Powerful NLAW Tank Destroyers Given to Ukraine Soldiers. Can Be Shot From The Shoulder and Crushes Russian MBTs (Main Battle Tanks) As Though They Were Tin Cans

The NLAW (Next Generation Light Anti Tank Weapon) totally destroys even the most advanced tank, and, saab.com the maker, continues to work with soldiers to provide the weaponry needed to succeed.

Have you seen pictures of the Russian tanks, compacted nearly, and, turned grey in color from the heat of this warhead which weighs only 12.5 kg ?

I have wondered about these pictures of three or four Russian tanks … completely folded … laying on their sides in the mud. Many of them.

I have never seen such destruction in buildings. Tall buildings. Still standing with all the windows blown out and fractured spears of cement hanging downwards.

Then I read about the NLAWs. I can’t say who is giving these goliaths of destruction to the Ukrainian soldiers but there’s only one answer. A NATO member country.

These light weapons can attack from any position, from up high in a building to behind a tree or in a ditch. You can fire down 45 degrees and can shoot from inside a building, from a basement or from the second floor of a building out of the range of most tanks.

Time from target detection to engagement is approximately 5 seconds.

The NLAW, weighing only 12.5 Kg. and its ability to be held on the shoulders gives the enemy something to think about. They can no longer employ traditional tactics when faced with NLAW weapons.

It is capable of attacking from any position, from up high in a building to behind a tree or in a ditch.

The NLAW Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapon eliminates even the most advanced tanks. It is best in class for dismounted light forces that operate in all environments, including built up areas. High kill probability every time. God help us! Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for us who have recourse to Thee.!

Taken from: saab.com

See these things in action: