Awesome Blessing on America! Apparition of Our Lady In Champion WI 1859 Was Approved By Bishop David Ricken On December 8 2010


After the beautiful Lady radiant with light asked her to teach the children their Catechism in this largely unsettled and forested area of early Wisconsin, Adele Brise went from home to home on foot,  She offered to do the housework of the Mothers and told them they could pay her by letting her teach the children their Catechism.

“For over one hundred fifty-one years, a continuous flow of the faithful has come to Champion, Wisconsin to pray, to seek solace and comfort in times of trouble and to petition Our Lord Jesus Christ through the powerful intercession of Our Lady of Good Help.

Incessant prayer has gone up in this place based upon the word of a young Belgian immigrant woman, Adele Brise, who in October 1859 said that the Blessed Mother, a Lady clothed in dazzling white, had appeared to her on this site.

The Lady was elevated slightly…

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