Pope Francis: Is He the ‘Little Finger’?

The Masonic Brotherhood, seed bed of anti Catholic sentiments, greets the supposed Vicar of Christ on Earth with joy? The ecumenical Pope probably is a brother, so there should be no surprise to see him treated as one. Welcome Your Holiness ! You are doing an awesome job.

OR perhaps he is not a brother, Perhaps he is just the “little finger” mentioned in the Alta Vendita. That would be all the aproned ones need in order to finally crumple the Church.

So they think !!! Just “one little finger to do our bidding” as the Vendita states. Having the whole man would be “more than we could dream of”

And Francis has said “There is no Catholic Pope”

So, who is he?

I purchased my ‘Alta Vendita’ from the Fatima Center. It is a most interesting and heart rending read. It is the Masonic plan to destroy the Church, the only one on earth which houses God Himself, Body and Soul, in that little golden tabernacle.