Mother Angelica on the Latin Mass

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It has been one year since Mother Angelica, the feisty Poor Clare nun who founded EWTN, passed away at the age of  92. While many are familiar with her no nonsense persona and larger than life accomplishments, her love for the traditional Mass isn’t as well known.

Some may recall that Mother butted heads with her local ordinary (Bishop David Foley) back in 1999 following his decree forbidding the offering of the Mass ad orientem in his diocese. Mother was right, as she usually was, but Bishop Foley eventually won the dispute on appeal to Rome. As it turned out, many bishops simply did not want forty million plus television households seeing Masses offered ad orientem on a regular basis.

It’s also easy to forget just how supportive of the Latin Mass EWTN was in the years immediately following Pope Benedict’s motu proprio Summorum Pontificum in 2007.

Beginning with a…

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