Don’t let perfection be the enemy of an Imperfect Council

This is all about the Imperfect Council, and, declaring Pope Francis a heretic. There is so much information here which has been lacking amongst us, the bewildered, old, and heartbroken. Thank you to the author, Stephen O’Reilly

Roma Locuta Est

December 10, 2019 (Steven O’Reilly) – Should there be an “imperfect council” to potentially consider whether Pope Francis is a formal heretic and or apostate, and if so determined, to declare the See of Peter vacant?

Over the last few years Catholics have seen only a few courageous cardinals and bishops speak up regarding the actions, words and silences from Rome on various topics. Their efforts to speak up for the truths of the faith have come to us via various Dubia, “manifestos,” “Declarations of Truths,” articles, and interviews. I do not knock these efforts. The problem is that they have been predominantly limited to individual efforts, or limited cooperative or small group initiatives. While these efforts have addressed a true need and have had a positive impact in the lives of the faithful, they appear to be insufficient in the face of the current stage of the crisis in…

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