Eric Trump puts FBI on notice: Raiding officers were recorded

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‘We will be releasing the video surveillance footage when the time is right’

(Photo by Amir Hanna on Unsplash)

Eric Trump is putting the FBI on notice regarding the weaponized agency’s raid on President Donald Trump’s home in Florida: the officers who were there were recorded.

Eric Trump, the president’s son, in an interview with Sean Hannity, confirmed that “We will be releasing the video surveillance footage when the time is right.”

He also confirmed that FBI agents had asked for Mar-a-Lago’s surveillance cameras to be turned off, which staff members at the president’s home refused to do.

Eric Trump pointed out how insisting that cameras be turned off flies in the face of the concept of transparency in law enforcement. (Click Here)

The raid was carried out last week when President Trump was not at home. It purportedly was to reclaim government documents from Trump, who…

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China and the Mandate of Heaven: The Right to Overthrow Morally Unfit Rulers

Good advice from ancient China. Take down that red curtain wherever it is hung in any country. Let the world be free. That goes for the red curtain which is being unfurled over America as we speak. Down with Communism!!

The Most Revolutionary Act

Episode 6: The Zhou and the Mandate of Heaven

Foundations of Eastern Civilization

Dr Craig Benjamin (2013)

Film Review

In 1046 AD Wu, the first Zhou king, overthrew the Shang Dynasty with the help of vassal states fed up with paying tribute to corrupt kings. The longest ruling dynasty (1046-256 BC), the Zhou also introduced China’s longstanding “Mandate of Heaven.” Under the Mandate of Heaven, rebel leaders asserted the god-given right to seize power from leaders who became morally unfit to rule.

The Zhou dynasty is known for fair and humane rule of their subjects. Greatly expanding the territory they inherited from the Shang, they allowed vassal kings to pay tribute and continued ruling in territories the Zhou military had conquered.

During their first century of rule, the Zhou kings worshiped the Shang gods (Di and his vassal gods), but later focused more on worshiping ancestors and nature gods. Human…

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EXCLUSIVE: Veteran Calls For Sunday Protest at FBI Headquarters in Washington DC to Protest the Out-of-Control FBI and its Actions Against President Trump

Thank you for your service and your continuing care for the constitution and for Americans homeland. God bless you as you go !

Clinton Ma Tea Party

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Our Lady’s Wedding Ring

“Countless miracles surround the ring” Aleteia Devout young engaged couples touch their rings to it.

On July 29, 1821, Catherine Emmerich had a vision of the separate grave-clothes of Our Lord Jesus and of images of Our Lord which had been miraculously imprinted on cloths. Her visions led her through various places in which these holy relics were sometimes preserved with great honor and sometimes forgotten by men and venerated only by the angels and by devout souls. In the course of these visions she thought that she saw Our Lady’s wedding ring preserved in one of these places, and spoke of it as follows.

“I saw the Blessed Virgin’s wedding ring. It is neither of silver nor of gold, nor of any other material; it is not a thin narrow ring, but rather thick and at least a finger broad. I saw it smooth and yet as if covered with little regular triangles in which were letters.

On the inside was a flat surface. The ring is engraved with something. I saw it kept behind many locks in a beautiful Church.

On August 3, 1821, she said: “In the last few days I have seen much of Mary’s wedding ring, but as a result of disturbances and pain I can no longer give a connected account of it. Today I saw a festival in a Church in Italy where the wedding ring is to be found. It seemed to me to be hung up in a kind of monstrance which stood above the Tabernacle”

“I saw Mary and Joseph appearing in their wedding garments on each side of the ring, as if Joseph were placing the ring on the Blessed Virgin’s finger. At the same time I saw the ring shining and as if in movement.

The wedding ring of Joseph and Mary is kept in the Cathedral of Perugia, in Italy