2 thoughts on “St. Vladimir of Kiev Ukraine – The Prince Who Had Concubines and Worshipped Idols – Now A Canonized Saint! Will You Help Your Former Kingdom?

    1. Russia was pagan before him … then she was Catholic … then came the split … now Our Lady wants it pure again. Russian Orthodox KGB wants no part of that. And Francis is in on it along with those before him. I read that Cardinal Law went to Portugal, saw Sr Lucy for 20 minutes and was told that Russia had NOT been converted. Also that Cardinal Gagnon wanted to go but was forbidden. I had the honor of sitting next to Cardinal Gagnon once at a dinner. I asked him “ why aren’t Jacinta and Francisco being considered for sainthood yet? He replied with a serious look on his face “ Because there are no miracles.” Poor Cardinals of that day! I can give you the sources for my information on the visits .. . If you want. Iv E been sick and only reading or reblogging.


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