Tulsi Gabbard: WEF-Klaus Schwab “Young Global Leader”; Council on Foreign Relations; Lt. Colonel in US Army Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations (aka Psy-Ops)

Thank you for this well researched information about Tulsi Gabbard, She sounded like someone we could vote for but she is absolutely NOT someone to vote for. Let’s not get taken in anymore. She’s a spy.

Mining Awareness +

Former member of the US Congress, US Army Lt. Colonel Tulsi Gabbard, one of WEF-Schwab’s “Young Global Leaders”, and former CFR member, is in US Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations (See more details further below). She was serving in the Horn of Africa last year. Why does she support Putin, Assad, and China? Is this the official US Army position? Has it been coopted? If not, why is there a Lt. Colonel in the US Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command acting like she is doing public affairs for the Russian, Syrian and Chinese regimes? Presidents Putin and Xi (China) appear to be Klaus Schwab henchmen, even though Schwab has just formerly disclaimed Putin’s activities. Should we believe his disclaimer? In one YouTube video, Gabbard was highly critical of US Senator Wicker, who was simply practicing verbal deterrence in a sort of mild-mannered version of Trump. Wicker and…

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