Saint Joseph Saved My Life

St. Joseph appeared at Fatima with the Child Jesus and they both blessed the world. St. Josephs time is here. We must ‘Go to Joseph’ Thanks for this awesome article of reminder for us. Beautiful pictures too.

Catholic Diocese of Arlington

Sister Clare Hunter, F.S.E., is convinced that she is alive today due to the intercession of St. Joseph. She shares her remarkable story.

By: Sister Clare Hunter, F.S.E.

A darting light sprints across the heavens and stops before the larger light representing God, ready to receive a mission. The opening scene in “It’s a Wonderful Life” when God calls St. Joseph to go and help the Bailey family has always been very moving to me. Secular though it may be, I believe it is a wonderful depiction of God entrusting St. Joseph with the mission to save a man in need. Recently it occurred to me that the scene resonates so deeply because I believe that St. Joseph saved my life.

St. Joseph the Worker

When I was 15, my brave parents shared the story of the decision to abort me. Swayed by many influences, they felt it would be the right solution for…

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