Nellie Was 3 and She Had Often Seen ‘Holy God’. Her Love of the Body and Blood of Christ in the Eucharist Inspired Pius X to Lower the Age From 12 To 7 Years for First Communion.

After issuing Quam Singulari, the Pope said “May God enrich with every blessing … all who recommend frequent Communion to little boys and girls. He named Nellie Organ as the model for First Communicants. It was not unusual at this time in the history of the Catholic Church that a drop of the consecrated wine, was given to a little baby who was sick. Their condition improved.

She is too young to be canonized a Saint” Pope Pius X However, all the papers for the initiation of her cause lay in the Vatican’s giant storehouse of important papers They are bound in leather,, and, were brought by loving sisters and nurses who took care of Nellie, whose name is Ellen Organ.

Her mother died of tuberculosis when Nellie was three. She died with Nellie hugging her. Her mother had taught her the Rosary, and, Nellie called the crucifix Holy God. When Dad would take her to Mass, she was only two years old. She skipped along beside him, holding his hand and saying “We’re going to see Holy God.”

Tuberculosis was rampant in 1907 in Ireland. William Organ, a soldier in the British army was unable to provide proper care for his children in 1907 Waterford, Ireland. He had to separate them. Thomas, 9, was sent to the Christian Brothers, David to the Sisters of Mercy and Mary and Nellie were sent to the Good Shepherd Sisters in Cork City.

It was found that Nellie had a very painful crooked spine. Her hip and back were not aligned and it was then also discovered that she had advanced tuberculosis with only a few months to live.

She never complained of pain and appeared to understand the Eucharist. She loved the Eucharist dearly and would ask the sisters to kiss her when they were coming back from Communion so she could share Jesus. She was only three years old.

She would tell the Sisters that she saw God and his Blessed Mother. When one of the Sisters carried her around the chapel , she would stop at each station for a prayer. Nelly was crying so piteously that Sister had to stop and ask her what was wrong. “Why are they doing that to God” she said and more tears fell.

Other such incidents would occur, and, the Sisters called the Bishop to come see Nelly. She was near death and the Bishop came. After talking with the child the Bishop decided to confirm her. Shortly thereafter, the Bishop became convinced of the sanctity of this little one and decided that she should receive her First Holy Communion.

ON December 6, 190,, she received her First Holy Communion. She was filled with light and talking to Jesus. She had to be taken to her bed room where she continued talking to Jesus for hours afterwrds in her room. This same phenomenon occurred every time she received Jesus. She became so beautiful and radian that she had to be taken to her room wherein she would talk to Jesus all day.

Little Nelly of Holy God died on February 2, 1908.

The story of her short little life with her visions of Jesus and Mary spread all over Europe, which is how Pope Pius X heard about it. He had been considering lowering the age of Holy Communion and the story of Little Nelly of Holy God convinced him.


This is an actual photo of Little Nellies favorite toy. The Infant of Prague Statue


Sister Mary Dominic, R.G.S Little Nelly of Holy God