Kamala Harris’s Uncle Bragged About India Using Intel-Satellite Imagery Shared By The US To Know When To Hide Nuclear Weapons Work; Newly Declassified Satellite Image Of Iran Tweeted By Trump A Reminder

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Kamala Harris’ pro-Russian uncle, who long advised India’s defence establishment, bragged about India deceiving the CIA on India’s nuclear weapons tests. Because the US shared satellite intelligence with India, they could calculate when to do their nuclear weapons work, and when not to. Her uncle has a PhD in Economics and Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin and long worked as an advisor to India’s Ministry of Defence. Did he do the calculations himself? Around this time, Kamala’s mother was working at a US National (Nuclear) Lab: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, which was a good location and cover for spying.

Declassification of the image tweeted out by Trump is a good reminder of the dangers of intelligence sharing: “Trump tweeted an image from a spy satellite, declassified document shows” November 18, 2022 The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency has officially declassified an image first tweeted by President Trump in…

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