Sacred Heart Message To St. Gertrude For The Souls in Purgatory, and, One For The Last Days When The World Has Grown Cold

” I accept with highest pleasure what is offered to Me for the poor souls, for I long inexpressibly to have near Me those for whom I paid so great a price. By the prayers of thy loving soul, I am induced to free a prisoner from piurgatory as often as thou dost move thy tongue to utter a word of prayer”

Well Known Prayer:

“Eternal Father, I offer you You the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus Christ, in union with the Masses said throughout the world today, for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, for sinners every where, those in the Universal Church, in my home, and in my family”

On his own feast day, St. John appeared to Gertrude and placed her by the wounded side of Jesus.

She could hear His beating Sacred Heart. “Why is it O beloved of God,” she asked him, “that you who

Rested on His bosom at the Last Supper have said nothing of what you experienced then?” St.John told her:

“It was my task to present to the first age of the Church the doctrine of the Word made Flesh which no

human intellect can ever fully comprehend. The eloquence of that sweet beating of His Heart is reserved for

the last age for a world grown cold and torpid that it may be set on fire with the love of God.”

Chinese General Chi Says that The Chinese People Inhabited America and were Known as Indians

Retired General Chi Haotian gave two speeches which gained international attention, among other speeches of his. The following excerpt is taken from one:

From: ‘Is Nazi China Emerging? by Rajinder Puri “

General Chi Speaks With Braggidocio:

“We are the product of our cultural roots of more than a million years, our civilization and progress of more than ten thousand years, and a single Chinese entity of two thousand years. This is the Chinese nation that calls itself “descendents of Yan and Huang, the Chinese nation that we are so proud of.

Hitler’s Germany has once bragged that the German race was the most superior race on earth, but the fact is, our nation is far superior to that of the Germans. During our long history, our peoples have disseminated through to the Americas, and the regions along the Pacific Rim, and they became Indians in the Americas and the East Asian ethnic groups in the South Pacific.

We all know that on account of our national superority, during the thriving and prosperous Tang Dynasty our civilization was at the peak of the world. We were the center of the world civilization, and no other civilization in the world was comparable to ours. Later on, because of our complacency, narrow-mindedness and the self enclosure of our own country, we were surpassed by Western civilzation , and the center of the world shifted to the West

By reviewing history one may ask : Will the center of the world civilization shift back to China?

As we all know, Nazi Germany also placed much emphasis on the education of the people, especially the younger generation.

The Nazi party and government organized and established various propaganda and educational institutions such as the “Guiding Bureau of National Propaganda” and “Information Office”.

All were aimed at instilling into the German people’s minds, from elementary schools to colleges, the idea that German people are superior, and convincing people that the historical mission of the Arian people is to become “The Lords of Earth that rule over the world” fair use disclaimer

Brave young soldier, only a boy, about to break downHis youth is gone. His school days consisted of brainwashing books … similar to Critical Race Theory as taught in America now. Children are being prepared.

Remember what Our Lady, Mary Mediatrix of all Grace, said to the people of the Philippines and those of earth:

“Pray hard for China’s dream is to invade the whole world.”

Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace appeared at Lipa Philippines amidst abundant showers of rose petals … many of them carried miniature holy pictures. They fell from the sky … floating straight down … even when the wind was blowing


Kids from 6 months targeted as Pharma-Agencies Endorse Covid/19 Health-Destroying Kill Shots

The Free

Media and Govt are stacked with shareholders stuffing money from Scam Covid Vaccines, etc.. – The Pharma-linked CDC aims to proliferate diseases, not control and prevent them.

You are reading a post 100% censored from Google Search (check it out “ aren’t many great matches for your search

The Pharma-Linked CDC’s ACIP Recommends Health-Destroying Kill Shots

Maximum Profiteering is being linked with a Sinister Desire for mass-extermination of unwanted billions of us

On October 20, the CDC’s so-called Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) said the following:

The Pharma-controlled agencies unanimously “update(d)” its recommended use of hazardous to health vaccines — to include mass-jabbing of kids as young as 6 months old with toxic flu/covid kill shots.

Vaccines Are Dangerous – And Don’t Work – Kindle edition by Dr Vernon …

Earlier I quoted noted scholar/physician, Dr. Vernon Coleman, saying:

“Anyone who tells you vaccines are…

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On the Five Wounds of Christ

Here is a beautiful Sunday ‘sermon’ shining with words and knowledge that is so Catholic. Truly food for the soul. Thank you, Father !

liturgy guy

The following guest post is by frequent contributor Fr. Donald Kloster, a priest of the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The Five Wounds of Christ include the two nail wounds through each palm and wrist as well as two nail wounds through each foot resting on the suppedaneum or foot rest. The fifth wound was inflicted on the right side of Jesus’s chest.

The Romans were experts in the art of torture. The two hand nails (7 to 9 inches long) would have passed through the palm of the hand and out of the back side of the wrist. They were designed to sever the median nerve on impact causing excruciating pain.

