An Open Letter From One Of New Zealand’s Greatest Investigative Journalists To His Peers

Dear Journalists of the World, Please read this piece from your brother.

The Most Revolutionary Act

The Daily Examiner

Hi team –

This is why vast numbers of people think the government and health officials are idiots and we in the media are their mentally-challenged handmaids:

“The woman says from the outset the sick family relied on advice from a fragmented Covid-19 health response that allegedly never gave her father a directive to go to hospital, instead offering throat lozenges and paracetamol as treatment.”

The guy died coughing up blood because the “best” advice from officials was suck a lolly.

Where the frick was the advice on steroids, antihistamines, even scientifically proven (on human coronavirus, influenza and herpes) antivirals like Kaloba!? Or even something that at least has immune support like high dose vitamin C and zinc?

If this poor guy had tried ivermectin or hcq to stay alive the media would have smugly laughed at him whilst dutifully publishing a “warning” from Bloomfield and Hipkins…

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