India’s Air Force Just Announced Successful Test of Extended Range Missile By Russia-India BrahMos Partnership; Kamala Harris’ Uncle Still Connected to India’s Defence Establishment; Ro Khanna Trying to Protect India from Sanctions

This is not a small affair. Our appointed border czar Mrs. Harris is working behind our backs on something from India that is not for our welfare as our American border is erased.

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India must be sanctioned. The Russian joint venture partner of the Government of India, in the making of BrahMos missiles, has been sanctioned, but India has not. Not only are they buying Russia’s weapons, they have had a missile making partnership with Russia for a quarter of a century. If their missiles aren’t being used in Ukraine, they may soon be, since Russia’s having trouble producing enough missiles.

The US fought great military powers during World War II, so they can certainly sanction India, alongside Russia, and even China! On December 26, 1941, Winston Churchill remarked in his first address to U.S. Congress: “the United States has been attacked and set upon by three most powerfully armed dictator states, the greatest military power in Europe, and the greatest military power in Asia. Japan, Germany, and Italy have all declared and are making war upon you, and a quarrel is…

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