Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace, Inspires Cardinal Vidal to Write A Most Ardent Prayer For China and the Philippine Islands

Mary Mediatrix of All Grace prophesied on Oct. 17, 1949, to Teresita Castillo , that China wants to destroy the world, including the Philippines. Cardinal Ricardo Jamin Vidal, Pontificate Council For the Family , in 1985, and who was once Arch Bishop of Lipa, where Mary appeared, writes :

The Prayer of Cardinal Vidal

“Most Blessed Virgin Mary amid the crisis brought about by the territorial claims of China, we come to your presence seeking your maternal protection and motherly help.

We pray for peace and the safety of the Philippines, as we keep in mind the spiritual welfare of those who advance their territorial claims to the detriment of the security of our country.

May the love of your Maternal Heart attract the Chinese people to your Son Jesus.

May your Immaculate Heart be the center from which the rays of light and love for the Sacred Heart will radiate forth throughout China, becoming for them the unquenchable fountain from which the living water of the Divine Mercy will flow.

Through your intercession, may the Lord grace the Chinese people with faith, hope and love, that by your maternal mediation of grace, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit will be worshipped and glorified in that vast expanse of land.

Remember O most gracious Virgin that the Philippines is your beloved “Pueblo Amante de Maria” and that we belong to you absolutely, totally, always and forever.

We are all yours and all that we have is yours, O most loving Jesus through Mary, Mediatrix of All-Grace.

Imprimatur: Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, June 19

China builds a military fortress on an island which they don’t own, in the close vicinity of the Philippine Islands.

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