US Act of War Against EU: Did Biden Order the Attack on Nordstream II?

The Most Revolutionary Act

Michel Chossudofsky

Global Research

Sabotage is the most likely cause of leaks in two Baltic Sea gas pipelines between Russia and Europe, European leaders have said, after seismologists reported explosions around the Nord Stream pipelines.”

According to European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen “the leaks” into the Baltic sea were due to “sabotage”: 

Any deliberate disruption of active European energy infrastructure is unacceptable and will lead to the strongest possible response,” she warned, and urged and investigation to get full clarity on the “events and why”.

Danish prime minister Mette Frederiksen described them as “deliberate acts”, adding: “We are not talking about an accident.”

Von Der Leyen did not elaborate as to who might have been behind these “deliberate acts” of sabotage. 


In a televised news February 7, 2022 interview the President of the United States acknowledged that the United States would act against Nord Stream…

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Tulsi Gabbard: WEF-Klaus Schwab “Young Global Leader”; Council on Foreign Relations; Lt. Colonel in US Army Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations (aka Psy-Ops)

Thank you for this well researched information about Tulsi Gabbard, She sounded like someone we could vote for but she is absolutely NOT someone to vote for. Let’s not get taken in anymore. She’s a spy.

Mining Awareness +

Former member of the US Congress, US Army Lt. Colonel Tulsi Gabbard, one of WEF-Schwab’s “Young Global Leaders”, and former CFR member, is in US Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations (See more details further below). She was serving in the Horn of Africa last year. Why does she support Putin, Assad, and China? Is this the official US Army position? Has it been coopted? If not, why is there a Lt. Colonel in the US Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command acting like she is doing public affairs for the Russian, Syrian and Chinese regimes? Presidents Putin and Xi (China) appear to be Klaus Schwab henchmen, even though Schwab has just formerly disclaimed Putin’s activities. Should we believe his disclaimer? In one YouTube video, Gabbard was highly critical of US Senator Wicker, who was simply practicing verbal deterrence in a sort of mild-mannered version of Trump. Wicker and…

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Awesome Blessing on America! Apparition of Our Lady In Champion WI 1859 Was Approved By Bishop David Ricken On December 8 2010


After the beautiful Lady radiant with light asked her to teach the children their Catechism in this largely unsettled and forested area of early Wisconsin, Adele Brise went from home to home on foot,  She offered to do the housework of the Mothers and told them they could pay her by letting her teach the children their Catechism.

“For over one hundred fifty-one years, a continuous flow of the faithful has come to Champion, Wisconsin to pray, to seek solace and comfort in times of trouble and to petition Our Lord Jesus Christ through the powerful intercession of Our Lady of Good Help.

Incessant prayer has gone up in this place based upon the word of a young Belgian immigrant woman, Adele Brise, who in October 1859 said that the Blessed Mother, a Lady clothed in dazzling white, had appeared to her on this site.

The Lady was elevated slightly…

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The Ideology of Feminism Strengthens as The Synodal Path is Walked by the Catholic Church

Feminist ideology is Alive and Well as the Synod nears and Women are appointed to Dicasteriesl The Stained Glass Ceiling of the Catholic Church is Cracking. photo credit: Pinterest: Jamima Bone Architecture Imperatives

“Pope Francis has often emphasised the need to listen to women and find space for a responsible collaboration in daily life at all levels.

“Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi , beginning with the Plenary Assembly of February 15, on the theme: “Women’s Cultures: Between Equality and Difference , had the idea of setting up a permanent organ in the Pontifical Council for Culture both as a presence and voice of the many fields of womens lives and also as positive and critical support for the Dicastery’s Initiatives.

Members include followers of many religions and non believers and they offer a woman’s perspective on the Dicastery’s activities,

They participate by offering advice and opinions. In some circumstances, at the explicit invitation of the Cardinal President, they also offer proposals and carry out actions for the Pontifical Council For Culture.

Following a positive experience lasting from 2016-2018, the group has reformed for a second period due to last 2018-2022. FROM THE WEBSITE OF ‘WORLD UNION OF CATHOLIC WOMEN’S 0RGANIZATIONS


  • Franciscan Sister of the Eucharist Raffaella Petrini, the current secretary general of the Governorate of Vatican City State.
  • Sister Yvonne Reungoat, former superior general of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians,
  • Maria Lia Zervino, president of the World Union of Catholic Womens Organizations

From the website of the World Union of Catholic Womens Organizations

‘Inside The Vatican’, a Bimonthly Magazine Which is a Pleasure to Receive, has detailed information on all. “For example: “Catholic News Service highlighted the address of Sr. Becquart to the membership of New Ways Ministry, an LGBTQ – advocacy group for Catholics whose views have been ruled as “doctrinally unacceptable” by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. In her April 3 lecture via zoom, entitled “Synodality: A Path of Reconciliation,’ Sr. Becquart told LGBTQ Catholics that “the aim of a synod is to foster communion and build a consensus.” and she emphasized the need to listen to everybody, especially those who feel they have no voice – those from the margins.”

