Looking Down The Barrel – Ukraine’s Borders (The Russian Invasion of Ukraine #15)

The location and the geography of Ukraine indeed does indeed “decide friends and foes”

Europe Between East And West

Geography was not something we spent much time studying in school. I faintly recall a nominal amount of time being devoted to the subject in fifth grade. Unfortunately, I do not remember learning much of anything. The year before we had been schooled on the geography of North Carolina. That is pretty much the extent of what the American education system felt I needed to learn about geography. International geography was given even shorter shrift. The Soviet Union was a gigantic country ready to rain Armageddon down upon America. The Eastern Bloc was a monolith of grim men in grey suits up to no good. Geography and ideology were indistinguishable from one another. This informed my admittedly scant knowledge of geography.

Worth fighting for – Border marker in Ukraine (Credit: Elena Dyatlova~ukwiki)

Enemies & Allies – Surrounded On All Sides
The fact that the United States is such a…

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