The message of Our Lady of Akita looms large amid increased risk of nuclear annihilation

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Statue of Our Lady of Akita

From LifeSiteNews:

As Western neoconservatives continue to recklessly hurl the world toward nuclear war with Russia, warnings from approved apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Akita, Japan, provide a foreboding warning. 

The convent of the Handmaids of the Holy Eucharistin Akitabecame the site of multiple supernatural events following the arrival of an incurably deafnovice named Sr. AgnesKatsukoSasagawain 1973.

A month following her entrance in May,reports of visions of “brilliant light” emanating from the tabernacle along with a type of smokein the sanctuaryand even “a multitude of beings similar to Angels who surrounded the altar in adoration” were reported andobservedby even the local bishop and others.

Later, many hundreds of people witnessed a now famous statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary weeping on 101 occasions between 1975 and 1981.

But Sr. Agnes also received visions and direct communications from her Guardian Angel and the Blessed Virgin, some containing dire warnings and an urging…

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2 thoughts on “The message of Our Lady of Akita looms large amid increased risk of nuclear annihilation

  1. Darrell Wright

    Jesus said in the latter times even the elect will be deceived. Here is evidence that Akita is the work of the devil, not Our Lady:
    “The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church…”

    I’m sorry, but the work of the devil had been infiltrating into the Church for a very long time.

    “…pray for the Pope, the bishops, and the priests.”

    The “pope’ at the time was antipope Paul VI, the destroyer of all things Catholic. The truth about this homosexual Freemason and accomplice to murder can be seen here: (96 p. with pics; Murder accomplice: p.21; Freemason: p.30; Homosexual: p.55)

    Padre Pio told Fr Luigi Villa in 1963, the year Paul VI was invalidly elected, that “Satan has already entered into the slippers of the pope.” See (error p. 8: read “Impostor Sr Lucia of Fatima,” as proves)


    1. Hi and thanks. There is so much confusion in the air. It is most trying for us. I have read most of Luigi Villa’s life and works and I believe everything about this poor holy priest. He probably will be canonized some day. As far as Akita … it seems like the Church is playing it down big time in their usual socialistic fashion. I don’t know. Thanks so much for commenting. I appreciate it. God Bless.


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