Viganò in Bern: after the Health Crisis will come the Ecological and Transhuman Crisis

Our suspicions or so called ‘conspiracy theories” are proving to be correct. Here is something we can be a part of … some relief for the stress ‘they’ are causing within us …

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11 November 2021,

Marco Tosatti  at Stilum Curiae:

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, tomorrow in Bern there will be a big demonstration against the measures related to the pandemic, which will be attended by Robert Kennedy, who has asked Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò to offer a message. Good reading and good vision.

Address of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America

for the Demonstration

against the pandemic measures

in the Swiss Confederation

Bern – 12 November 2021

Dear friends, many of you would never have thought that Switzerland would eventually follow Italy and other nations in supinely adhering to the diktats of the elite even in the matter of the pandemic emergency. Your Confederation, in fact, is already well ahead of other countries on the path of globalization, and the imprint of the New World Orderis very marked in the life…

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2 thoughts on “Viganò in Bern: after the Health Crisis will come the Ecological and Transhuman Crisis

  1. Americaoncoffee

    People have lost their minds. Men of science especially with covid vaccinations’ fetal tissue experimentations. Oprah Winfrey is using fetal tissue to get rid of facial age marks. Insane.


    1. It’s sickening psychologically and physically. Thank God for Our Lady’s apparitions and messages. How can anyone use fetal tissue to beautify themselves? Could it be the lack of grace? I believe that is what is wrong with the men who could inflict such pain upon Jesus. The executioners of the French Revolution and the Nazi’s too suffered the same plight. Come quickly Lord Jesus. Save us! Save the pagans too please.

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