Sister Becquart’s new Vatican position comes with voting rights on texts debated by the Synod of Bishops – as the website FemCatholic notes, “putting her in a position to help make key decisions during the process.”

From ‘Inside the Vatican’ Sept. Oct. p.18

Haurietis Aquas wonders what Mother Angelica would have to say. If only we could have her back ……

The Coming Chastisement: Revelations to Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora

November 21, 1774-May 2, 1825 Beatified April 14, 1994 by Pope John Paul II

One hundred years before the apparitions of Fatima, Blessed Elizabeth had received similar messages for mankind. Today the manuscripts are kept in the archives of the Trinitarian Fathers at San Carlino, Rome. There are hundreds of notebook pages. On May 11, 1990 the ecclesiastical censor entusted by the Holy See with the the judgment of the writings of Elizabeth Canoli Mora affirms: “there is nothing in the writings of Elizabeth Canoli Mora which is contrary to the faith and good customs, nor is there any doctrine foreign to the common and customary sentiment of Holy Mother Church.”

A humble and prudent consideration of the words of Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora throws valuable light on our chaotic times and gives us great hope for a better future.

The manuscripts of Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora

“The May, 2002 issue of the Brazilian magazine Catolicismo carried a lead article about the private revelations which are not well known. They tie in remarkably with those of Fatima. The TFP website decided to reproduce key extracts.” They are as follows:

Many of the prophetic visions of Blessed Elizabeth deal with a profound crisis in the Church.

Crisis in The Church

On Christmas Eve,1813. Elizabeth was transported in ecstasy to a place refulgent with light. There she saw countless saints in adoration before a humble manger. The Infant Jesus signaled her sweetly to approach, but on drawing near she saw that He was soaking in His own Blood.”Just the thought of it fills me with horror” she wrote.”But at the same time, I understood the reason for the shedding of blood was the bad habits of many priests and religious who do not behave according to their state in life and the bad education given to children by their fathers, mothers and others entrusted with this duty. They, who should increase the spirit of the Lord in the hearts of others by their good example, instead mortally persecute Him with their bad conduct and teachings.

She relates that on February 14, 1814, she saw many ministers of the Lord who rob each other and furiously tear off the sacred vestments.”

I saw the sacred altars despoiled by the very ministers of God.”

On March 22, 1814 she “saw the Holy Father surrounded by wolves who intended to betray him.” This was while she was praying for the Holy Father.


“I saw the Sanhedrin of wolves which surrounded the Pope (Pius Vll) and two angels weeping.. When I asked them why they were sad and lamenting, looking upon Rome with eyes full of compassion, they responded: “Wretched city, ungrateful people, the justice of God will chastise you.”


On January 16, 1815, angels showed her many ecclesiastics who persecute Jesus Crucified and His holy Gospel under the guise of doing good. Like furious wolves they scheme to pull the Church leader down from his throne.” Then she was allowed to see the terrible indignation these wolves aroused in God. “In terror I saw the blazing lightning bolts of Divine Justice fall about me. I saw buildings collapsing in ruins, cities, regions, and the whole world fell into chaos. One heard nothing but countless weak voices calling out for mercy. Countless people will be killed.

“His gaze alone was enough to incinerate the whole world.

What terrified her most was the just anger of God. She saw Him “extremely angry with those who persecute Him. His omnipotent hands were holding bolts of lightning This vision lasted but an instant, whereupon she recalled – “had it continued for another minute I would have died.”


How can I relate what happened to the Holy College.? Because of contrary doctrines, together with the secular clergy,, they were scattered, persecuted and murdered by the impious. The regular clergy had nostsuffered a dispersion, but were also decimated. Countless men of all conditions died in the massacre, but not all were condemned for among them were those of decent customs and others of holy life.


On Christmas, 1816, Blessed Elizabeth saw Our Lady, who appeared extremely sad. Upon inquiring why, Our Lady answered. “Behold my daughter, such great unGodliness. Blessed Elizabeth then saw apostates brazenly trying to rip her Holy Son from her arms. Confronted with such an outrage, the Mother of God ceased to ask mercy for the world and instead requested Justice from the eternal Father.

At that moment all nature went into convulsions. The world lost its normal order. and was filled with the most terrible calamity imaginable. This will be something so deplorable and atrocious that it will reduce the world to the ultimate depths of desolation.


On the Feast of St. Peter and Paul June 29, 1820, she saw St. Peter descending from heaven in papal vestments, and, surrounded by a legion of angels. With his crozier, he drew a cross over the face of the earth, separating it into four quadrants. In each of these quadrants he brought forth a tree, sprouting with new life and enveloped in magnificent light. Each tree was sin the shape of a Cross. All the good laity and religious fled for protection underneath these trees. They were spared from the tremendous chastisement.

“Woe Woe to those unobservant religious who despise their Holy rules. They will all perish in the terrible chastisement together with all those who give themselves to debauchery and follow the false maxims of their deplorable contemporary philosophy.”

The sky took on a morbid blue color which terrified everyone who looked at it.

An impassioned and mournful shrieking filled the air like the terrible roar of a fierce lion, and it resounded throughout the whole earth in blood curdling echoes.

“Behold, my daughter! Such great ungodliness.”