“How it tore me apart when I had to witness His persecution.”



Mother of God: my Son’s Body was torn to shreds

23 March 2013 @ 11:45pm; Message 0739

My child, many do not understand my role as Co-Redemptrix. Nor do they know why this is so.

When I accepted the call to become the Mother of God, I was bound to the Covenant of God’s Salvation for humanity.

When I bore my Son, I felt the same love, which any mother would have for their child. This pure, beautiful little boy was part of me, my own flesh and blood. Yet, I was also aware that He was not just any child. His Spirit entered my soul as soon as I set eyes on Him. He and I were entwined as one, where I felt every Emotion, Joy, Pain and the Love, which coursed through Him. I also knew that He was Divine and that I was, as such, merely…

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4 thoughts on ““How it tore me apart when I had to witness His persecution.”

      1. Thank you Mary Ann! We endure many frequent and severe attacks by the devil due to the Mission of Salvation.
        Without our mother; the Mother of Salvation, we could not endure. Your mothers line about the Rosary consoles me immensely and keeps me firm. You, yourself, have done so much by just passing on this. Thank you. It is Easter here now! Happy holy Easter morning! ❤️✝️

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      2. I am late in replying … I can go for days without reading anything because it is so depressing. Always read yours and remember when we could freely exchange views. You are a cherished friend and will be in my prayers. Thank God for Remnant Disciples. I joined Legion of Mary, a good thing, at Church. We will choose a name for our Praetorium soon. Everyone puts a name in a bag and the Pastor will pick it out. I like ‘Our Lady of Sorrows’. Mary will guide the Pastors hand to the one she wants I am sure. God Bless you and your prayer group.

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