Dem Senator Blumenthal Attends a Celebration of the 102nd Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party USA; Asks Audience to Support the Dems While Thanking Them for Many Years of Support

Do most people fully understand the errors and subsequent terrors of a communist atheistic regime? Many have escaped countries which were overtaken by it and they lived to write about it. This article colors the ideology of communism well. It’s not just another political party. It is an evil cult which breaks down minds and hearts in order to advance.

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This is absolutely hard-core: The Communist Party, USA. These are now Chinese Communist Party (CCP) connected Stalinists, as evidenced by their Tweets. The existence of open Stalinists in the USA, even during the Cold War, has always been mind-blowing. An ostensible US Senator openly asking for their support is astounding, though the communist connections of most of the 2020 Dem candidates for President was very shocking, too.

The CPUSA retweets Chinese Communist Party officials and promotes Stalin, as well. For instance, on December 17th, “Communist Party USA Retweeted
Hu Zhaoming 中联部发言人胡兆明 @SpokespersonHZM Dec 17
China government official The International Department of the CPC Central Committee (IDCPC) held the Meeting between the CPC and Marxist Political Parties from Europe, North America and Oceania on Dec. 15
.” On December 16th, they tweeted about a Stalin book club meeting:

So, Senator Blumenthal, an ostensible US Senator, asks the audience at…

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