Kids from 6 months targeted as Pharma-Agencies Endorse Covid/19 Health-Destroying Kill Shots

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Media and Govt are stacked with shareholders stuffing money from Scam Covid Vaccines, etc.. – The Pharma-linked CDC aims to proliferate diseases, not control and prevent them.

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The Pharma-Linked CDC’s ACIP Recommends Health-Destroying Kill Shots

Maximum Profiteering is being linked with a Sinister Desire for mass-extermination of unwanted billions of us

On October 20, the CDC’s so-called Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) said the following:

The Pharma-controlled agencies unanimously “update(d)” its recommended use of hazardous to health vaccines — to include mass-jabbing of kids as young as 6 months old with toxic flu/covid kill shots.

Vaccines Are Dangerous – And Don’t Work – Kindle edition by Dr Vernon …

Earlier I quoted noted scholar/physician, Dr. Vernon Coleman, saying:

“Anyone who tells you vaccines are…

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