The Queen Who Loves Us, and you, Pope Francis, Can Save Us From MORE Frightful Calamities

Many Great Evils Wash Over Us as in a Violent Flood.

A Time of Crisis

“We behold justice giving way to the victory of the powers of corruption.

The threat of this fearful crisis fills us with great anguish.

From early times Christians have believed that she, from whom was born the Son of God, received grace above all other beings created by God.” Ad Caeli Reginam Pope Pius Xll

A Solution to End the Time of Crisis

A simple prayer, uttered from the loquacious lips of Pope Francis l will unlock the gate which holds back the promise given at Fatima, Portugal, by Mary, in an apparition to three children, who are now Saints, to unleash torrents of heavenly grace and an era of peace upon a world as sinful as it was in the time of Noah

before the great Flood which extinguished most of human life on earth.

A request was made by God through Mary to the Pope by the three little shepherds. It was that he consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart.

Dear Pope Francis you didn’t do the consecration right when you tried. Of course it’s not your fault if you do not have the needed understanding or you are sick. You are extremely busy with worldly affairs and the UN plans for the globe. Perhaps if you paid more attention to Mary than to Pachamama things would work out better, too.

For you, and, for us.

Pope John Paul ll didn’t do it right either, as he forgot to put the word ‘Russia’ in his beautiful consecration.

Heaven (God) wants that huge continent and a half of Mother Russia to be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope and all the Bishops of the world.


On the same day.

The Pope must “command” the Bishops to join him.

Not much to ask

as this act God will flood the world with grace and an epoch of peace.

Especially Russia. The Russian people will all be gloriously happy.

Filled with the light and the grace of God.

Even Vladimir Putin !

Russia has been chosen by God as a vessel of grace to be given to the world in this chaotic era.

Truly an honor for a country to be singled out by God!

God wants Mary to get the ‘credit’ for this great worldly conversion to God.

Because He loves her so for the swords of sorrow she endured while here.

And because her soul is as pure as driven snow. She never committed a sin

while living on this earth.

God wants the whole world to honor the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

He wants her to be honored equally with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

They both abide in heavenly glory, body and soul,

their hearts aflame with love for us, yet sorrowful for a world of sin.

It is like the time of Noah indeed.

When those who didn’t listen to the Words from Heaven

Were found among the bodies strewn about on the highest mountains.

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