Powerful NLAW Tank Destroyers Given to Ukraine Soldiers. Can Be Shot From The Shoulder and Crushes Russian MBTs (Main Battle Tanks) As Though They Were Tin Cans

The NLAW (Next Generation Light Anti Tank Weapon) totally destroys even the most advanced tank, and, saab.com the maker, continues to work with soldiers to provide the weaponry needed to succeed.

Have you seen pictures of the Russian tanks, compacted nearly, and, turned grey in color from the heat of this warhead which weighs only 12.5 kg ?

I have wondered about these pictures of three or four Russian tanks … completely folded … laying on their sides in the mud. Many of them.

I have never seen such destruction in buildings. Tall buildings. Still standing with all the windows blown out and fractured spears of cement hanging downwards.

Then I read about the NLAWs. I can’t say who is giving these goliaths of destruction to the Ukrainian soldiers but there’s only one answer. A NATO member country.

These light weapons can attack from any position, from up high in a building to behind a tree or in a ditch. You can fire down 45 degrees and can shoot from inside a building, from a basement or from the second floor of a building out of the range of most tanks.

Time from target detection to engagement is approximately 5 seconds.

The NLAW, weighing only 12.5 Kg. and its ability to be held on the shoulders gives the enemy something to think about. They can no longer employ traditional tactics when faced with NLAW weapons.

It is capable of attacking from any position, from up high in a building to behind a tree or in a ditch.

The NLAW Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapon eliminates even the most advanced tanks. It is best in class for dismounted light forces that operate in all environments, including built up areas. High kill probability every time. God help us! Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for us who have recourse to Thee.!

Taken from: saab.com

See these things in action:

Ivan Astashin: Violence Is the Norm

I thank the author for this article. You are brave to write. Russia was not always of this mindset. Lenin was not Russian, nor were his forbears. Russia was Christian and a read of history tells the story of how she was invaded with cruel minded ideologies.

The Russian Reader

I’m not surprised by the violence. I am not surprised because I know about the violence that occurs in Russia every day. Senseless cruelty is seemingly the norm for some Russians. I don’t have a ready answer to why this is the case. It’s worth asking sociologists, anthropologists, and psychologists for an explanation.

Those of you who were born in the early 1990s or earlier probably know about the brutal executions, tortures, and rapes of the Chechen population by Russian soldiers. Some of you will say that the Chechen militants were cruel too. Yes, they were. But it is always worth remembering that it was the Russian troops who invaded Chechnya, and not vice versa. Another big question is who was the first to employ torture and execute the so-called enemy using elaborate methods. To refresh your memory of those events, I would remind you of several well-known cases. The

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PURE EVIL: California Assembly Bill 2223 Seeks to Decriminalize the Killing of Babies Post-Birth up to One Year Old

No human can now say that the foetus is just a clump of cells. Doctors taking a scalpel or a hypodermic needle to the delicate skin of a little baby is first degree murder. Can’t they See? The medical profession which is promoting this needs help. Or maybe the law will allow the mothers themselves to do the ‘procedure’. We are over the moon in crime! . Where are the Bishops? Where are some of the papal words of old? Silence is heavy in the air. Where are they who should speak?

National Addiction News

“What the bill actually does is it decriminalizes mothers or anybody helping mothers involved or any actions related to something called perinatal death… Perinatal death is the death of a child, either 22 weeks old in the womb, till up to seven days, 27 days, 28 days, even sometimes, I’ve heard, up to a year after birth. The legislature has not really defined this particular term that we can find, but if you Google it, you’ll find all the definitions include death after birth, up to seven days. And so now the law is going to decriminalize any type of actions that either the mother or somebody else takes against a child who was born, whether healthy, whether [handicapped], it doesn’t matter.”

This bill can be viewed at: https://openstates.org/ca/bills/20212022/AB2223/

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The Coming Quagmire – The Donbas & Ukraine’s Not So Secret Weapon (The Russian Invasion of Ukraine #33)

Very interesting article about the disadvantage the Russians will experience in Ukraine. The author has experienced the poor roads and the bogging down in mud due to the spring rains. Very interesting aspect. The Russian troops will suffer. They have already experienced frost bit from the severe cold.

Europe Between East And West

Many years ago I was talking with a colleague who had a great deal of experience with search and rescue operations in a wilderness area of the Rocky Mountains. They told me a memorable story about a fatality that occurred when a coworker took a fall and died before they could be rescued. The fall was not from an especially great height, but because the person was in such an unforgiving environment their chance of survival was slim. My colleague then went on to explain how even the smallest of errors are compounded in such an environment. If one thing goes wrong a person can find themselves on the edge of catastrophe. Hearing this impressed upon me the fragility of life in extreme situations. The same thing holds true for war zones.

One element beyond an army’s control can send it reeling to defeat and possible destruction. This is the…

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