On the Five Wounds of Christ

Here is a beautiful Sunday ‘sermon’ shining with words and knowledge that is so Catholic. Truly food for the soul. Thank you, Father !

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The following guest post is by frequent contributor Fr. Donald Kloster, a priest of the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The Five Wounds of Christ include the two nail wounds through each palm and wrist as well as two nail wounds through each foot resting on the suppedaneum or foot rest. The fifth wound was inflicted on the right side of Jesus’s chest.

The Romans were experts in the art of torture. The two hand nails (7 to 9 inches long) would have passed through the palm of the hand and out of the back side of the wrist. They were designed to sever the median nerve on impact causing excruciating pain.

The feet were also nailed to the cross through the dorsal pedal artery of each foot which elicited extreme pain as well. It must be noted that the head, hands, and feet have the most pain receptors in the…

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  1. Our world is going through an inner turmoil now, not the great tribulation (as of yet), that is why we are currently in deep prayer. 🙏 We have payed the WOUNDS OF OUR LORD for a few years for the deliverance of ourselves and our loved ones from purgatory and the bondages of sin. May God save us from the Hell that is far greater than any suffering in life in the world..

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