The feet were also nailed to the cross through the dorsal pedal artery of each foot which elicited extreme pain as well. It must be noted that the head, hands, and feet have the most pain receptors in the…

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Vaccine Narrative Collapses as Harvard Study Shows Jab More Dangerous than COVID – Centre for Research on Globalization

Thank you for posting this well documented information that the unvaccinated are safer than the faccinated.

AGR Free Press

As boosters that have not been tested on humans are being rolled out across the country, a new study indicates that the jab is far more dangerous than COVID-19 itself. And the CDC has provided false information regarding their tracking of adverse events linked to the vaccines.

As government officials and mainstream media urges the vaccinated toinject a second so-called “bivalent” booster said to be targeting the Omicron variant, it turns out that this substance hasn’t been tested on humans. And the only animal trial that has been performed includedeight mice.

“It hasn’t been proven in a clinical trial, because we don’t have time to do a clinical trial because we need to get the vaccine out now because we have such a situation throughout the world and certainly in the United States, we’re having 400 deaths per day and up to 5,000 hospitalizations a day,”…

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Communist Democrats try to destroy Trump

Must Trump respond to what appears to be a dog and pony show trial? If he does appear he has the capabilities and evidence to knock them off their feet! Maybe it’s a golden opportunity for Trump, a giant of a personality who is filled with ‘truth and who has been taking their commie hits and surviving for some six years. We’ll pray.

Clinton Ma Tea Party

Never-Trumper Liz Cheney and the Corrupt January 6 Committee Unanimously Votes to Subpoena Donald Trump Ahead of Midterms ⋆ 🔔 The Liberty Daily

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The Queen Who Loves Us, and you, Pope Francis, Can Save Us From MORE Frightful Calamities

Many Great Evils Wash Over Us as in a Violent Flood.

A Time of Crisis

“We behold justice giving way to the victory of the powers of corruption.

The threat of this fearful crisis fills us with great anguish.

From early times Christians have believed that she, from whom was born the Son of God, received grace above all other beings created by God.” Ad Caeli Reginam Pope Pius Xll

A Solution to End the Time of Crisis

A simple prayer, uttered from the loquacious lips of Pope Francis l will unlock the gate which holds back the promise given at Fatima, Portugal, by Mary, in an apparition to three children, who are now Saints, to unleash torrents of heavenly grace and an era of peace upon a world as sinful as it was in the time of Noah

before the great Flood which extinguished most of human life on earth.

A request was made by God through Mary to the Pope by the three little shepherds. It was that he consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart.

Dear Pope Francis you didn’t do the consecration right when you tried. Of course it’s not your fault if you do not have the needed understanding or you are sick. You are extremely busy with worldly affairs and the UN plans for the globe. Perhaps if you paid more attention to Mary than to Pachamama things would work out better, too.

For you, and, for us.

Pope John Paul ll didn’t do it right either, as he forgot to put the word ‘Russia’ in his beautiful consecration.

Heaven (God) wants that huge continent and a half of Mother Russia to be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope and all the Bishops of the world.


On the same day.

The Pope must “command” the Bishops to join him.

Not much to ask

as this act God will flood the world with grace and an epoch of peace.

Especially Russia. The Russian people will all be gloriously happy.

Filled with the light and the grace of God.

Even Vladimir Putin !

Russia has been chosen by God as a vessel of grace to be given to the world in this chaotic era.

Truly an honor for a country to be singled out by God!

God wants Mary to get the ‘credit’ for this great worldly conversion to God.

Because He loves her so for the swords of sorrow she endured while here.

And because her soul is as pure as driven snow. She never committed a sin

while living on this earth.

God wants the whole world to honor the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

He wants her to be honored equally with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

They both abide in heavenly glory, body and soul,

their hearts aflame with love for us, yet sorrowful for a world of sin.

It is like the time of Noah indeed.

When those who didn’t listen to the Words from Heaven

Were found among the bodies strewn about on the highest mountains.

Disturbing Details Coming to Light with Nordstream Pipeline Bombing

The Most Revolutionary Act

Free West Media

US helicopters circled over Nordstream for weeks

The Arabic news channel Al Mayadeen reported that weeks before the attack, US helicopters were circling over the sea area where the fatal explosions took place on September 26 with a striking frequency.

This can be reconstructed using the flight data from the online service “Flightradar24”. According to this, at the beginning of September, just under a month before the attack, a US Navy Sikorsky MH-60R “Seahawk” helicopter was circling for hours on several consecutive days – especially on September 1, 2 and 3 later over the area of the damaged natural gas pipelines not far from the island of Bornholm.

According to the aircraft tracking portal, the US helicopter flew from Gdansk to the area where the Nordstream pipelines were several times.

On September 10 and 19, US helicopters also flew over Nordstream 1, and on the nights between September…

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