Pope Benedict XVI: “Our Handling of the Eucharist Can Only Arouse Concern” Essay: Church and Scandal of Sexual Abuse


Midst the delicacy and ingenuity of his language we find what Pope Benedict XVI offers us.
“Our handling of the Eucharist can only arouse concern” writes Pope Benedict XVI in his essay ‘ The Church and the Scandal of Sexual Abuse:’

“The Second Vatican Council was rightly focused on returning this Sacrament of the Presence of the Body and Blood of Christ, of the Presence of His Person, of His Passion, Death and Resurrection, to the center of Christian life and to being strong.

The very existence of the Church is undermined.

In part, this has really come about, and we should be most grateful to the Lord for it, and yet a rather different attitude is prevalent.

What predominates is not a new reverence for the presence of Christ’s death and resurrection, but a way of dealing with Him … that destroys the greatness of His mystery.”

Pope Emeritus…

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