The Suffering Church Part 2: The Church, Pope Benedict and the False Prophet

Here is truth. Thank you for this post which fortifies!



There is no doubt that Pope Benedict XVI suffered (as shown in yesterday’s post). He expected it. He was Pope JPII’s right hand man and ‘Prefect of the Congregation of the Faith’. As such, he saw the sufferings of St JPII. Jesus told us:

“Many Popes have been prisoners in the Holy See surrounded by Masonic groups who do not represent God.They hate God and have spent fifty years spreading untruths about the Mercy of God. Their works have led to the collapse of the Catholic Church.This was not an accident. It was deliberately and cunningly plotted in order to destroy the faith of the Church.To destroy the homage of ordinary Catholics to the One True God. For this you will now be cast aside into the wilderness.  (7 May 2012 Message 0413).

Pope Benedict XVI said on the day he was elected :

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