When the Families Go, the Nations Will Go! … THE FALL OF FAMILIES: Bayside Heavenly Messages Unfold

I see this as prophecy, given some forty years ago, which has been and is still … coming true.

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“Evil creations from hell…all manner of abominations are entering into the homes of your nation and the countries throughout the World. It will be an absolute necessity now for all parents to act as a director, a leader in the homes. The greatest attack from Satan shall be upon family life. If you break down the family, you will break down the nation. ”

My children, I cry too, bitter tears of remorse for what we see now happening in your world, the earth. Man is plunging fast to the brink of his own destruction. There is no place for men to hide from what shall come upon him.’’ “It is well, children of the earth, that you spend now your time in prayer and penance. Many shall die soon. Many shall die without the opportunity to make amends for the salvation of his…

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3 thoughts on “When the Families Go, the Nations Will Go! … THE FALL OF FAMILIES: Bayside Heavenly Messages Unfold

  1. Darrell Wright

    “The greatest attack from Satan shall be upon family life.”
    The same thing was said by the Impostor Sr Lucia (first appeared in 1967)
    The Real Sr Lucia said something else in her last public words:

    Bayside, like Garabandal and Medjugorje, doesn’t mention the greatest evil underlying everything else: the creation of a Masonic Ecumenical counter-church beginning with the usurper John XXIII and put into high gear with the Homosexual NWO asset Paul VI the “Destroyer”. Catholics need to know about the scandalous behavior and heretical teachings of these Vatican II papal claimants, 3 of whom are ignominiously called “Saint” – thus “canonizing Vatican II in the minds of the deluded Catholic faithful.

    John Paul II: chiesavia.com/430%20mensile%20ing.pdf (96 p. with lots of pics; p.2: read “Fr Luigi Villa, S.T.D.”)
    Paul VI: catholicendtimetruths.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Chiesa-viva-441-S-en-OK-1.pdf (Accomplice to Murder: p.21; Freemason: p.30; Homosexual: p.55)
    John XXIII: traditionalcatholic.co/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/John-XXIII-Beatified.pdf

    Fr Villa, a close friend of Padre Pio, was given a Papal Mandate by Pius XII to uncover the traitors at the top of the Church. He admitted that there were “some secrets that I have to take with me to my grave.” One of them, I believe, was the usurpation of the papacy by the sworn enemies of the Church. His last article is very revealing, and touches upon the subject:

    Click to access Chiesa_viva_486_en-_FINAL.pdf

    Save these links. They contain very important and little known information.


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