Exclusive: WHO Proposals Could Strip Nations of Their Sovereignty, Create Worldwide Totalitarian State, Expert Warns

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In an interview with The Defender, Francis Boyle, J.D., Ph.D., bioweapons expert and professor of international law at the University of Illinois, said the World Health Organization’s (WHO) latest proposals may violate international law. Boyle called for U.S. federal and state governments to exit the WHO immediately.

Secretive negotiationstook place this week in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss proposed amendments to the World Health Organization’s (WHO)International Health Regulations(IHR), considered abinding instrumentof international law.

Similar negotiations took place last month for drafting a new WHOpandemic treaty.

While the two are often conflated, theproposed IHR amendmentsand the proposed pandemic treaty represent two separate but related sets of proposals that would fundamentally alter the WHO’s ability to respond to “public health emergencies” throughout the world — and, critics warn, significantly strip nations of their sovereignty.

According to author and researcherJames Roguski, these two…

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