A Case for Redoing the 2020 Election Now

Thank you for posting this; I read the ‘Truth’ yesterday and wondered ‘how can this be done’ Trump gave wise words to a solution in giving the remedy of (1 Declare the rightful winner or 92declare the 2020 Election irreparably compromised and have a new election immediately. He isn’t even pushing himself in this ‘Truth’ which so many members ‘retruthed’. Many answers are given here and now I see that it is a terrible danger if we don’t do something right away.

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President Trump shared in a Truth yesterday that the 2020 Election should be awarded to the rightful winner or should be redone.

No doubt the left, RINOs, and their media hacks all laughed at such a sally. But is it that far-fetched?

We know that in the 2020 Election millions of ballots were inserted that we don’t know where they came from and millions more that we don’t know who signed them.  This is because the chain of custody documentation is missing and signatures were not checked on millions of ballots.  In addition, in Wisconsin the ballot drop boxes used in the election were illegal and tens of thousands of ballots were dropped in these devices.

We know that the results of the election had bizarre patterns that clearly were not random. We saw huge blocks of ballot drops and then consistent patterns of Biden to Trump results after that point.

IT experts in…

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