“… When the First Commandment is broken by My Church on Earth – …the world will witness the worst chastisement since the flood. 

This is truth ! Remember how Covid came about in the world right after Pachamama was worshipped and adored by the POPE. Now he tells us to take the killer vaccine. Incredible. He wants us dead. THE POPE! The False Prophet of the Apocalypse. Thanks for this good article.



I remember Oct 4th, 2019 very well. It was the Feastday of St Francis of Assisi.

It was also the day there was a consecrationceremony for the Amazonian Synod.

This ceremony was held in the gardens of the Vatican – Sacred Space – where the False Prophet gathered with his cohort of bishops and cardinals as well as some visitors from the Amazon – including a Sharman shaking some rattles, dressed in war paint and feathers. In the middle was a “mandela’ – a pagan circle with 2 images of  the “pachamama” (Earth goddess). I was horrified. Even more horrified when the False Prophet blessed the images, and also accepted the black ring.

The horror movie didn’t end there. They all joined in prayers to this pagan idol. A Franciscan was shown with others bowing low to these idols. It didn’t end there. The idols were placed and

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One thought on ““… When the First Commandment is broken by My Church on Earth – …the world will witness the worst chastisement since the flood. 

  1. Darrell Wright

    I went to the Remnant Disciple website. It is not to be trusted.

    “For those of My followers who denounce these messages, I implore you to pray to the Holy Spirit to ask for the gift of discernment before you dismiss My Holy Word. To those of you who insult My visionary and recipient of these messages you must ask this question: if it is Satan who you believe influences these messages, then why would he ask you to pray, to seek forgiveness, to receive the Holy Eucharist? Then you will know that this is impossible.” (5 July 2011)

    What do you think has happened for 40 years at the devil’s playground Medjugorje? Rosary, Penance, etc., etc. And then there’s the Divine Mercy revelations and devotion. How many Catholics know this was only resurrected by the consummate actor and great deceiver John Paul II after being condemned by the Holy Office? BTW, JPII paved the way for his own false “canonization” by dispensing with the important “Devil’s Advocate.” And also the ignominous and scandalous “canonization” of the Freemason John XXIII and the homosexual Jew Paul VI (his mother was a false convert Jew, her tombstone covered with occult Jewish symbols).

    You may be surprised to see what the pre-Vatican II Church had to say about the “ecumenical” Divine Mercy devotion http://www.traditioninaction.org/HotTopics/f072_DivMercy.htm

    We need to focus on Fatima, every new “revelation” is a dangerous distraction. For Sr Lucia’s last words before being “disappeared” and likely murdered, see
    http://radtradthomist.chojnowski.me/2019/03/is-this-interview-that-caused-her.html (1957 Interview)

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