Alberta Premier Suspends Cooperation with World Economic Forum

Here’s hoping and praying that others will come forward speaking, acting, and leading as Danielle Smith has done for the people who live on this earth !! Imagine the courage it took for this awesome leader to take this step towards a free world for all. The way it should be.

The Most Revolutionary Act

DANIELLE SMITH has been the Premier of the Canadian state of Alberta since October 11 this year. She is a former journalist who entered state politics in 2009. On October 6 this year, she was elected party leader of the conservative United Conservative Party (UCP). Smith has taken issue with both the federal government in Ottawa under Trudeau and the WEF under Klaus Schwab. Still image: Global News

Free West Media

The newly elected Premier Danielle Smith of the province of Alberta in Canada has recently made several powerful statements against the globalist foundation World Economic Forum and its leader Klaus Schwab. She has also decided to cancel a strange consulting agreement that WEF had with the state.

The now-revealed collaboration began in the middle of the alleged Corona pandemic and contributed to the draconian restrictions and lockdowns Canadians were subjected to. There are also those who believe that it…

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