Biden’s Sellout to China


Softness on the CCP in the State of the Union Address.

February 10, 2023 by Joseph Klein 


President Joe Biden is selling out the United States of America to the Chinese Communist regime.During his long rambling State of the Union address, Biden wasted a rareopportunity before an audience of millions of Americans to stand up to America’s number one adversary and the enemy of freedom everywhere. He ignored China’s serial acts of aggression, whilelashing out at Republicans and at Americancorporations.

President Biden is under the illusion that the United States is merely in“competition with China.” China is not just a competitor, a label that could also be used to describe our close allies in Western Europe and Asia who compete with the United States in global markets. First and foremost, China is our enemy.

China’s leaders have exploited President Biden’s weakness, which they observed when he recklessly withdrew from…

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