Is It Possible That You Are a Member of the Ecclesiastical Freemasonry, Dear Pope ?

Oh No ! Hope springs eternal that it isn’t true. Emerald green hope wells up in our hearts that this photograph, of a young Francis, displaying a well known masonic gesture, also seen in that famous statue of the well known ‘leader’ and Mason, Napoleon Bonaparte, does not signify your collaboration in his style of masonry

Dear Bishop of Rome, The Title you Wish,

We love you, our leader and you are in so many of our prayers that heaven must be ringing with them. Did you know Cardinal Villot and Archbishop Cassaroli were members of that secret club of which I speak? They were before your time but perhaps you heard or felt the force during your tenure?

It is possible that you did know Archbishop Bugnini. He is the one who so brilliantly reformed the Mass of the ages into a perfect copy of the worship service of Protestantism. But of course you know that.

Speaking of that, it has come to the attention of many Catholics that you too are filled with that hate tinted hostility towards that same Mass. We comprehend this in the many pages of Traditionis Custodis. Its’ pages actually shine with a glaring light.

Being that you are the Vicar of Christ on Earth, my worry and consternation overflows with the thought that you may be a member of this organization, known to all as having as its’ goal the destruction of the Catholic Church, whose Mass has filled the world with Grace since the Crucifixion of its’ Founder, Christ.

You can surely understand my concerns fueled by knowledge of the consequences which will surely befall the earth without the Grace of God. One feels that Gods’ grace is already being withdrawn by the many crimes filling the earth with misery.

And you, Bishop of Rome, could be held responsible for quite a lot of it. After all, you are blocking the channels of grace which the Catholic Church offers to the world if, in fact, you are a member of the aproned ones. The words of previous Popes have been like a storm of great thunder and cracking lightning against evil ideologies. Your words confuse as you mess with our minds.

Life and Blessings and Health to the Pope, Our Holy Father

Christus Vincit

Christus Regnat

Christus Christus Imperat

An Eighty Nine Year Old Great Grand Mother