PURE EVIL: California Assembly Bill 2223 Seeks to Decriminalize the Killing of Babies Post-Birth up to One Year Old

No human can now say that the foetus is just a clump of cells. Doctors taking a scalpel or a hypodermic needle to the delicate skin of a little baby is first degree murder. Can’t they See? The medical profession which is promoting this needs help. Or maybe the law will allow the mothers themselves to do the ‘procedure’. We are over the moon in crime! . Where are the Bishops? Where are some of the papal words of old? Silence is heavy in the air. Where are they who should speak?

National Addiction News

“What the bill actually does is it decriminalizes mothers or anybody helping mothers involved or any actions related to something called perinatal death… Perinatal death is the death of a child, either 22 weeks old in the womb, till up to seven days, 27 days, 28 days, even sometimes, I’ve heard, up to a year after birth. The legislature has not really defined this particular term that we can find, but if you Google it, you’ll find all the definitions include death after birth, up to seven days. And so now the law is going to decriminalize any type of actions that either the mother or somebody else takes against a child who was born, whether healthy, whether [handicapped], it doesn’t matter.”

This bill can be viewed at: https://openstates.org/ca/bills/20212022/AB2223/

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