Miracle at St. Marys Seminary, Baltimore, MD., 1995 During Visit of Pope St. John Paul ll

Photo Credit: Sister Mary Joseph A Sister Servant of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Assignments include administration, vocation promotion, parish/prison ministry. Sister Mary Joseph @sscjusa sacredheartsisters.org

This is the account of the story as given by Sister Mary Joseph on ‘Twitter’ with this beautiful picture which is also on ‘Twitter’ Sister Mary Joseph @sscjusa sacredheartsisters.org

“October 1995. A rescue dog trained to find hidden human life sits at attention before a tabernacle at St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore to show detection. The dog sniffed, whined, pointed and refused to leave during a security sweep of the building prior to St. John Paul’s visit”. Sister Mary Joseph sacredheartsisters.org

The story From Deacon Lawrence Drawing on Faith https://deaconlawrence.org/index.php/2017/06/18/2702/

“In October of 1995, Pope John Paul ll was scheduled to greet seminarians at St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore during his visit to America. The Security Team sprang into action ahead of the Pope. They swept the building, paying special attention to the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel the Pope intended to visit. To do this they used dogs. The dogs were trained to locate people under collapsed buildings after earthquakes and other disasters.

There are countless stories of animals sensing things due to their heightened physical senses or it may be some supernatural sense that humans have lost. The dogs and their handlers swept the halls, offices, and classrooms quickly and then went into the chapel. They walked through the pews and to the altar area. Here they became excited and acted as they had been trained to act when sniffing out an intruder. One stopped before the Blessed Sacrament, sniffing and pointing. He was convinced that he had found a Person in the small box that is used to reserve the Blessed Sacrament……..”

He did find a Person. God. Jesus Christ present under the form of Bread and Wine. The True Presence.

God Chose St. Mary’s Seminary Out of All America For This Stupendous Wonder

It seems that St. Mary’s Seminary has been blessed by God in a most special way. He loves all His Seminarians so much and there was mortal trouble here. Immortal souls “were falling into hell like snowflakes” (Our Lady of Fatima) According to former seminarians and recently ordained priests, the “gay subculture” was so prominent and accepted at St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore that students have long nicknamed it “The Pink Palace.”

The New York Post March 24, 2002 Interviews Father Andrew Walker

Father Andrew Walker, ordained for the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut in 2000, spent several semesters at the Baltimore school as a seminarian for the Diocese of Patterson, New Jersey. The problem was so bad when he was there, he explained, that “some of the students and faculty used to get dressed up in leather to go to ‘the block.’ This was equivalent to 42nd St. in Manhattan. “Seminarians, sometimes accompanied by faculty members, would do this regularly, Walter explained. They would meet in the foyer, and then head for the gay bars.”

Around 1997 Father was thrown out of St. Marys after a psychological examination at a church approved treatment center diagnosed him as ‘homophobic’ and “histrionic personality disorder.” (A mental health condition marked by unstable emotions). Father claims that his traditional views led to lower grades and other forms of harassment, although he was supposed to be in a celibate environment..

An article by News Max states “According to Father Andrew Walker, the situation at the Baltimore Seminary was so bad that the vice rector delivered a lecture “in front of at least 150 people and stated: “Yes, we accept openly gay seminarians; that’s our policy.” Homosexual Culture Undercuts Priesthood” News Max April 5, 2000

These unthinkable horrors of 28 years ago have only increased in their darkening of the souls of America and of the world! There are many more examples that could be presented but we Catholics have a Pope that doesn’t seem to care much … along with many Bishops. But why go on with the hurting?

Do you think that this beautiful police dog sitting in front of the tabernacle because he sniffs the scent of man is a miracle? Sister Mary Joseph took an awesome photo!

Do you think it is a sign and a warning from God to mankind?

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    I wanted to make a comment on Russia being consecrated to the Immaculate of Mary but to post a comment was closed. Russia was Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary but the Consecration was done too late and it was done improperly (all of the bishops worldwide were to be included in the Consecration, but were not).


    1. This is so true. Actually I think the Bishops had to be COMMANDED.. They were invited. Why can’t some pope get it right. It’s done wrong on purpose in this case I believe and I believe Pope John Paul ll did it wrong out of fear. All the sheep are drooping with weariness and hunger because the grass is so thin (Bayside)

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