Wending My Way to Journey’s End: How Peter Kwasniewski Found Tradition

This is so beautifully stated that I read it all non-stop. M

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The following excerpt is from Dr. Peter Kwasniewski’s latest book, The Once and Future Roman Rite: Returning to the Traditional Latin Liturgy After Seventy Years of Exile, (TAN Books, 2022). Within this new book, Kwasniewski’s magnum opus and a work of immense importance, we are given the below glimpse into his personal journey to tradition (pp. 72-74); his own discovery of the once and future Roman Rite. It is presented here with his permission.

In my life as a Catholic, I have gone through several distinct stages over a long period of time, so I have learned to be patient with those who “don’t get it.” I didn’t “get it” either, although it fills me with joy to see how quickly the younger generations today are reaching conclusions that I resisted for years. If I were to try to put into words what I was seeking…

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