 05.03.2021

These are two different clergy exposing the “Gay Lobby” in the Russian Orthodox Church. One article from 2014 and one from 2021.

Followup to the 2013-14 first case:
On 29 December 2020 the Moscow Episcopal Court…

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