The Coming Quagmire – The Donbas & Ukraine’s Not So Secret Weapon (The Russian Invasion of Ukraine #33)

Very interesting article about the disadvantage the Russians will experience in Ukraine. The author has experienced the poor roads and the bogging down in mud due to the spring rains. Very interesting aspect. The Russian troops will suffer. They have already experienced frost bit from the severe cold.

Europe Between East And West

Many years ago I was talking with a colleague who had a great deal of experience with search and rescue operations in a wilderness area of the Rocky Mountains. They told me a memorable story about a fatality that occurred when a coworker took a fall and died before they could be rescued. The fall was not from an especially great height, but because the person was in such an unforgiving environment their chance of survival was slim. My colleague then went on to explain how even the smallest of errors are compounded in such an environment. If one thing goes wrong a person can find themselves on the edge of catastrophe. Hearing this impressed upon me the fragility of life in extreme situations. The same thing holds true for war zones.

One element beyond an army’s control can send it reeling to defeat and possible destruction. This is the…

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