The Ideology of Feminism Strengthens as The Synodal Path is Walked by the Catholic Church

Feminist ideology is Alive and Well as the Synod nears and Women are appointed to Dicasteriesl The Stained Glass Ceiling of the Catholic Church is Cracking. photo credit: Pinterest: Jamima Bone Architecture Imperatives

“Pope Francis has often emphasised the need to listen to women and find space for a responsible collaboration in daily life at all levels.

“Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi , beginning with the Plenary Assembly of February 15, on the theme: “Women’s Cultures: Between Equality and Difference , had the idea of setting up a permanent organ in the Pontifical Council for Culture both as a presence and voice of the many fields of womens lives and also as positive and critical support for the Dicastery’s Initiatives.

Members include followers of many religions and non believers and they offer a woman’s perspective on the Dicastery’s activities,

They participate by offering advice and opinions. In some circumstances, at the explicit invitation of the Cardinal President, they also offer proposals and carry out actions for the Pontifical Council For Culture.

Following a positive experience lasting from 2016-2018, the group has reformed for a second period due to last 2018-2022. FROM THE WEBSITE OF ‘WORLD UNION OF CATHOLIC WOMEN’S 0RGANIZATIONS


  • Franciscan Sister of the Eucharist Raffaella Petrini, the current secretary general of the Governorate of Vatican City State.
  • Sister Yvonne Reungoat, former superior general of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians,
  • Maria Lia Zervino, president of the World Union of Catholic Womens Organizations

From the website of the World Union of Catholic Womens Organizations

‘Inside The Vatican’, a Bimonthly Magazine Which is a Pleasure to Receive, has detailed information on all. “For example: “Catholic News Service highlighted the address of Sr. Becquart to the membership of New Ways Ministry, an LGBTQ – advocacy group for Catholics whose views have been ruled as “doctrinally unacceptable” by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. In her April 3 lecture via zoom, entitled “Synodality: A Path of Reconciliation,’ Sr. Becquart told LGBTQ Catholics that “the aim of a synod is to foster communion and build a consensus.” and she emphasized the need to listen to everybody, especially those who feel they have no voice – those from the margins.”

Sister Becquart’s new Vatican position comes with voting rights on texts debated by the Synod of Bishops – as the website FemCatholic notes, “putting her in a position to help make key decisions during the process.”

From ‘Inside the Vatican’ Sept. Oct. p.18

Haurietis Aquas wonders what Mother Angelica would have to say. If only we could have her back ……