REBEL YELL: John Pilger – Assange Is The Courageous Embodiment Of A Struggle Against The Most Oppressive Forces In Our World

The time is here for all men and women of good heart to rise. Truth in journalism, as Julius Assange has proven by writing it, is evil? That means we have reached the time when we see black as white and add two plus two up to be five. This article says it all!


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  • “…Driven by new opportunities of profit, the cult of “me-ism” had subverted people’s sense of acting together, their sense and language of social justice and internationalism. Class, gender and race were separated; class as a way of explaining society became heresy. The personal was the political, and the media was the message. The propaganda was that something called globalism was good for you. Corporatism, its specious language and its authoritarianism, appropriated much about the way we lived, ensuring what the economist Ted Wheelwright called a “Two Thirds Society”—with the bottom third beholden to debt and poverty while an unrecognised class war uprooted and destroyed the power of labour. In 2008, the election of the first black president in the land of slavery and the fabrication of a new cold war completed the political disorientation of those who, 20 years earlier, would have formed a critical opposition and…

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